IC and discrete distributors stock parts begin by P Page 9

Part numbers letters list:0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
From PIC16LC620T-04I/ to PIC16LC622A-04_P

From PIC16LC622A-04_SO to PIC16LC62BT-04I_SO

From PIC16LC62BT-04_JW to PIC16LC64AT-04/PT

From PIC16LC64AT-04I/ to PIC16LC71-04E_SS

From PIC16LC71-04I to PIC16LC711-04/P

From PIC16LC711-04/P-LF to PIC16LC715

From PIC16LC715-04 to PIC16LC72

From PIC16LC72-04 to PIC16LC72AT-20E_SO

From PIC16LC72AT-20E_SP to PIC16LC74A-04/P

From PIC16LC74A-04/PQ to PIC16LC771/SO

From PIC16LC771/SS to PIC16LC923-08/PT

From PIC16LC923-08/SP to PIC16LC926-S/CL

From PIC16LC926-S/L to PIC16LCR63T-04I/SO

From PIC16LCR65-04/L to PIC16LCR84T-10I/

From PIC16LCR84T-20/P to PIC16LF1526T-I/MR

From PIC16LF1526T-I/PT to PIC16LF1784-I/MV

From PIC16LF1784-I/P to PIC16LF1902-I/SP

From PIC16LF1902-I/SS to PIC16LF59-I/P

From PIC16LF616-E/SL to PIC16LF628-20_SO

From PIC16LF628-20_SS to PIC16LF72-1/SS

From PIC16LF72-1SS to PIC16LF726-I/SS

From PIC16LF726-IML to PIC16LF74-I_L

From PIC16LF74-I_P to PIC16LF818-IML

From PIC16LF818-ISO to PIC16LF84A-04I/S

From PIC16LF84A-04I/S0 to PIC16LF870T_SP

From PIC16LF870T_SS to PIC16LF873-20E_L

From PIC16LF873-20E_P to PIC16LF874-20I_SO

From PIC16LF874-20I_SP to PIC16LF876A-I/ML

From PIC16LF876A-I/S to PIC16LF877A-I/ML

From PIC16LF877A-I/P to PIC16LV58A-02

From PIC16LV58A-02/P to PIC17C42A-16/P-LF

From PIC17C42A-16/PQ to PIC17C42AT-33_JW

From PIC17C42AT-33_L to PIC17C43NR16/PQ

From PIC17C43T to PIC17C44-33IL

From PIC17C44-33IP to PIC17C752-16/L530

From PIC17C752-16/PT to PIC17C756-33I/L

From PIC17C756-33I/PT to PIC17C756AT-16_CL

From PIC17C756AT-16_L to PIC17C766-16_PT

From PIC17C766-33 to PIC17CR43-08/L

From PIC17CR43-08/P to PIC17LC43-08_PQ

From PIC17LC43-08_PT to PIC17LC752T-08I/

From PIC17LC752T-08I/L to PIC17LC766-16/CL

From PIC17LC766-16/L to PIC18C242T-E_JW

From PIC18C242T-E_L to PIC18C452-E/SP

From PIC18C452-EL to PIC18C801E/PT

From PIC18C801I/L to PIC18F1230T-I_SS

From PIC18F1231 to PIC18F1XK50-I/SS

From PIC18F2 to PIC18F2331-E/SO

From PIC18F2331-E/SP to PIC18F2420ISP

From PIC18F2420I_MLQTP to PIC18F2455-I/SO-E3

From PIC18F2455-I/SO-LF to PIC18F248EPTQTP

From PIC18F248ESOQTP to PIC18F2515-I/SON

From PIC18F2515-I/SOT to PIC18F2520I/MLQT

From PIC18F2520I/MLST to PIC18F2550-E/SO

From PIC18F2550-E/SP to PIC18F2585-I/SOZ

From PIC18F2585-I/SOZ to PIC18F25K80T-I/SS

From PIC18F2610 to PIC18F26K22-I/SS

From PIC18F26K22T-I/ML to PIC18F432I-I/PT4AP

From PIC18F432I/PT to PIC18F4431-1/P

From PIC18F4431-E/ML to PIC18F44800TIML

From PIC18F4480I to PIC18F452-I/L-LF

From PIC18F452-I/L-R to PIC18F4523IPT

From PIC18F4523T-I/ML to PIC18F458-E/PT-LF

From PIC18F458-EL to PIC18F45B

From PIC18F45J10 to PIC18F4680-E/PT-LF

From PIC18F4680-E/PTC02 to PIC18F47J13-I/PT

From PIC18F47J13T-I/ML to PIC18F6580-I/P

From PIC18F6580-I/PT to PIC18F6680-I/PT

From PIC18F6680-I/PT-LF to PIC18F67J93T-I/PT

From PIC18F67J94-I/MR to PIC18F8585-I_PT

