Computer - Media

850-14300: Imcv Snmp Manageable Convrtr
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B computing device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against

APHA016G2BACG-BTM-DK: Usb Flash Ah162-a 16gb Mlc Ind
SGN01G72F1BG1MT-DCRT: Ddr3 1gb Sodimm
854-19723: Ie-minimc Module, Tp-tx/fx-mm130
Bulk ; IE-MiniMc ; Fixed ; 1 ; 10/100 ; 1 ; 100BASE-FX (Multimode)
MT8KTF12864HZ-1G4G1: Module Ddr3l Sdram 1gb 204sodimm
DDR3L SDRAM ; 1GB ; 1333MT/s ; 204-SODIMM
850-14225: Imcv-lim, 10/100-cwdm-sm1370-sc
SDANB-064G-000000: Ssd 64gb 2.5" Uata
W7CF001G1XA-H20PD-01D.A3: Memory Card Compactflash 1gb Slc

W7CF002G1XA-H20PD-02D.A3: Memory Card Compactflash 2gb Slc
W7CF004G1XA-H20PD-2Q2.A3: Memory Card Compactflash 4gb Slc
W7CF128M1XA-H20PD-001.A3: Mem Card Compactflash 128mb Slc
W7CF256M1XA-H20PC-001.A3: Mem Card Compactflash 256mb Slc
W7CF512M1XA-H30PB-002.02: Memory Card Compactflash 512mb
IDE-4K-18-1792: Ide4k 1.8" Flash Disk 1.8gb
IDE 4000 ; 1.8GB ; FLASH
SD6NA-080G-000000: Ssd 80gb Scsi
Ultra320 ; 80GB ; FLASH
852-13130: Accessetherlinx, Tx/4 + Fx-sm155
Access EtherLinX/4 enables service providers to offer differentiated data networking or VPN services to multi-tenant building and business customers. Residing at the customer premises or at the service
IMX233-OLINUXINO-SD: Sd Card, Imx233-olinuxino-maxi
The information in this document is provided in connection with Olimex products. No license, express or implied or otherwise, to any intellectual property right is granted by this document or in connection
FFD35-U3S-48-P80: Ssd 48gb Scsi
FFD-35 ; 48GB ; FLASH
AP4GAH321R: Flash Ah321 Usb 2.0 4gb Com
AH321 ; 4GB ; USB 2.0 ; 0°C ~ 60°C ; 60.80mm L x 18.80mm W x 8.00mm H
MT36KSF2G72PZ-1G6E2: Ic Ddr3 Sdram 16gb
Features · DDR3L functionality and operations supported as defined in the component data sheet · 240-pin, registered dual in-line memory module (RDIMM) · Nominal and dynamic on-die termination (ODT) for data,

MT36KSF2G72PZ-1G6P1: Ic Ddr3 16gb Rdimm
SLN02G64D2BF1SA-DCRT: Ddr3 2gb So-dimm
SD8CB-256G-000000: Ssd 256gb Scsi
Ultra320 ; 256GB ; FLASH
MT18LSDT6472Y-133D2: Module Sdram 512mb 168rdimm
Features 168-pin, PC133-compliant registered dual in-line memory module (RDIMM) · Phase-lock loop (PLL) clock driver to reduce loading· Uses 133 MHz SDRAM components· Supports ECC error detection and correction·
FFD35-U3S-168-N-P68: Ssd 168gb Scsi
FFD-35 ; 168GB ; FLASH
AP-FM001GD2505S-T1M: Ssd Adm5s 44p/180d 1gb Slc
Standard ATA/IDE Bus Interface ­ ATA command set compatible ­ Compliant with ATA/ATAPI-8 ­ ATA operating mode supports up to: PIO Mode to 4 Multiword DMA Mode to 2 Ultra DMA Mode to 6 Power Consumption*

