IC and discrete distributors stock parts begin by S Page 0

Part numbers letters list:0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
From S&D to S-10.036OHM5

From S-10.039OHM1 to S-1000C20-N4T1G

From S-1000C21-14T1G to S-1000N16-M5T1G

From S-1000N16-N4T1 to S-1000N42-N4T1

From S-1000N42-N4T1G to S-1100-SP

From S-11008 to S-1111B36PN-NYVTFG

From S-1111B37MC-NYW-TB to S-1112B22MC-L6HTFG

From S-1112B22PI-L6HTFG to S-1112B42PN-L7B-TF

From S-1112B42PN-L7BTFG to S-1121B33MC

From S-1121B33MC-N2S-TF to S-1122B30MC-L6PTFG

From S-1122B30MC-L8P-TF to S-1131B20PD-N4F-TF

From S-1131B20PD-N4FTFG to S-1131B44UC-N5D-TF

From S-1131B44UC-N5DTFG to S-1132B29-M5T1G

From S-1132B29-U5T1 to S-1133B10-I8T1G

From S-1133B10-U5T1G to S-1135B33-M5TIS

From S-1135B34-M5T1S to S-1165

From S-1165A30MC-MVP-TF to S-1167B28-M5V1G

From S-1167B29-I6T2G to S-1170B27PD-OTMTFG

From S-1170B27UC to S-1170B55PD-OUOTFG

From S-1170B55UC to S-1200B24-M5T1G

From S-1200B25-A6T1S to S-1206B28-M3T1G

From S-1206B28-U3T1G to S-1311B26UC-N4LTFG

From S-1311B27PD-N4MTFG to S-1323B24NB-N8J-TF

From S-1323B24NB-N8JTFG to S-1342AF-036

From S-1342AF-050 to S-150-48PBF

From S-150-48PBF to S-1701C2522-U5T1G

From S-1701C3024-M5T1G to S-1701Q3227-U5T1G

From S-1701Q3242-U5T1G to S-1711A1827-I6T1G

From S-1711A1827-M6T1G to S-1711C3018-M6T1G

From S-1711C3025-I6T1G to S-2-K-2-G

From S-2-K-4-G to S-21070

From S-21075 to S-22H10IF10

From S-22H10RF10 to S-24C01BV3Z

From S-24C01BVE to S-24CS01ADP-G

From S-24CS01AFJ to S-24CS64AOI-T8V1G

From S-24CV16A to S-27C256ADH-90

From S-27C256ADP-90 to S-29221AFJ(93CS46)

