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Part information

3 input ranges in one unit: - 5 AAC - 10 AAC - 25 AAC - 20 AAC - 30 AAC - 50 AAC Output 4-20 mADC Easy interface to PLC or setpoint relays For mounting on DIN-rail in accordance with DIN/EN 22.5 mm small Euronorm housing

Small AC current metering transformer with 3 knob selectable ranges. Output from the transformer is 4-20 mADC in accordance with IEC 60381-1. Can be used with relays S183 or directly connected to a PLC. Power supply ON is indicated by a green LED. 12 mm hole for isolated current carrying wire makes it suitable for most applications. For mounting on DIN-rail or directly

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
E82-2050 Monitoring Relays AC Current Transformer ETC


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