AP-FM001GD2505S-TW1M: Adm5s 44p/180d 1gb Et Slc
AP-FM002GD2505S-T1M: Ssd Adm5s 44p/180d 2gb Slc
AP-FM002GD2505S-TW1M: Adm5s 44p/180d 2gb Et Slc
AP-FM004GD2505S-T1M: Ssd Adm5s 44p/180d 4gb Slc
AP-FM004GD2505S-TW1M: Adm5s 44p/180d 4gb Et Slc
AP-FM008GD2505S-T1M: Ssd Adm5s 44p/180d 8gb Slc
AP-FM008GD2505S-TW1M: Adm5s 44p/180d 8gb Et Slc
AP-FM016GD2505S-T1M: Ssd Adm5s 44p/180d 16gb Slc
AP-FM016GD2505S-TW1M: Adm5s 44p/180d 16gb Et Slc
AP-FM032GD2505S-T1M: Ssd Adm5s 44p/180d 32gb Slc
DN-7006GS: Wireless Lan Pci Adapter
Regulatory notes and statements Wireless LAN, Health and Authorization for use Radio frequency electromagnetic energy is emitted from Wireless LAN devices. The energy levels of these emissions however
WD3UE02GX818-1333K-PE: Module Ddr3-1333 1gb 240-dimm
DDR3 SDRAM ; 1GB ; 1.333GHz ; 240-DIMM
AF16GSAEL-OEM: Slimsata 16gb Amlc
16GB ; FLASH - NAND (MLC) ; Slim-SATA ; 0°C ~ 85°C
SDANB-024G-000000: Ssd 24gb 2.5" Uata
FFD-25-SATA-96-N-F: Ssd 96gb 2.5" Sata
FFD-25 ; 96GB ; FLASH
P-SDHC4G4-CC: Flash Memory Card, Sdhc, Class 4, 4 Gb
4GB* capacity Class 4 (4MB/sec) write performance ideal for the latest digital video cameras Designed for SDHC compatible host devices** Record video and images, download music and store photos *Please
SGL08G72B1BE2MT-CCRT: Ddr3 8gb Minidimm
DDR3 SDRAM ; 8GB ; 1333MT/s ; 244-MiniUDIMM
MT72KSZS4G72LZ-1G4E2A7: Ic Ddr3 Sdram 4gb
Features · 240-pin, load-reduced dual in-line memory module (LRDIMM) · Memory buffer (MB)· Fast data transfer rates: PC3-12800, PC3-10600, 16GB (2 Gig 32GB (4 Gig x 72)· VDD 1.35V (1.283­1.45V)· Backward
854-19241: Ie-minimc/telco-lfpt Module, Tp-
SGU02G64B5BG2SA-BBR: Ddr3 2gb Udimm
856-17652: Ie Minifiberlinx-ii/telco Tp-t
Bulk ; IE-MiniFiberLinX-II ; Managed ; Fixed ; 1 ; Copper 10/100 ; 1 ; Fiber
MT9LSDT1672AG-133G3: Module Sdram 128mb 168dimm
SDRAM ; 128MB ; 133MHz ; 168-DIMM
855-10732: Minimc-gigabit, Tx/lx-sm1310/plu
Smallest, Most Reliable Gigabit Media Converter PRODUCT FEATURES· One or 1000Base-LX fiber Port· One 1000Base-T twisted pair port· AutoCross automatic selection between crossover or straight-through connection·

855-10733: Minimc-gigabit, Tx/lx-sm1550/lon
855-10734: Minimc-gigabit, Tx/sslx-sm1310-s
855-10735: Minimc-gigabit, Tx/sslx-sm1550-s
855-10736: Minimc-gigabit, Tx/sslx-sm1310/p
855-10737: Minimc-gigabit, Tx/sslx-sm1550/p
855-10738: Minimc-gigabit, Tx/sslx-sm1490/l
855-10739: Minimc-gigabit, Tx/sslx-sm1550/l
855-10742: Minimc-gigabit, Tx/ssbx-sm1310-s
855-10743: Minimc-gigabit, Tx/ssbx-sm1490-s
855-10744: Minimc-gigabit, Tx/ssbx-sm1310/p
FFD-25-SATA-8-A: Ssd 8gb 2.5" Sata
FFD-25 ; 8GB ; FLASH
FFD35US-16384-X-P80: Memory Card Flash 16gb
V3B-4K: Mag Card Reader Swipe Trk2 W/cvr
H Low power C-MOS technology H Multiple configurations H Same size as the Omron HSR series H TTL-compatible interface (clock & data) H Available with or without cover Note: Cable harness is included with
854: Magstripe Card Reader 2track Ps2
Decode what's hidden on your credit cards, or use it for an access system - this mag-stripe card reader can decode the two most common tracks used, #1 and #2! We like this small and easy to use mag-stripe
FFD-35-IDEP-32768: Ssd 3.5" Idep 32gb
FFD-35 ; 32GB ; FLASH
855-19962: Ie-minimc/lfpt, Tp-tx/fx-cwdm-sm
854-11706: Giga Minimc/lfpt Mod Tx/lx-sm155
855-10659: Minimc Tp-tx/fx-cwdm-sm1330-sc
APSDM008GM1HN-8TM: Ssd Msata H1-m 8gb Mlc
1F, No.32, Zhongcheng Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C Performance* ­ Interface burst read/write: 600 MB/sec ­ Sustained read: to 520 MB/sec ­ Sustained write: to 185 MB/sec Flash Management