From PIC18F8585T-E/PT to PIC18F872-I/PT

From PIC18F872-I/SS to PIC18F96J94-I/PT

From PIC18F96J94T-I/PF to PIC18LC858T

From PIC18LC858T-I/L to PIC18LF2320T-I_ML

From PIC18LF2320T-I_P to PIC18LF2480-E/ML

From PIC18LF2480-E/SO to PIC18LF2539-I/SP

From PIC18LF2539T-I/SO to PIC18LF2685-I/SP

From PIC18LF2685-ISO to PIC18LF4410-I/PT

From PIC18LF4410T to PIC18LF452-I/MLC26

From PIC18LF452-I/MLLF to PIC18LF458-I/SP

From PIC18LF458-IL to PIC18LF46K22-E/MV

From PIC18LF46K22-E/P to PIC18LF8393T-I/PT

From PIC18LF8410-I/PT to PIC1L6F883-I/ML

From PIC1L8F2680-I/SO to PIC24CO1C

From PIC24EP256GP206IPT to PIC24F16KL401-E/P

From PIC24F16KL401-E/SO to PIC24FJ96GA006

From PIC24FJ96GA006-I/P to PIC24LC02B-E/MS

From PIC24LC02B-E/P to PIC24LC128-I

From PIC24LC128-I/MF to PIC24LC256-I/STG

From PIC24LC256-I/T to PIC24LC64-I/P8AE

From PIC24LC64-I/PG to PIC25LC604TISN

From PIC25LC64 to PIC30F2010-30I/SPG

From PIC30F2010-I/PF to PIC30F6011A

From PIC30F6011A-30I/PF to PIC48F

From PIC48F8620-I/PT to PIC61F133D

From PIC620 to PIC7041029

From PIC7041029/SM1200 to PIC85C72

From PIC85C72P to PIC93C76C-E/ST

From PIC93C76C-I/MS to PIC93LC56B-E/MS

From PIC93LC56B-E/P to PIC93LC86-I/SP

From PIC93LC86-IP to PICL6C72-04/SO

From PICL6F872-I/SO to PICPIC12F629-I/SN

From PICPIC12F635-I/P to PICPIC18F4320-I/PT

From PICPIC18F442-I/P to PID3593

From PID4000A to PIF2008

From PIF2008 to PIII450SL35D

From PIII450SL35D to PILA8472C3

From PILA8472C3829938 to PIN-1016-2

From PIN-10191 to PIN/HEADER1X5PR-G



From PIP3104-P to PIP401118

From PIP42C to PIS209SB

From PIS209SU to PISR-5R6M-04

From PISR-680M-04 to PIXON404-0307-01

From PIXV30 to PJ-038A

From PJ-038AH to PJ-327

From PJ-327A-3 to PJ1084CM-3.3V

From PJ1084CM-33V to PJ1117CW

From PJ1117CW-1.8 to PJ1781205CI

From PJ178R05 to PJ2915CD

From PJ2931 to PJ3842BC

From PJ3842BCD to PJ6206P332MR

From PJ6206P332PR to PJ78L15

From PJ78L15ACY to PJBX36EI-2G

From PJBX36IW to PJGBLC03C_R1_00001


From PJQA6V2 to PJSD03TM


From PJSMS24_R1_00001 to PJVIM6364M

From PJVIM6364MA to PK-27A35WQ

From PK-27N25W to PK007-012

From PK007-013 to PK0608-503

From PK0608-563 to PK110F-180

From PK110F-40 to PK1601IK

From PK160F to PK20EDI

From PK20F to PK3-0515D

From PK3-1211D to PK472Y5P208K1D

From PK483HK to PK55F.120

From PK55F.160 to PK70FIO40

From PK70FIO80 to PKA223C

From PKA22A to PKB4418PIOANB

From PKB4610PINB to PKC4411PI

From PKC4518TWS to PKE60B1/8

From PKE70B1/4 to PKF4211ASI

From PKF4211ASI. to PKF4713SI

From PKF4713SI(BMR61045 to PKG.0K.305.CLLC50

From PKG.1B.314.CLLD42 to PKGM08SLNA

From PKGM09GLVG to PKJ-4113AT

From PKJ-70B-1/4 to PKJ4910PILA

From PKJ4910PIP to PKM13EPYH-4002-BO

From PKM13EPYH4000 to PKM34EW1190C

From PKM34EWH1101C to PKM4711PI

From PKM4711PI--C1189 to PKS-1104B-1/4

From PKS-1105B-10-1/4 to PKU5311EPI

From PKU5311EPILA to PKZMC-0.16

From PKZMC-0.25 to PL-2303HXA-LF

From PL-2303HXAAAAE to PL-30

From PL-301 to PL.5.2000

From PL.FS10/150 to PL04298

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