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TitleSoftware Cw Osek Perp Float
CompanyFreescale Semiconductor - NXP
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SeriesCodeWarrior?, OSEK/VDX?
License LengthPerpetual
License - User DetailsFloating Node
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Features, Applications

Overview Freescale OSEKturbo OS is the leading OSEK/VDXTM Real Time Operating System (RTOS) implementation available on the market today in terms of quality and performance. OSEKturbo fully conforms to the latest OSEK/VDX Operating System standard1. The RTOS is fully configurable and statically defined within the CodeWarriorTM IDE environment. Only those functions that are required are included providing the user with a truly scaleable RTOS.

OSEKturbo OS is available for a wide range 8-, 16- and 32-bit embedded microprocessors. The

emphasis in the design of OSEKturbo OS was to meet demanding performance requirements, while maintaining the outstanding reputation for stability and quality (SEI CMM level 52) established in more than five years of automotive ECU development. The result is that Freescale OSEKturbo is one of most widely used OSEK/VDX OS implementations on the market today. Although the OSEK/VDX specification was created by the automotive industry, the specification does not limit its use to automotive applications and it is increasingly being used in a wide range of embedded applications ranging from industrial control to telecom products.

Freescale OSEK tool support Freescale offers a Builder tool for easy configuration of OSEKturbo applications. The Freescale OSEK Builder is a graphical WindowsTM based application that enables the developer to easily configure a runtime system. The tool allows the developer to optimize the software to meet the specific application needs. A complete system description is generated in OSEK Implementation Language (OIL) format, allowing full portability of the application configuration. The developer may also choose to generate OS libraries from Builder.

Freescale also offers an OSEK plug-in to allow kernel-aware debugging in CodeWarrior Development Studio, enabling the developers to use the CodeWarrior IDE for the whole application development. It brings many advantages such as simplified project setup through the use of stationaries and samples. CodeWarrior tools support

Freescale's to 32-bit microcontrollers reducing the number of tools that need to be re-learned for new projects on different architectures. OSEK System Generator (SysGen) is fully integrated in the build process and for the configuration of project settings. OSEK Builder can also be called as OSEK configuration editor. CodeWarrior Development Studio supports full OSEK OS kernel awareness during debugging. CodeWarrior Development Studio can also provide simulation support for development without hardware.

In addition Freescale has established strong partnerships with industry leaders providing deeper integration with a wide variety of partner tools including Model Based Simulation, Code Generation, Schedulability Analysis, popular CANbased communications software and tools, and support for many 3rd Party OSEK kernel aware debuggers (emulators) and compilers.

Benefits By adopting Freescale OSEKturbo and CodeWarrior Development Studio, embedded developers can:

> Reduce software integration time and the associated costs
> Re-use software modules among different application designs
> Reduce maintenance costs through the use of a high-level language and common platform
> Ensure a high-quality, stable software environment for their applications
> Ensure a highly efficient OS with extremely small memory footprint and outstanding performance
> Ensure an optimized, highly integrated and broadly supported development tool chain

OSEKturbo applications are written in C language using the OSEK Application Programming Interface (API) enabling portability and reuse of software.

1 OSEK/VDX Consortium (Offene Systeme und deren Schnittstellen für die Elektronik im Kraftfahrzeug/Vehicle Distributed eXecutive) ­ for more information and for details on specification see:

2 OSEKturbo Software development team has been assessed at Capability Maturity Model (CMM) level 5 by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) - for more information see:

· Measurements done with Timer capture (MPC555: TB, time base register; HCS12DP256: TCNT, timer count register)

· Tasks activated consecutively, ISR that activates tasks as well· 19 tasks, 3 ISRs, STANDARD status

Ready to call first instruction in previous task

Context switch between tasks (ActiveTask) Terminate task with return to background task Context switch from ISR (ActiveTask)

Freescale OSEKturbo OS Products OSEKturbo releases exist for all BCC2, ECC2) and COM (CCCA and CCCB) conformance classes.

Supported Processors (check with your local Freescale sales office for latest list)
> Freescale MAC7100 Technical Enhancements > Timescale feature that enables cyclic task
> OSEKturbo highly optimized for speed and memory on each target
> ORTI (OSEK Runtime Interface) for kernel aware debugging
> Resource management based on OSEK priority ceiling protocol
> Fast links for accessing system data structures
> Specific hardware features such as memory bank switching and use of low

power modes, interrupt handler and Floating Point registers > Full internal OSEK communication for inter process communication > Task management for activation and termination of tasks > Interrupt management > Error handling

Benchmark configuration: > BCC1 with one task per priority > Pre-emptive Scheduling > No multiple activations > 10 basic tasks + 1 initialization task > 10 alarms with task activations 16-bit (1 ms) > 1 ISR (in addition to system timer) > No messages, no resources > Standard status, debug level zero > No hooks

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