Power Distribution - DC / DC Converters

TEQ 100-4815WIR: DC/DC Converter Isolated 24V 4.2A 100W
PT6223G: Regulator 3.3v 2a Horz Hz Ht
Tray ; PT6220 ; Non-Isolated PoL Module ; 1 ; 7V ; 26V ; Voltage
SUCW61215C: Power, switching
PTH12020LAH: Module Pip .8-1.8v 18a T/h 10dip
18-A, 12-V INPUT NON-ISOLATED WIDE-OUTPUT ADJUST POWER MODULE FEATURES 18 A Output Current· 12-V Input Voltage· Wide-Output Voltage Adjust · Efficiencies 195 W/in3 Power Density· On/Off Inhibit· Output

PTH12020LAS: Dc/dc Converter 0.8-1.8v 32w
PTH12020LAZ: Dc/dc Converter 0.8-1.8v 99w
PTH12020WAH: Module Pip 1.2-5.5v 18a Th 10dip
PTH12020WAS: Conv Dc/dc 12vin Adj Out 18a Smd
DCM12-6N3: Converter; DC-DC; -6kV@500uA; 12V In; Encapsulated; PCB Mount; DCM12 Series
1 ; -6,000 VDC ; 3 W ; -6,000V@0.0005A ; 12 VDC ; High Voltage ;
QM48T50025-NBB0: 7w 5v Dc Input 60-150v
HC006A6A1Z: Converter Dc/dc 5.0v 6.6a Output
Tray ; HC006 ; Isolated Module ; 1 ; 18V ; 36V ; Voltage - Output
24IMS6-05-9: Dc/dc Convert 5v 1a
Input to output electric strength test to 2 kVDC Input voltage ranges: to 36 and to 75 VDC Single and dual outputs of VDC Features · RoHS lead-solder-exempt compliant· Wide input voltage ranges· Rated

24IMS6-0505-9: Dc/dc Convert +/-5v 0.5a
24IMS6-1212-9: Dc/dc Convert +/-12v 0.25a
24IMS6-1515-9: Dc/dc Convert +/-15v 0.2a
48IMS6-05-9Z: Dc/dc Convert 5v 1a
48IMS6-1212-9: Dc/dc Convert +/-12v 0.25a
JCH1012D03: Dc/dc Converter +/-3.3v 10w
· 2:1 Input Range· Industry Standard Package· 1500 VDC Isolation· Continuous Short Circuit Protection· +100 °C Operating Temperature· Single & Dual Outputs· 3 Year Warranty Specification Input Current

JCH1012D05: Dc/dc Converter +/-5v 10w
JCH1012D12: Dc/dc Converter +/-12v 10w
JCH1012D15: Dc/dc Converter +/-15v 10w
JCH1012S05: Dc/dc Converter 5v 10w
JCH1012S12: Dc/dc Converter 12v 10w
JCH1012S15: Dc/dc Converter 15v 10w
JCH1012S3V3: Dc/dc Converter 3.3v 10w
JCH1024D03: Dc/dc Converter +/-3.3v 10w
JCH1024D05: Dc/dc Converter +/-5v 10w
JCH1024D12: Dc/dc Converter +/-12v 10w
TPS84621RUQR: Ic Buck Sync Adj 6a 47b1qfn
to 14.5-V Input, 6-A Synchronous Buck, Integrated Power Solution FEATURES · Complete Integrated Power Solution Allows Small Footprint, Low-Profile Design 5.5 V, with 1% Reference Accuracy· Supports Parallel

PXB15-24S12/NT: Dc/dc Converter 24vdc 15.6w 1.3a
Tube ; PXB ; Isolated Module ; 1 ; 18V ; 36V ; Voltage - Output
TEN 6-4815WIN: DC/DC converter, 18-75Vin, 24Vout 0.25A, 6W
TEM 2-1221: TEM21221 regulated DC-DC, +/-12V 2W
BWR-5/6-3.3/7-D24-C: Conv Dc/dc 5/3.3v 6/7a Dip
Tube ; BWR ; Isolated Module ; 2 ; 18V ; 36V ; Voltage - Output
IQG48025A120V-101-R: Converter; DC-DC; 12V@25A; 36-75V In; Open Frame; PCB Mount; Telecom; iQG Series
Advance Data Sheet: AscetaTM iQG Series ­Single Output Quarter Brick AscetaTM iQG Series DC/DC Power Modules 48V Input, / 25A Output Quarter Brick The AscetaTM power module series provides exceptionally
VTM48EH020M040A00: Half-chip Vtm Current Multiplier
FEATURES · High density (267 A/in3)· "Half Chip" VI Chip® package enables surface mount, · Provides enable / disable control, internal temperature · ZVS / ZCS resonant Sine Amplitude Converter topology·

