IC and discrete parts list from F207488IEC609473 to F20C20C_A

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Part numberStockD/CManufactureDescription
F207488IEC6094735820112; 2008
F20786-0005820112; 2008
F207BB5820112; 2008; 2015
F2081FOA5820112; 2008
F20A070051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 70 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A0700536000603580013; 2014CanthermTHERM NC 70C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A07005ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 70 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A07005ACLA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 70 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A075051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 75 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A075053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 75C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A07505ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 75 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A080051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 80 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A080053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 80C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A08005ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 80 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A085051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 85 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A085053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 85C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A08505ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 85 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A08505ACPA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 85 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A090051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 90 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A090053600603580013; 2014CanthermTHERM NC 90C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A09005ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 90 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A095051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 95 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A095053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 95C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A09505ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 95 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A100051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 100 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A100053600060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 100 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A10005ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 100 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A105051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 105 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A105053600060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 105 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A10505ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 105 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A110051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 110 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A110053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 110C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A11005ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 110 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A115051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 115 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A115053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 115C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A11505ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 115 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A120051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 120 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A120053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 120C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A12005ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 120 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A125051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 125 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A125053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 125C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A12505ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 125 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A130051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 130 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A130053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 130C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A13005ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 130 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A135051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 135 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A135053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 135C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A13505ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 135 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A140051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 140 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A1400536000603580013; 2014CanthermTHERM NC 140C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A14005ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 140 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A145051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 145 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A145053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 145C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A14505ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 145 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A150051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 150 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A150053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 150C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A15005ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 150 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A155051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 155 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A155053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 155C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A15505ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 155 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A160051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 160 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20A160053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NC 160C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20A16005ACFA06E3580013; 2014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 160 DEG C NC 2SIP
F20B065053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 65C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B06505ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERM NO 65C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B070051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 70 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B070053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 70C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B07005ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 70 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B075051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 75 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B075053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 75C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B07505ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 75 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B080051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 80 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B080053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 80C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B08005ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 80 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B085051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 85 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B085053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 85C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B08505ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 85 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B090051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 90 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B090053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 90C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B09005ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 90 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B095051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 95 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B095053600060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 95 DEG C 2SIP
F20B09505ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 95 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B100051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 100 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B100053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 100C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B10005ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 100 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B105051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 105 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B105053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 105C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B10505ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 105 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B110051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 110 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B110053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 110C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B11005ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 110 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B115051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 115 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B115053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 115C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B11505ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 115 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B120051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 120 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B120053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 120C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B12005ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 120 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B125051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 125 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B125053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 125C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B12505ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 125 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B130051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 130 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B130053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 130C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B13005ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 130 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B135051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 135 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B135053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 135C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B13505ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 135 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B140051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 140 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B140053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 140C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B14005ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 140 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B145051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 145 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B145053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 145C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B14505ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 145 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B150051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 150 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B150053600060358002014CanthermTHERM NO 150C LEAD FRAME 2SIP
F20B15005ACFA06E358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 150 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B155051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 155 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20B160051ZA0060358002014CanthermTHERMOSTAT 160 DEG C NO 2SIP
F20C025820112; 2008Sop8MOT
F20C0520000012; 2008MospecTO-; TO-220br; original
F20C05A5820111-12; 12; 2013; 2016brMospecTO-220AB
F20C05C5820111-12; 12; 2008; 2013br; 2015; 2016MospecMOSPEC; TO-220ABbr
F20C05D5820111-12; 12; 2013; 2016brMospecTO-220AB
F20C105820112; 2008; 2015MospecTO-; TO-220br; original
F20C10A5820111-12; 12; 2008; 2013br; 2016MospecTO-220AB
F20C10C5820111-12; 12; 2008; 2013br; 2015; 2016MospecMOSPEC; TO-220ABbr
F20C10D5820111-12; 12; 2013; 2016brMospecTO-220AB
F20C155820112; 2008; 2015MospecTO-; TO-220br; original
F20C15A5820111-12; 12; 2008; 2013br; 2016MospecTO-220AB
F20C15C5820111-12; 12; 2008; 2013br; 2015; 2016MospecMOSPEC; TO-220ABbr
F20C15D5820111-12; 12; 2013; 2016brMospecTO-220AB
F20C205820112; 2008; 2013; 2015br; 2016; NMospec; N/aOriginal new; TO-br; TO-220; originalbr
F20C20A5820111-12; 12; 2008; 2013br; 2016MospecTO-220AB
F20C20C5820111-12; 12; 13; 2008br; 2013; 2015; 2016Mospec; Pb-free; To-220MOSPEC; ROSH & Newbr; TO-220; TO-220ABbr
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