IC and discrete parts list from 0217_315H to 02173_15MXE

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Part numberStockD/CManufactureDescription
0217.315H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE .315A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACT
0217.315HXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
0217.315MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 315MA 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217.315MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 315MA/250V
0217.315MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE .315A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
0217.315MXEP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 315MA 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217.315MXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
0217.315TXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 250V IEC FA 5X20 315MA
0217.315VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
0217.400H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE .400A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACT
0217.400HXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
0217.400MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 400MA 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217.400MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 400MA/250V
0217.400MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE .400A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
0217.400MXEP9712613; 201410000; Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 400MA 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217.400MXP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 250V IEC FA LBC 5X20 .400A
0217.400TXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 250V IEC FA 5X20 400MA
0217.400VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
0217.500HXP1383913; 2008Lf7; Littelfusenew and original
0217.500M100002008; 2015
0217.500MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 500MA 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217.500MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 500MA/250V
0217.500MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE .500A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
0217.500MXEP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
0217.500TXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 250V IEC FA 5X20 500MA
0217.500VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
0217.630H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE .630A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACT
0217.630HXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
0217.630MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 630MA 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217.630MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 630MA/250V
0217.630MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE .630A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
0217.630MXEP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 630MA 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217.630TXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 250V IEC FA 5X20 630MA
0217.630VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
0217.800H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE .800A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACT
0217.800HXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
0217.800MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 800MA 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217.800MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 800MA/250V
0217.800MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE .800A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
0217.800MXEP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 800MA 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217.800TXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 250V IEC FA 5X20 800MA
0217.800VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
02170-100105112014Bns solutionsE INK QUICK START KIT
0217001.H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 1A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACTING
0217001.HXP1000013; 2008Lf7; Littelfuse; Littelfuse bvnew and original
0217001.MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE FAST 1A 250V 5X20MM AXIAL
0217001.MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 1A/250V
0217001.MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 1A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
0217001.MXEP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 1A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217001.MXP2800012PB; 13; 2008; 2016brLittelfuseOriginal&New; SMDbr
0217001.VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
0217002.H280002008; 2016LittelfuseOriginal&New
0217002.HXP2500013; 2008; 2016LittelfuseOriginal new
0217002.MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 2A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217002.MXBP200002008Lf7new and original
0217002.MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 2A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
0217002.MXEP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 2A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217002.MXP1650007; 13; 2008Lf; LittelfuseDIP; new and originalbr
0217002.VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
0217002.XBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE GLASS TYPE E 5 X 20 F2A
0217004.H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 4A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACTING
0217004.HXP1383913; 2008Lf7; Littelfusenew and original
0217004.MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 4A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217004.MXBP971262014Lf7; Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 4A/250V; new and originalbr
0217004.MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 4A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
0217004.MXEP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
0217004.VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
0217005.H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACTING
0217005.HXP1512613; 2008Lf7; Littelfusenew and original
0217005.MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 5A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217005.MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 5A/250V
0217005.MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
0217005.MXEP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
0217005.MXP2500013; 2008; 2016Littelfu; Littelfuse
0217005.VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
0217008.HXP1500013; 2008Lf; Littelfusenew and original
0217008.M1000005; 12; 13; 2008brLittelfusecall now
0217008.MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 8A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217008.MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 8A/250V
0217008.MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 8A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
0217008.MXEP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 250V IEC FA LBC 5X20 8A AXL
0217008.MXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
0217008.TXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 250V IEC FA 5X20 8A
0217008.VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
0217008M-1744005; 12; 13; 2008brLittehusecall now; nabr
021701.6H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 1.6A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACT
021701.6HXP2050013; 2008Lf7; Littelfusenew and original
021701.6MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 1.6A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
021701.6MXBP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE FAST 1.6A 250V 5X20MM
021701.6MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 1.6A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
021701.6MXEP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
021701.6MXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
021701.6VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
0217010.H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 10A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACTING
0217010.HXP1000013; 2008Lf7; Littelfusenew and original
0217010.MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 10A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217010.MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 10A/250V
0217010.MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 10A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
0217010.MXEP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 250V IECFA LBC5X20 10A AXL
0217010.MXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
0217010.VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
0217015.H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 15A 250V FAST IEC 5X20MM
0217015.HXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
0217015.MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 15A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217015.MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 15A/250V
0217015.MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE IEC FA LBC 5X20 15A AXIAL
0217015.MXEP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 15A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
0217015.MXP3400013; 2008; 2015Littelfuse; Littlefuse
0217015.TXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 250V IEC FA 5X20 15A
021702.5H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 2.5A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACT
021702.5HXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
021702.5MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE IEC 2.5A 250V FAST AXIAL
021702.5MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 2.5A/250V
021702.5MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 2.5A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
021702.5MXEP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 2.5A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
021702.5MXP3000013; 2008; 2013; 2016brLittelfuse; Littelfuse far eastOriginal new
021702.5VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
021706.3H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 6.3A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACT
021706.3HXP1000013; 2008Lf7; Littelfusenew and original
021706.3MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 6.3A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
021706.3MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 6.3A/250V
021706.3MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 6.3A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
021706.3MXEP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
021706.3MXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
021706.3VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
02171.25H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 1.25A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACT
02171.25HXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
02171.25MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 1.25A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
02171.25MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 1.25A/250V
02171.25MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 1.25A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
02171.25MXEP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 1.25A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
02171.25MXP9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 250V IEC FA LBC 5X20 1.25A
02171.25TXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 250V IEC FA 5X20 1.25A
02171.25VXP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20MM V PACK
02172U280002008; 2016(h)PLCC
02173.15H971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 3.15A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACT
02173.15HXP1000013; 2008Littelfuse
02173.15MRET1P9712613; 2014Littelfuse; Littelfuse incFUSE 3.15A 250VAC AXIAL FAST
02173.15MXBP971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 5X20 C/CODE F 3.15A/250V
02173.15MXE971262014Littelfuse incFUSE 3.15A FAST 5X20 IEC AXIAL
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