VTM48EH020T040A00: Convert Dc/dc Vtm 2v 40a Smd
TEN 15-2412WI: TEN15-2412WI DC-DC, 9-36V in 12V out, 15W
ADUM5000ARWZ: Ic Dgtl Isolator W/dc-dc 16soic
FEATURES isoPower integrated, isolated dc-to-dc converter Regulated 5 V output 500 mW output power 16-lead SOIC package with 7.6 mm creepage High temperature operation: 105°C maximum Thermal overload protection

ADUM5000ARWZ-RL: Ic Dig Isolator W/dc-dc 16soic
SUCS60515B: Power, switching
CPCI-DC-3U-300/24: Power Supply; DC-DC; 5V@30A, 3.3V@40A, 12V@5A, -12V@0.5A; 18-36V In; PFC; Compact PCI
200-300 Watt High Density Compact PCI Power Supply The DP Series of switching power supplies utilizes advanced component and circuit technologies to deliver the industry's smallest 350 Watt DC/ DC power
AV60C-048L-033F06-8: Conv Dc-dc 30w 48vin 3.3v Pos-en
AV60C Half-brick Size Series Technical Reference Notes AV60C Half-Brick Size DC-DC Converters to 75VDC Input, 30W Output The AV60C-30W series of switching DC-DC converters is one of the most cost effective

AV60C-048L-050F06-8: Conv Dc-dc 30w 48vin 5v Pos-en
MEV1D0512SC: Dc/dc 3kvdc Sip 1w 5v To +/-12v
Tube ; MEV1 ; Isolated Module ; 2 ; 4.5V ; 5.5V ; Voltage - Output
TES 2-1211H: DC/DC converter, 12Vin, 5Vout 400mA, 2W
PT6624G: Regulator 12v-3.6v 7a Sip Horz H
Tray ; PT6620 ; Non-Isolated PoL Module ; 1 ; 9V ; 16V ; Voltage
Q48T20020-PAC0: Dc/dc Convert 2v 20a
Bulk ; Q48 ; Isolated Module ; 1 ; 36V ; 75V ; Voltage - Output
TEL 3-4811: TEL34811 isolated DC-DC, 5V 3W.
EHHD015A0A841Z: Dc/dc Converter 15v 75w
Tray ; Hammerhead? EHHD015A0A ; Isolated Module ; 1 ; 18V ; 75V ; Voltage
TME 0512S: TME0512S unregulated DC-DC, 12V 1W
SD-500L-12: Power Supply; DC-DC; 12V@40A; 19-72V In; Enclosed; Panel Mnt; Commercial; SD Series
SPECIFICATION ~ 125% rated output power Protection type : Constant current limiting, shut down o/p voltage after about 5 sec., re-power on to recover Protection type : Shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover Shut
JNCW016A0R41-18Z: Dc/dc Converter 28v 448w
JNCW016A0R Orca* Series; DC-DC Converter Power Modules Features Industry standard, DOSA compliant half-brick footprint x 0.5") Applications RF Power Amplifier Wireless Networks Switching Networks Constant

BXA3-24S05J: Dc/dc Converter 5v 3w
Total Power: 5W Input Voltage: # of Outputs: Single Vdc, 18 Vdc to 36 Vdc, 36 Vdc to 75 Vdc· EN55022 conducted emissions level A (optional)· Continuous short circuit protection· Operating temperature range

BXA3-48S15J: Dc/dc Converter 15v 3w
SIL30C-12SADJ-H: Conv Dc/dc Nipol 30a Adj Horz
· 30A current rating· Input voltage range: - 13.8V· Output voltage range: - 5.0V· Industry leading value · Cost optimised design· Excellent transient response· Output Voltage adjustability · Pathway for future

