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TitleGui Library, Source Code License, 1user
DatasheetDownload 3.50.04 EMWIN PRO BUNDLE SSL datasheet
Software ApplicationStacks - File Systems
Core ArchitectureARM
Core Sub-ArchitectureARM7 / ARM9 / ARM11 / Cortex-A / Cortex-R / Cortex-M
Supported Families-
License ModelSingle Product
FeaturesANSI C Source Code, 8/16/32bit CPU Support, Controller Independent GUI, Display-size Configurable

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Features, Applications
Graphic Library with Graphical User Interface User & Reference Guide

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- Some new default values added to FRAMEWIN and WINDOW.
Chapter 24 'Multi layer / multi display support'

- Function GUI_SOFTLAYER_SetCompositeColor() added. Chapter 28 'Sprites' - Sprites now support true color bitmaps with alpha blending.

Chapter 17 'Widgets' JE - Function MULTIPAGE_SetDefaultBorderSizeX() added. AS - Function MULTIPAGE_SetDefaultBorderSizeY() added.

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3.50.04 EMWIN PRO SSL: Gui Library, Pro, Source Code License
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