From S-29221AFJ-TB to S-29690A

From S-29690ADFJA-TB to S-30.010OHM5

From S-30.010OHM5 to S-315-CCT-K

From S-315-CCT-P to S-34700OHM5

From S-34700OHM5 to S-35380A-T8T1G

From S-35380A-T8V1 to S-40.015OHM5

From S-40.020OHM1 to S-44700OHM1

From S-44700OHM1 to S-50-6

From S-50-6A to S-522000OHM5

From S-52200OHM1 to S-5712ACSL1-I4T1U

From S-5712ACSL1-M3T1U to S-599712V

From S-5B-PH-K-S to S-7070TA

From S-7070TB to S-75V14ANC-5VA-TF

From S-75V14ANC-5VA-TFG to S-80124BNPF-JGJTFG

From S-80124CLMC-JIJ-T2 to S-80130CLMC-JIP-T2

From S-80130CLMC-JIPT2G to S-80139BLMC-JEY-T2

From S-80139BLMC-JEYT2G to S-80147BLPF-JE8TFG

From S-80147BNMC-JG8-T2 to S-80156BLPF-JFHTFG

From S-80156BNMC-JHH-T2 to S-8051ANB

From S-8051ANB(NA) to S-8053ALR-LJ-T2

From S-8053ALR-LJ-T3-T1 to S-80716AL-AD-X

From S-80716AL-AD1 to S-80720SN-DH-T1

From S-80720SN-DH-T1DH to S-80724ANDM

From S-80724ANDM-Q2-T1 to S-80729AG-DS-T1DS

From S-80729AG-DS1DS to S-80733SL-AX-T2

From S-80733SL-AX-X to S-80740AH-B41

From S-80740AH-B41B4 to S-80744AN-D8-T1G

From S-80744AN-D8-T2 to S-80750AN-IE-T1

From S-80750AN-JE to S-80777SN-J8-T2

From S-80777SN-J8-X to S-80814CNNBB9S

From S-80814CNPF-B9STFG to S-80818ALMP-EAF-T2

From S-80818ALNP to S-80820ANNP-EDH-T

From S-80820ANNP-EDH-T1 to S-80822CLMA

From S-80822CLMA-B6HT1G to S-80824CLUA-B6JT1G

From S-80824CLUA-B6JT2G to S-80826CNMC-B8L-G

From S-80826CNMC-B8L-T2 to S-80828ANY-B

From S-80828AUA to S-80830ANUP-ED-T2

From S-80830ANUP-EDT to S-80832CLY-X

From S-80832CLY-X-G to S-80835ALUP-EAZ-T2

From S-80835ALUP-EDZ-T2 to S-80838ALNP-EA2

From S-80838ALNP-EA2-T2 to S-80840CNUA-B8

From S-80840CNUA-B86-T2 to S-80843ALNP-EA7-T2

From S-80843ALUP to S-80845ANUP-ED9-T2

From S-80845ANUP-ED92 to S-80847CLY-X

From S-80847CLY-X-G to S-80851CLMA-B7CT1G

From S-80851CLMC to S-80855CLY-B-G

From S-80855CLY-T-G to S-80859CNY-X

From S-80859CNY-X-G to S-80918CNNB-G8N-T2

From S-80918CNNB-G8NT2G to S-80925CNMC-G8V-G

From S-80925CNMC-G8V-T2 to S-80930ANMP-DDT2

From S-80930ANMP-DOT-T2 to S-80938CNPF-G88TFG

From S-80939ACMP-DA9-T2 to S-80945CLMC

From S-80945CLMC-G7F to S-80956CLMC-G7S-T2

From S-80956CLMC-G7ST2G to S-80C51AKU

From S-80C51ALH-1 to S-80C52CRK-12

From S-80C52CRM-16 to S-8110BNP-DSB-T2

From S-8110BNP-DSD-T2 to S-81221SGUP-DQC-T1

From S-81221SGUP-DQU to S-81230SG-QB-T

From S-81230SG-QB-T1 to S-81237SG

From S-81237SG-QE-T to S-81250SGUP(DQD)

From S-81250SGUP-DGD-T2 to S-812C22AMC-C2CT2G

From S-812C22AUA to S-812C31AUA-C2LT2G

From S-812C31AY-B to S-812C40AMC-C2U

From S-812C40AMC-C2U-G to S-812C50AMC-C3E

From S-812C50AMC-C3E-T2 to S-812C59AY-X-G

From S-812C59AY-Z-G to S-81350HG/KD

From S-81350HGKD to S-814A40AUC-BDET2G

From S-814A40AUCBDET2 to S-816A28AMC-BADT2G

From S-816A29AMC-BAE-T2 to S-817A15ANB-CUET-G

From S-817A15ANB-CUET2 to S-817A32ANB

From S-817A32ANB-CUV to S-817A52AMC-CXPT2G

From S-817A52ANB-CVP-T2 to S-817B20AMCOT23

From S-817B20AUA-CWJ-T2 to S-817B40AMC-CXDT2G

From S-817B40AML-CXD-T2 to S-817B59AY-T-G

From S-817B59AY-X-G to S-818A44AUC-BGY-T2

From S-818A44AUC-BGYT2G to S-8211AAB-M5T

From S-8211AAB-M5T1G to S-8231AQFN-CAQ2

From S-8231AQFN/CAQ-T2 to S-8232NGFT-T2-G

From S-8232NHFT-T2 to S-8241AAQMC-G2Q-T2

From S-8241AAQMC-GAQ-T2 to S-8241ACJPN

From S-8241ACJPN-KCJ-TF to S-8244AAAAFN

From S-8244AAAFN to S-8254AAFFT-TBG

From S-8254AAFFT-TBS to S-8261ABAM

From S-8261ABAMD-G3A to S-8321

From S-8321A to S-8323A30MC-ELK-T2

From S-8323A30UA to S-8327B30MC-ERK-T2

From S-8327B30MC-ERK2 to S-8330A22FS-T2

From S-8330A22FS-T2-G to S-8333ABGB-T8T1G

From S-8333ABGC-I8T1G to S-8337ABDC-T8T1G

From S-8337ABEA-P8T1G to S-8338ABDC-P8T1

From S-8338ABDC-P8T1G to S-8351A22MC-J2HT2G

From S-8351A25MC to S-8353A27MC-IQMT2G

From S-8353A28MC-IQN-T2 to S-8354A50UA-JRJ-T2

From S-8354A50UA-JRJT2G to S-8357B48MC-NJH-T2

From S-8357B48MC-NJHT2G to S-8358H50MC-NVJT2G

From S-8358J33MC to S-8423TFS2

From S-8423UFS to S-8437AF-ZA

From S-8437AF-ZA-T1 to S-8520D30MC-BVP-T2

From S-8520D30MC-BVPT2G to S-8521B31MC-ATQT2G

From S-8521B31MC/ATQ to S-8521F50MC-BQJT2G

From S-8521F55MC-BQOT2G to S-873021CUP

From S-873021CUP-AFE-T2 to S-875037BUP

From S-875037BUP-ABE-T2 to S-87XXXXE

From S-87XXXXF to S-9013

From S-9014 to S-93C46BD0H-J8T2U

From S-93C46BD0H-T8T1G to S-93C66ADFJ-V-G

From S-93C66ADFJ/YB to S-93L66AR0I-J8T1G

From S-93L76A to S-AV17(K3)

From S-AV17A to S-H15MF-15-XL

From S-H15MF-25 to S-L2980A31PN-C6QTF

From S-L2980A31PN-TF-G to S-L2980A60MC-TB-G

From S-L2980A60MC-TF-G to S-T111B19MC-OGETFG

From S-T111B20MC-OGF-TF to S.T13005H2

From S.T13007H1 to S0003NB

From S0003PB to S0023A

From S00243 to S010055

From S010056 to S010393

From S0103GB-060 to S01301122

From S013033A to S02-10-R

From S02-10-R-6 to S0245

From S02458D to S0308L

From S0308LS3 to S03B888N2

From S03B888N2C to S050286

From S05030 to S0565K

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