SIL30C-12SADJ-V: Conv Dc/dc 12vin 30a Adjout 150w
RTM-2405S-R: Converter Dc/dc 24vin 5vout 2w
Tape & Reel (TR) ; ECONOLINE RTM ; Isolated Module ; 1 ; 21.6V ;
PT6935A: Reg Sw 2.5/1.8v 9.5a Dual Horz
Features · 5V/3.3V Input· Outputs Adjustable· Remote Sensing & Vo2)· Standby Function· Soft-Start · Internal Sequencing· Short Circuit Protection· 23-pin Space-Saving Package· Solderable Copper Case· Ideal

PT6935C: Regulator 2.5v/1.8v 12a/6a Smd
PT6935N: Regulator 2.5v/1.8v 12a/6a Vert
PT6936A: Reg Sw 3.3/2.5v 11a Dual Horz
PT6936C: Regulator 3.3v/2.5v 13a/5a Smd
PT6936N: Reg Sw 3.3/2.5v 11a Dual Vert
PT6937A: Reg Sw 3.3/1.8v 10a Dual Horz
PT6937C: Reg Sw 3.3/1.8v 10a Dual Smd
PT6937N: Reg Sw 3.3/1.8v 10a Dual Vert
PT6938A: Regulator 3.3/1.2v 5vin Horz
PT6938C: Reg Sw 3.3/1.2v 8.6a Dual Smd
24IMP6-1212-7: Dc/dc Convert +/-12v 0.25a
Bulk ; IMP ; Isolated Module ; 2 ; 10V ; 36V ; Voltage - Output
PT78NR108V: Regulator -8v 0.55a 3sip Vert
Tray ; PT78NR100 ; Non-Isolated PoL Module ; 1 ; 7V ; 21V ; Voltage
LME0509DC: Conv Dc/dc .25w 5vin 9vout Sip
FEATURES RoHS compliant Single output rail 1kVDC isolation High efficiency for low power applications SIP & DIP package styles Power density UL 94V-0 package material Footprint from & 12V input & 15V output

LME0512DC: Conv Dc/dc .25w 5vin 12vout Sip
LME0515DC: Conv Dc/dc .25w 5vin 15vout Sip
LME1205DC: Conv Dc/dc .25w 12vin 5vout Sip
LME1209DC: Conv Dc/dc .25w 12vin 9vout Sip
LME1212DC: Conv Dc/dc .25w 12vin 12vout Sip
LME1215DC: Conv Dc/dc .25w 15vin 12vout Sip
KHHD002A5B41-SRZ: Dc/dc Converter 12v 30w
KHHD002A5B HammerheadTM Series; DC-DC Converter Power Modules Features Ultra-wide Input Voltage Range, 75Vdc No minimum load High efficiency 90% at full load (VIN=48Vdc) Constant switching frequency Applications Wireless

PT6941A: Reg Sw 3.3/2.5v 6a Dual Horz
6-A Dual Output 5-V/3.3-V Input Integrated Switching Regulator Features · High Efficiency Dual Output (See Ordering Information) · Ideal Power Source for DSPs· 5V/3.3V Input· 6A Rated (Both Outputs)· Internal

PT6941C: Reg Sw 3.3/2.5v 6a Dual Smd
PT6941N: Reg Sw 3.3/2.5v 6a Dual Vert
PT6942A: Regulator 3.3/1.8v 5vin Horz
PT6942C: Reg 3.3/1.8v 6a+6a 5vin Dual Smd
PT6942N: Reg 3.3/1.8v 6a+6a 5vin Vert
PT6943A: Regulator 3.3/1.5v 5vin Horz
PT6943C: Reg 3.3/1.5v 6a+6a 5vin Dual Smd
PT6943N: Reg Sw 3.3/1.5v 6a Dual Vert
PT6944A: Regulator 3.3/1.2v 5vin Horz
PT6944C: Reg 3.3/1.2v 6a+6a 5vin Smd
PT78ST136V: Regulator 3.6v 1.5a Vertical
Tray ; PT78ST100 ; Non-Isolated PoL Module ; 1 ; 9V ; 26V ; Voltage
PI3301-01-LGIZ: Non-isolated Pol Mod 3.3v 15a
The is a family of high efficiency, wide input range DC-DC ZVS-Buck regulators integrating controller, power switches, and support components all within a high density System-in-Package (SiP). The integration