APSDM008GM1HN-8TMW: Ssd Msata H1-m Et 8gb Mlc
APSDM016GM1HN-8TM: Ssd Msata H1-m 16gb Mlc
APSDM016GM1HN-8TMW: Ssd Msata H1-m Et 16gb Mlc
APSDM032GM1HN-8TM: Ssd Msata H1-m 32gb Mlc
APSDM032GM1HN-8TMW: Ssd Msata H1-m Et 32gb Mlc
APSDM064GM1HN-8TM: Ssd Msata H1-m 64gb Mlc
APSDM064GM1HN-8TMW: Ssd Msata H1-m Et 64gb Mlc
APSDM128GM1HN-8TM: Ssd Msata H1-m 128gb Mlc
APSDM128GM1HN-8TMW: Ssd Msata H1-m Et 128gb Mlc
APSDM256GM1HN-8TM: Ssd Msata H1-m 256gb Mlc
MT72KSZS4G72PZ-1G4E2: Module Ddr3 Sdram 240rdimm
Features · DDR3L functionality and operations supported as defined in the component data sheet · 240-pin, registered dual in-line memory module (RDIMM) · VDDSPD = 3.0­3.6V· Nominal and dynamic on-die termination
SDN01G64D1BJ2SA-50R: Ddr1 1gb Sodimm
DDR SDRAM ; 1GB ; 400MT/s ; 200-SODIMM
MTFDBAA030MAE-1C1: Ssd 30gb 1.8" Sata
RealSSD? ; 30GB ; FLASH - NAND
MT18KDF1G72AZ-1G4E1: Module Ddr3 Sdram 8gb Eudimm
Features · DDR3L functionality and operations supported as defined in the component data sheet · 240-pin, very low profile, unbuffered dual in-line memory module (VLP UDIMM) · VDD 1.35V (1.235­1.45V)·

MT18KDF51272AZ-1G4K1: Module Ddr3 Sdram 4gb Eudimm
MT18KDF51272AZ-1G4M1: Module Ddr3 Sdram 4gb 240udimm
AW24M64F8BLK0MW: Ddr3 8gb Non-ecc Sodimm Ind Temp
DESCRIPTION The ATP is a high performance 8GB DDR3-1600 Unbuffered NON-ECC SODIMM SDRAM memory module. It is organized a 204-pin Small Outline Dual-In-Line Memory Module (SODIMM) package. The module utilizes
AP-CF008GLANS-ETNRF: Flash Cf 6-m 8gb Mlc Et Ind
Product Specifications for Industrial CompactFlash Card December 11, 2015 Version 1.0 CompactFlash Association Specification Revision 6.0 Standard Interface PIO Mode 6 Multiword DMA Mode 4 Ultra DMA Mode

AP-CF008GLANS-NRF: Flash Cf 6-m 8gb Mlc Ind
AP-CF016GLANS-NRF: Flash Cf 6-m 16gb Mlc Ind
AP-CF032GLANS-ETNRF: Flash Cf 6-m 32gb Mlc Et Ind
AP-CF032GLANS-NRF: Flash Cf 6-m 32gb Mlc Ind
AP-CF064GLANS-ETNRF: Flash Cf 6-m 64gb Mlc Et Ind
AP-CF064GLANS-NRF: Flash Cf 6-m 64gb Mlc Ind
AP-CF128GLANS-ETNRF: Flash Cf 6-m 128gb Mlc Et Ind
AP-CF128GLANS-NRF: Flash Cf 6-m 128gb Mlc Ind
SDANB-056G-000000: Ssd 56gb 2.5" Uata
MT9HTF6472Y-53EB2: Module Sdram Ddr2 512mb 240dimm
DDR2 SDRAM ; 512MB ; 533MT/s ; 240-DIMM
AF1GUDI-VAA001: Mem Card Microsd 1gb Class 6 Slc
microSDHC? ; 1GB ; Class 6 ; SLC ; -40°C ~ 85°C
FFD-35-IDEP-28672-N: Ssd 3.5" Idep 28gb
FFD-35 ; 28GB ; FLASH
FFD-25-IDEP-2048-N-A: Ssd 2.5" Idep 2gb
FFD-25 ; 2GB ; FLASH
FFD35US-26624-N-P68: Memory Card Flash 26gb
W2DM064G1TC-J51MA2-4Q2.01: Ssd 64gb Dom Sata Ii 5v
64GB ; FLASH - NAND (MLC) ; Disk-On-Module, SATA DOM ; 60MB/s ; 20MB/s ;
SD8XB-240G-000000: Ssd 240gb Scsi
Ultra320 ; 240GB ; FLASH
855-19964: Ie-minimc/lfpt, Tp-tx/fx-cwdm-sm
MT36HTF25672FY-667B3D3: Module Ddr2 2gb 240-dimm
DDR2 SDRAM ; 2GB ; 667MT/s ; 240-DIMM
ZU-M1121L1: Card Reader 1 Track Swipe Ll Hd
Magnetic - Swipe ; Read Tracks 2 ; Swipe (Single Direction) ;

