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Part number
13900  2015  TEMIC  -  
492100  12  -  -  
63000  -  TFK  TO-92  
3434  97/98  TEMIC  DIP-40  
29600  -  TFK  DIP  
492100  12  -  -  
12580  2007  -  TFK  
63000  -  TFK  TFK  
492100  12  -  -  


Part information


TEMIC's low-voltage telephone circuit, U3760MB, performs all the speech and line interface functions required in an electronic telephone set tone ringer, pulse and DTMF dialing with redial. Electrostatic sensitive device. Observe precautions for handling.


Speech Circuit D Adjustable dc characteristic D Symmetrical input of microphone amplifier D Receiving amplifier for dynamic or piezo-electric

Selectable flashing duration by key pad Pause function Last number redial to 32 digits Standard low-cost 3.58-MHz crystal or ceramic resonator

D Two-tone
Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
Category: Communication - Telephony
Atmel Wireless and Microcontrollers
U3760MB Low-voltage Standard Telephone Circuit Temic Semiconductors (acquired by ATMEL Corporation)
U3760MB-MFN - -
U3760MB-MFNG3 - -
U3760MB-MSD - -


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