PI3311-01-LGIZ: Non-isolated Pol Mod 1v 15a
PI3312-01-LGIZ: Non-isolated Pol Mod 2.5v 15a
PI3318-01-LGIZ: Non-isolated Pol Mod 1.8v 15a
TES 3-4811WI: DC/DC converter, 18-75Vin, 5Vout 0.6A, 3W
B62SR12424A: Dc/dc Converter 12.4v 24a 300w
FEATURES Ultra wide input voltage range, 18~106V 200W Output @ 18V~27V Vin range 300W Output @ 27~106V Vin range (Including 27V) Full Load Efficiency 88.0% @48Vin Intergrated fuse holder Parallel Connection
EN6347QI: Dc/dc Converter 0.6-6.24v 25w
EN6347QI 4A PowerSoC Voltage Mode Synchronous PWM Buck with Integrated Inductor The is a Power System on a Chip (PowerSoC) DC-DC converter. It integrates MOSFET switches, small-signal circuits, compensation,
JCK6024S05: Dc/dc Converter 5v 60w
· 2:1 Input Range· Very High Power Density· High Efficiency to 92%· Remote On/Off· 1600 VDC Isolation· OCP, OVP & OTP Functions· 3 Year Warranty Specification Input Current Input Reflected Ripple Current

JCK6024S12: Dc/dc Converter 12v 60w
JCK6024S15: Dc/dc Converter 15v 60w
JCK6024S3V3: Dc/dc Converter 3.3v 60w
JCK6048S05: Dc/dc Converter 5v 60w
JCK6048S12: Dc/dc Converter 12v 60w
JCK6048S15: Dc/dc Converter 15v 60w
JCK6048S3V3: Dc/dc Converter 3.3v 60w
PT79SR112H: Regulator -12v -1.5a 3psip Horz
Tray ; PT79SR100 ; Non-Isolated PoL Module ; 1 ; -16V ; -30V
PQMC3-D12-D12-S: Dc/dc Converter +/-12v 125ma 3w
For more information, please visit the product page. FEATURES 3 W isolated output· smaller package· single/dual regulated output· 1,500 Vdc isolation· continuous short circuit· temperature range (-40~105°C)·

PQMC3-D12-D15-S: Dc/dc Converter +/-15v 100ma 3w
PQMC3-D12-D5-S: Dc/dc Converter +/-5v 300ma 3w
PQMC3-D12-S12-S: Dc/dc Converter 12v 250ma 3w
PQMC3-D12-S15-S: Dc/dc Converter 15v 200ma 3w
PQMC3-D12-S24-S: Dc/dc Converter 24v 3w
PQMC3-D12-S3-S: Dc/dc Converter 3.3v 3w
PQMC3-D12-S5-S: Dc/dc Converter 5v 600ma 3w
PQMC3-D12-S9-S: Dc/dc Converter 9v 3w
PQMC3-D24-D12-S: Dc/dc Converter +/-12v 125ma 3w
PQMC3-D24-D15-S: Dc/dc Converter +/-15v 100ma 3w
SUCS31212BP: DC/DC Converter; SMD; 12V@0.25A; 3W; 9-18V In; SUCS Series
SUCS100505B: Power, switching
MPDTY413S: Conv Dc/dc 5.5v 6a Smd
1. Features to 6A output current, non-isolated POL. Wide adjustable output voltage range by connecting external resistance to 5.5V). Wide operating to +85 oC. UVLO function / ON/OFF function, Over-current
TMR 1-0522SM: DC/DC Converter Isolated +/-12V 42mA 1W
IWS2405: Dc/dc Convert 5v 2a
Bulk ; IWS ; Isolated Module ; 1 ; 18V ; 36V ; Voltage - Output
PTB48531BAS: Ptb48531bas
Isolated Module ; 3V ; 3.6V ; ITE (Commercial)
D1U86-D-1600-12-HB3DC: Dc/dc Converter, Front End, Rack, Fixed, Adjustable, 1, 1.6 Kw, 12 V, 133.3 A
FEATURES 1600W output power 93% efficiency at half load 12V main output 12V standby output 30W 1U height: 1.59" 38.6 Watts per cubic inch density N+1 redundancy, including hot plugging (up to 8 in parallel)

