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Part number
5170  2016  TFK  SOP44  
975  00  TFK  SOP  
10576  13  TFK  -  
21167  -  TFK  SOP44  
6819  12  -  SOP  
5843  12/00/01  TFK  SOP-44L/SSOP/SSOP44  
22500  2016  -  SOP  
492100  12  -  -  
20000  12  TFK  -  
492100  12  -  -  


Part information

Multi Standard Feature Phone Integrated Circuit

The U3810BM multi-standard feature phone circuit is designed to be used with a microcontroller using a 2-wire serial bus. It performs all speech and line interface functions required in an electronic telephone set: the ringing function with switching regulator and melody generator, the DTMF dialling, the loudhearing with antilarsen and antidistortion systems, a power supply, a clock and a reset for the microcontroller. Transmit, receive and loudhearing gains control / AGC range / DTMF frequencies, pre-emphasis and level

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
U3810BM Multi Standard Feature Phone Integrated Circuit Temic Semiconductors (acquired by ATMEL Corporation)


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