IC and discrete distributors stock parts begin by P Page 7

Part numbers letters list:0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
From PGA196AH3STG30 to PGA204BU/AU

From PGA204BUE4 to PGA207UA/1K

From PGA207UA/1KE4 to PGA2500IBR

From PGA2500IBRG4 to PGA68H012B1-1005R

From PGA68H012B1-1133R to PGB103U

From PGB1040805MR to PGFI-1311N

From PGFI-1445N to PGIA-05

From PGIA-05D to PGM145-1A1522-L

From PGM145-21154 to PGS10MF/160V

From PGS32H569 to PH-2-16S

From PH-2-1M to PH.74AHC1G14GW,125

From PH.74AHC1G14GW125 to PH.BC857CW

From PH.BC857CW115 to PH.BZX79-C30,133

From PH.BZX79-C30133 to PH.PZT2222A115

From PH.SAA7129AH/V1557 to PH06M2.0MMSMD

From PH06MR2.0MMSMD to PH100A28048

From PH100A2805 to PH104TB

From PH104UA to PH136SG

From PH1382AQS to PH150S280-48

From PH150S280-5 to PH1757093

From PH1759091 to PH2-40-UA-HT

From PH2-40-UB to PH2222EYU

From PH2222LL to PH256KM030

From PH25A to PH29EE-150-4CF

From PH29EE010 to PH300F280-5HKM

From PH300F280/5 to PH31ZT

From PH320 to PH3GJ

From PH3H4 to PH4301I

From PH4304H to PH50S-110

From PH50S-110-12 to PH574HC273N

From PH574HC4066N to PH7261G

From PH7264H to PH75MGJ

From PH75MLI to PH841-05010

From PH841-07010-00 to PH9121B4NM1-A

From PH9121B4NM1-E4-A to PHA2729-240M

From PHA2729-300M to PHA74HC595BQ

From PHA74HC595BQ.115 to PHABAT54AW

From PHABAT54AW.115 to PHABC857C

From PHABC857C.215 to PHABZV49-C4V7

From PHABZV55-B10 to PHABZX79-C3V3.143

From PHABZX79-C3V6.113 to PHAP3305

From PHAP3305B to PHAPDTC144WK

From PHAPDZ12B to PHASJA1000/N1

From PHASJA1000T/N1.118 to PHB152NQ03LTA/T3

From PHB152NQ03LTA/T3 to PHB34NQ10

From PHB34NQ10T to PHB78NQ03LT118

From PHB78NQ03LT118 to PHC21025/T3

From PHC21025/T3 to PHD108NQ03LT.1

From PHD108NQ03LT.1> to PHD34NQ10TT3

From PHD34Q10F-PHM915 to PHD77NQ03LT

From PHD77NQ03T to PHE13005X,127

From PHE13005X/01 to PHE426HB6220JR06

From PHE426HB6250JR to PHE426KD6180JR06L2

From PHE426KD6220JR06L2 to PHE426MK4100JR17T0

From PHE426MK4120JR05 to PHE428PD5560J

From PHE428PD5680JR06L2 to PHE450HB6100JR06

From PHE450HB6120JR06 to PHE450KR7220JR06L2

From PHE450KR7270JR06L2 to PHE450PF6680JR06L2

From PHE450PK3330JR05 to PHE450TB4680JR06

From PHE450TB4820JR06 to PHE840MD6220MTA

From PHE840MD6470K to PHEC34R-S110LF

From PHEC40P-R110LF to PHFZ-40S-P-3.20

From PHFZ-50R-K-S02 to PHI74HC164

From PHI74HC165N to PHILZPS3900.5W5

From PHIPCA9555PW to PHK6N02LT

From PHK6N2 to PHM30NQ10T/T3

From PHM30NQ10T/T3 to PHN210D

From PHN210D/C00 to PHONEX2432

From PHONEX2432/3 to PHP02512E1000BBT5

From PHP02512E1000BST5 to PHP12-5.08

From PHP120 to PHP21N06LT,127

From PHP21N06LT.127 to PHP36N03LT118

From PHP36N03LT127 to PHP57501

From PHP5N20 to PHPCE10002PHO

From PHPCE10027PHO to PHS4S403S30G

From PHS6226IRHB to PHT0805E10R0DGT

From PHT0805Y1000BGT to PHTLCO

From PHU-02OOUUAA to PHW1915C

From PHW201610 to PHX1N40E

From PHX1N50E to PHY0922