SUTS31212: DC-DCconv, 3W, IN12V OUT12V
QLS08ZH-NT: Dc/dc Convert 12v 8a
Applications · Distributed power architectures· Telecommunications equipment· LAN/WAN· Data processing Features · RoHS lead solder exemption compliant· Cost-effective, single board design· Low profile
PT6706A: Regulator 2.5v 13a Vadj Hrz
Tray ; Excalibur? PT6705 ; Non-Isolated PoL Module ; 1 ; 4.5V ;
JCB0305D09: Dc/dc Converter +/-9v 3w
· 2:1 Input Range· Operating Temperature to +100 °C· Single & Dual Outputs· 1500 VDC Isolation· Optional Isolation to 3000 VDC· Optional Metal Case· 3 Year Warranty Specification Input Current Input Filter

JCB0305D15: Dc/dc Converter +/-15v 3w
JCB0305S05: Dc/dc Converter 5v 3w
JCB0305S09: Dc/dc Converter 9v 3w
JCB0305S12: Dc/dc Converter 12v 3w
JCB0305S15: Dc/dc Converter 15v 3w
JCB0305S24: Dc/dc Converter 24v 3w
JCB0312D05: Dc/dc Converter +/-5v 3w
JCB0312D09: Dc/dc Converter +/-9v 3w
JCB0312D12: Dc/dc Converter +/-12v 3w
JCB0312D15: Dc/dc Converter +/-15v 3w
SUS34805B: Power, switching
TMR 1-2411SM: DC/DC Converter Isolated 5V 200mA 1W
VHB150W-Q24-S12: Converter Dc/dc 150w 12v 12.5a
For more information, please visit the product page. FEATURES 150 W isolated output· industry standard half brick package· 4:1 input range V, 18~75 V)· single output from 1,500 V isolation· over current,

VHB150W-Q24-S15: Converter Dc/dc 150w 15v 10a
VHB150W-Q24-S24: Converter Dc/dc 150w 24v 6.5a
VHB150W-Q24-S28: Dc/dc Converter 28v 150w
VHB150W-Q24-S48: Dc/dc Converter 48v 3.12a Brick
VHB150W-Q24-S5: Converter Dc/dc 150w 5v 30a
VHB150W-Q48-S12: Converter Dc/dc 150w 12v 12.5a
VHB150W-Q48-S15: Converter Dc/dc 150w 15v 10a
VHB150W-Q48-S24: Converter Dc/dc 150w 24v 6.5a
VHB150W-Q48-S28: Dc/dc Converter 28v 150w
VHB150W-Q48-S48: Dc/dc Converter 48v 3.12a Brick
AGF800-48S48: Conv Dc/dc 16.7a 48v
2:1 Wide input range Extra wide trim range Optimised for high density, small space applications Low ripple and noise Fixed switching frequency Super high efficiency High capacitive load capability Basic
2316035: Foundation Fieldbus 1 Channel
Isolated Foundation Fieldbus Power Supply with integrated Terminator. Multiple single channel modules can be installed using Phoenix Contacts TBUS connector system reducing wiring and installation costs. sales
PUZ3-D12-D12-D: Convert Dc/dc 3w 12v 125ma Out
For more information, please visit the product page. FEATURES 3 W isolated output· smaller package· single/dual regulated output· 1,500 Vdc isolation· short circuit protection· temperature range UL 60950-1

PUZ3-D12-D15-D: Convert Dc/dc 3w 15v 100ma Out
PUZ3-D12-D5-D: Convert Dc/dc 3w 5v 300ma Out
PUZ3-D12-S12-D: Convert Dc/dc 3w 12v 250ma Out
PUZ3-D12-S15-D: Convert Dc/dc 3w 15v 200ma Out
PUZ3-D12-S24-D: Convert Dc/dc 3w 24v 125ma Out
PUZ3-D12-S5-D: Convert Dc/dc 3w 5v 600ma Out
PUZ3-D24-D12-D: Convert Dc/dc 3w 12v 125ma Out
PUZ3-D24-D15-D: Convert Dc/dc 3w 15v 100ma Out
PUZ3-D24-D5-D: Convert Dc/dc 3w 5v 300ma Out
PUZ3-D24-S12-D: Convert Dc/dc 3w 12v 250ma Out
R-78C1.8-1.0: Non Isolated Pol Dc/dc Converter, Innoline, Sip, Through Hole, 1, 1.8 W, 1.8 V, 1 A
Features Efficiency 96%, no need for heatsinks! Pin-out compatible with LM78XX Linear Regs. Low profile (L*W*H=11.6*8.5*10.4mm) Wide input range ~ 42V) Short circuit protection, thermal shutdown Non-standard