ZU-M1121S1: Card Reader Sng Track Man Swipe
854-19964: Ie-minimc/lfpt Module, Tp-tx/fx-
FFD-25-UATA-131072-N-F: Ssd 128gb 2.5" Uata
FFD-25 ; 128GB ; FLASH
SEN06464H2CG1SA-25WR: Ddr2 512mb Sodimm
DDR 2 SDRAM ; 512MB ; 800MT/s ; 200-SODIMM
DLP-USB245M-G: Module Usb-to-ttl Parl Fifo Conv
The DLP-USB245M-G is the 2nd generation, lead free version of DLP Design's USB adapter. This device adds extra functionality to it's DLP-USB1 predecessor with a reduced component count and a new low price. DLP-USB245M
FFD-35-IDEP-512: Ssd 3.5" Idep 512mb
FFD-35 ; 512MB ; FLASH
DC-SP-01-S: Adapter Sp Standard Model
Compact serial server delivers a powerful off-the-shelf hardware platform for standard plug and play applications or embedded networking solutions More and more, electronic devices used in all types of commercial
FFD-25-SATA-1-A: Ssd 1gb 2.5" Sata
FFD-25 ; 1GB ; FLASH
MT9KSF51272AKIZ-1G4E1: Module Ddr3 4gb Minidimm
DDR3L SDRAM ; 4GB ; 1333MT/s ; 244-MiniUDIMM
SDDR-89-A15: Card Reader 12 In 1
The Multi-Function Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Reader/Writer for: CompactFlash® Type I/II, SDTM, SDHCTM, miniSDTM, miniSDHCTM, MultiMediaCardTM, MMCplusTM, MMCmobileTM, RS-MMCTM, RS-MMC Dual Voltage, Memory StickTM,
MD1151-D32-W: Memory Card Flash 32mb
SFPA4096Q1BO2TO-C-DT-223-STD: Mem Ssd 4gb 2.5" Pata 2-flash
APM2T42P100004GAN-7T: Ssd M.2 2242 P100 4gb
­ Sustained read: to 500 MB/sec ­ Sustained write: to 150 MB/sec Flash Management ­ Built-in hardware ECC ­ Static/dynamic wear-leveling ­ Flash bad-block management Form factor M.2 2242 form factor ­ Dimensions:

APM2T42P100008GAN-7T: Ssd M.2 2242 P100 8gb
APM2T42P100008GAN-7TW: Ssd M.2 2242 P100 8gb Et
APM2T42P100016GAN-7T: Ssd M.2 2242 P100 16gb
APM2T42P100016GAN-7TW: Ssd M.2 2242 P100 16gb Et
APM2T42P100032GAN-7T: Ssd M.2 2242 P100 32gb
APM2T42P100032GAN-7TW: Ssd M.2 2242 P100 32gb Et
APM2T42P100064GAN-7T: Ssd M.2 2242 P100 64gb
APM2T42P100064GAN-7TW: Ssd M.2 2242 P100 64 Gb Et
FFD-25-SATA-80-X-D: Ssd 80gb 2.5" Sata
FFD-25 ; 80GB ; FLASH
MTFDGAR350SAH-1N14AB: Ssd 350gb Pcie2
Features · Micron® SLC NAND Flash (34nm)· ONFI 2.1-compliant Flash Interface· PCIe Gen2 x8 host interface· 350GB, 700GB· Endurance (total bytes written)2, 3 · Temperature ­ Operating: +85°C4 ­ Storage

MTFDGAR700SAH-1N3AB: Ssd 700gb Pcie2
856-17758: Ie Minifiberlinx-ii/lastgasp Tp-
MT36KSF1G72PDZ-1G1K1: Module Ddr3 8gb Rdimm
Features · DDR3L functionality and operations supported as defined in the component data sheet · 240-pin, registered dual in-line memory module (RDIMM) · VDD 1.35V (1.283­1.45V)· VDD 1.5V (1.425­1.575V)·

MT36KSF2G72PDZ-1G1D1: Module Ddr3l Sdram 16gb 240rdimm
FFD35US-2048-N-P50: Memory Card Flash 2gb
850-15552: Imcv Snmp Manageable Convrtr
852-11946: Poe Giga Mcbasic Tx/lx-cwdm-sm
APHA008GAG0EG-1TM: Usb Flash Eh353 8gb Mlc Et Ind
EH353 ; 8GB ; FLASH - NAND (MLC) ; USB 2.0, 3.0 ; 205MB/s ; 20MB/s ;
MT16VDDF12864AY-40BJ1: Module Ddr Sdram 1gb 184udimm
Features · 184-pin, unbuffered dual in-line memory module (UDIMM) (-40B: VDD = VDDQ = +2.6V)· VDDSPD +3.6V· 2.5V I/O (SSTL_2-compatible)· Internal, pipelined double data rate (DDR) 2n-prefetch architecture·