From PHY10110S to PI-2D11H-4R7

From PI-2D11H-4R7NC to PI0322

From PI0324 to PI062627G

From PI062635G to PI1005-820M

From PI1005-821K to PI16C62B-04/SS

From PI16C63 to PI29FCT520BTQX

From PI29FCT520BTS to PI2EQX8814ANJE

From PI2EQX8814ANJEX to PI3816212V

From PI383257Q to PI3B16244VE

From PI3B16244VEX to PI3B3384LE

From PI3B3384LEX to PI3C34X484NB

From PI3C3861 to PI3HDMI101-AZHEX


From PI3L110LMUX to PI3USB40

From PI3USB40A to PI43G2RTA10P1

From PI4430/AA1154C to PI49FCT32807SE-ND

From PI49FCT32807SEX to PI49FCT3806BQE

From PI49FCT3806BQEX to PI49FCT380TQA

From PI49FCT573Q to PI49FCT807TQA

From PI49FCT807TQC to PI5A124TE

From PI5A124TEX to PI5A4597AC

From PI5A4597ACEX to PI5C162334A

From PI5C16233C to PI5C32160CAX

From PI5C32161 to PI5C3257Q(12)

From PI5C3257Q(13) to PI5C3309U

From PI5C3309UE to PI5C6800CL

From PI5C6800CL to PI5V330SQTR

From PI5V330SQWEX to PI6C1201CS

From PI6C1201CSX to PI6C21200

From PI6C21200A to PI6C2405-1H

From PI6C2405A to PI6C2409A1HLIE

From PI6C2410 to PI6C39911A-5

From PI6C39911A-5J to PI6C490086LE

From PI6C490086LEX to PI6CL10804WE

From PI6CL10804WEX to PI6X035XL

From PI70158 to PI74ALVCH16373VX

From PI74ALVCH16374A to PI74AVC16244

From PI74AVC16244A to PI74CT244TP

From PI74CT245CTSX to PI74FCT1620Q245TV

From PI74FCT1620TV to PI74FCT16240TA

From PI74FCT16240TAC to PI74FCT162823ATA

From PI74FCT162823ATV to PI74FCT163245K

From PI74FCT163245KC to PI74FCT16827T

From PI74FCT16827TA to PI74FCT2245TSX

From PI74FCT224STQA to PI74FCT244CTP

From PI74FCT244CTQ to PI74FCT2541TPA

From PI74FCT2541TQ to PI74FCT2823TQ

From PI74FCT2823TQA to PI74FCT374TH

From PI74FCT374TL to PI74FCT543CTQ

From PI74FCT543CTS to PI74FCT821CTSO

From PI74FCT821IQA to PI74HCT164D

From PI74HCT244TQ to PI74LPT16245AVX

From PI74LPT16245AVXA to PI74LPT244CQ

From PI74LPT244CQE to PI74LVCC3245ASX

From PI74LVCC4245A to PI74ST1G86CX

From PI74ST1G86CX- to PI74SXT1GU04CE

From PI74SXT1GU04CEX to PI7C8150ND33

From PI7C8150NDAO to PI90LV01

From PI90LV017 to PI90LV3486W.

From PI90LV3486WE to PI90SD1636AFCX

From PI90SD1636AFD to PIC-1503

From PIC-153 to PIC-USB-STK

From PIC-W624-3T to PIC10F200TIOT032

From PIC10F200TI_OTG to PIC10F206-I_MC

From PIC10F206-I_OT to PIC118F4550I/P

From PIC12 to PIC12C508A-04/P

From PIC12C508A-04/P to PIC12C508A04/P020

From PIC12C508A04/P07D to PIC12C509/P04

From PIC12C509/P04SAN to PIC12C509A04ISM

From PIC12C509A04ISMPBF to PIC12C671-045MM

From PIC12C671-04E to PIC12C672-04I/SN

From PIC12C672-04IMF to PIC12CE518-04I/SN

From PIC12CE518-04I_JW to PIC12CE673-10_JW

From PIC12CE673-10_P to PIC12F1840-E/MF

From PIC12F1840-E/P to PIC12F509E

From PIC12F509F to PIC12F609-E/SN

From PIC12F609-E_MD to PIC12F629-1/P

From PIC12F629-1/SN to PIC12F629TISN

From PIC12F629TISN059 to PIC12F636-I_MDQTP

From PIC12F636-I_MF to PIC12F675I/SN

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