R-78C12-1.0: Non Isolated Pol Dc/dc Converter, Innoline, Sip, Through Hole, 1, 12 W, 12 V, 1 A
R-78C15-1.0: Non Isolated Pol Dc/dc Converter, Innoline, Sip, Through Hole, 1, 15 W, 15 V, 1 A
R-78C3.3-1.0: Non Isolated Pol Dc/dc Converter, Innoline, Sip, Through Hole, 1, 3.3 W, 3.3 V, 1 A
R-78C5.0-1.0: Non Isolated Pol Dc/dc Converter, Innoline, Sip, Through Hole, 1, 5 W, 5 V, 1 A
R-78C9.0-1.0: Non Isolated Pol Dc/dc Converter, Innoline, Sip, Through Hole, 1, 9 W, 9 V, 1 A
S016-1220120-FB: Non Isolated Pol Dc/dc Converter, Sip, Through Hole, 1, 45 W, 5 V, 16 A
Features Output Current or 45W max 12V +5/-10% input Load Regulation ±0.5% Factory set to 1.2V Output with Output Trim to 5.0V High Efficiency to 90% Back Bias Protection Short Circuit Protection MTBF

S020-1220120-FB: Non Isolated Pol Dc/dc Converter, Sip, Through Hole, 1, 55 W, 5 V, 20 A
ALO20F36-6L: Dc/dc Converter 3.3v 66w
Tray ; Isolated Module ; 1 ; 19V ; 60V ; 3.3V ; Current
DG06D0505A: Dcdc Converter +/-5vout 6w
6W DC/DC CONVERTER, DIP-Package, 2:1 Wide Input Range FEATURES Efficiency to 86% DIP Package with Industry Standard Pinout 1500VDC Voltage Isolation 2:1 Wide Input Range Low ripple and noise Complies with

DG06D0512A: Dcdc Converter +/-12vout 6w
DG06D0515A: Dcdc Converter +/-15vout 6w
DG06D1205A: Dcdc Converter +/-5vout 6w
DG06D1212A: Dcdc Converter +/-12vout 6w
DG06D1215A: Dcdc Converter +/-15vout 6w
DG06D2405A: Dcdc Converter +/-5vout 6w
DG06D2412A: Dcdc Converter +/-12vout 6w
DG06D2415A: Dcdc Converter +/-15vout 6w
DG06D4805A: Dcdc Converter +/-5vout 6w
DG06D4812A: Dcdc Converter +/-12vout 6w
78ST205HC: Regulator 5v/2a 20vin Int Sw Hrz
· High Efficiency > 82%· Wide Input Range· Self-Contained Inductor· Short-Circuit Protection· Over-Temperature Protection· Fast Transient Response The is a series of wide input voltage, 3 terminal Integrated

78ST205SC: Regulator 5v 2a 20vin Hrz Smd
78ST205VC: Regulator 5v 2a 20vin Vrt
78ST233HC: Regulator 3.3v 2a 3psip Hrz
78ST233SC: Regulator 3.3v 2a 3psip Smd
78ST233VC: Regulator 3.3v 2a 3psip Vrt
JW050C1: Converter Dc/dc 15v 50w Out
JW100C, JW150C Power Modules: dc-dc Converters; to 75 Vdc Input, 15 Vdc Output; 150 W Features The JW075C, JW100C, and JW150C Power Modules use advanced, surface-mount technology and deliver highquality,

JW150C1: Converter Dc/dc 15v 150w Out
AIF25H300-L: Dc/dc Converter 24v 600w
108W/in3 (6.6W/cm3)· High efficiency to 90%· Low output ripple and noise· Positive and Negative enable function· Excellent transient response· OVP, OCP, V Adj control with ALPTM analog mode linear control,

AIF25H300N-L: Convert Dc/dc 300vin 24v@25a
AIF25H300N-NTL: Conv Dc/dc 600w 300vin 25a Neg
R-611.8D: Conv Dc/dc 1a 9-32vin 1.8v
Features Adjustable Output Voltage Non-Isolated 1-2AMP Adjustable Positive Step Down Integrated Switching Regulator Internal Short Circuit Protection ON/OFF Control(Ground Off) UL94V-0 Package Material

R-6112D: Conv Dc/dc 1a 14-32vin 12v
R-612.5D: Conv Dc/dc 1a 9-32vin 2.5v
R-613.3D: Conv Dc/dc 1a 9-32vin 3.3v
R-615.0D: Conv Dc/dc 1a 9-32vin 5v
R-615.0P: Converter; DC-DC; Out 5VDC; In 9 to 32VDC; Thru-Hole; Encapsulated; Commercial
R-619.0D: Conv Dc/dc 1a 11-32vin 9v
THI 3-1222: DC/DC converter, Isolated, +/-12V, 125mA, 3W
Features Supplementary and reinforced insulation I/O isolation 4000 VACrms rated for Industrial safety to IEC/EN 60950-1 Fully regulated output voltage Input filter meets EN 55022, class A and Operating
TZL 100-4824: DC/DC converter, 36-72Vin, 24Vo 4.2A, 100W
VHV12-1.0K1500P: Dc/dc Converter 1000v 1.5a
Ultracompact, Adjustable Output High-Voltage Power Supply The VHV series is our new line of medium-high voltage DC-DC converters featuring an ultracompact size with the footprint With a pentahedron metal

VHV12-1.5K1000P: Dc/dc Converter 1500v 1a
VHV12-2.0K700P: Dc/dc Converter 2000v 700ma
V048F320M009: Vtm Current Multiplier 32v 9.40a
· 125°C operation (TJ)· 1 µs transient response· 3.5 million hours MTBF· Typical efficiency 96%· No output filtering required The V048F320T009 VI Chip® current multiplier excels at speed, density and efficiency

V048T320M009: Vtm Current Multiplier 32v 9a
V048T320T009: Vtm Current Multiplier 32v 9.40a
THR-30185: Dc/dc Converter 5/15/-15
DRAWN J. LEVRAULT CHECKED D. DEROSA MARKETING B. SMITH QA T. BROWN D. PAILLE PROJ. ENG. M. ZELFAND APPD E. WILCOX DATE Special Part - Input Over Voltage Shutdown Disabled 9/15/2004 For all possible combinations
UWR-3.3/9-D48A-C: Conv Dc/dc 3.3v 9a Sgl A T/h
Single Output, High-Density, 3.3VOUT and 5 VOUT, 26-40 Watt, DC/DC Converters FEATURES · 5 Volts @ 7/8 Amps Choice of 3 input voltage ranges: 18-36V, 36-75V Fully synchronous forward topology Outstanding

UWR-5/7-D12A-C: Conv Dc/dc 5v 7a Single A T/h
UWR-5/8-D24A-C: Conv Dc/dc 5v 8a Single A T/h
PXB15-24WS05/NT: Ic Conv Dc-dc 5v 3a 15w Pcb
Tube ; PXB ; Isolated Module ; 1 ; 9V ; 36V ; Voltage - Output
QME48T40010-NGB0: Dc/dc Convert 1v 40a
QME48T40 DC-DC Series Data Sheet 36-75 VDC Input; 1.0-3.3 VDC @ 40A Output Applications Telecommunications Data communications Wireless communications Servers, Workstations Benefits High efficiency ­ no heat

QME48T40010-NGB0G: Dc/dc Converter 1v 40w
QME48T40012-NGB0: Dc/dc Convert 1.2v 40a
QME48T40012-PGB0G: Dc/dc Converter 1.2v 48w
QME48T40015-PGB0G: Dc/dc Converter 1.5v 60w
QME48T40018-PGB0G: Dc/dc Converter 1.8v 72w
QME48T40025-NGA0: Dc/dc Converter 2.5v 100w
QME48T40033-NGA0: Dc/dc Convert 3.3v 40a
QME48T40033-NGA0G-S100: Dc/dc Converter 3.3v 132w