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DescriptionMiniature Slide Switches
CompanyITT Industries
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Features, Applications

Features/Benefits Variety of actuators and terminations Panel mount tabs available Epoxy terminal seal--compatible with

Typical Applications Test & measurement equipment Telecommunications Computer & peripherals

CASE: diallyl phthalate (DAP), (UL 94V-0). ACTUATOR: Nylon, black, standard. HOUSING: Stainless steel. SWITCH SUPPORT: Brass or steel, matte-tin plated. END CONTACTS: B contact material: Copper alloy, with gold plate over nickel plate. Q contact material: Coin silver, silver plated. See page I-16 for additional contact materials. CENTER CONTACT & ALL TERMINALS: B contact material: Copper alloy, with gold plate over nickel plate. Q contact material: Copper alloy, silver plated. See page J-15 for additional contact materials. TERMINAL SEAL: Epoxy. Refer to Soldering and Cleaning in Technical Data chapter

NOTE: Any models supplied with or R contact material are RoHS compliant. For the latest information regarding RoHS compliance, please go to: NOTE: Specifications and materials listed above are for switches with standard options. For information on specific and custom switches, consult Customer Service Center.

CONTACT RATING: B contact material: 0.4 VA max. or DC max. Q contact material: 6 AMPS 28 V DC, 3 AMPS 250 V AC. See page J-15 for additional ratings. ELECTRICAL LIFE: 100,000 make-and-break cycles at full load on models with or P contact material; 40,000 cycles on models with or R contact material. CONTACT RESISTANCE: Below 10 m typ. initial 2-4 V DC, 100 mA, for both silver and gold plated contacts. INSULATION RESISTANCE: 109 min. DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 1,000 Vrms min. @ sea level. OPERATING TEMPERATURE: to 65C SOLDERABILITY: Per MIL-STD-202F method 208D, or EIA RS-186E method 9 (1 hour steam aging).

To order, simply select desired option from each category and place in the appropriate box. Available options are shown and described on pages J11 through J15. For additional options not shown in catalog, consult Customer Service Center. All models have epoxy terminal seal and are compatible with all "bottom-wash" PCB cleaning methods.

Switch Function 1101 SP On-None-On 1103 SP On-Off-On 1108 SP Mom-None-On 1201 DP On-None-On 1203 DP On-Off-On Mounting Style M2 PC mount without tabs M1 Panel mount with tabs Actuator S3.200" high S1.040" high S2.140" high S4.285" high S5.370" high S6.485" high T3.200" high

Terminations A Right angle, PC thru-hole C PC Thru-hole AV2 Vertical right angle, PC thru-hole Z Solder lug V3 V-bracket V4 V-bracket W.750" long, wire wrap Z3 Quick connect

Contact Material B Gold Q Silver K Gold, tin-lead M Silver, tin-lead G Gold over silver L Gold over silver, tin-lead P Gold, matte-tin S Silver, matte-tin R Gold over silver, matte-tin

Seal E Epoxy D No epoxy seal I Epoxy potted base Actuator Color 2 Black 1 White 3 Red 7 Blue
Dimensions are shown: Inch (mm) Specifications and dimensions subject to change


Actuator shown in position 1 Terminal Nos. For Reference Only NONE OFF ON 2-1,5-4 OPEN 2-3,5-6 DPDT ON

MOM. = Momentary All models with all options when ordered with or R contact material.
NOTE: Available with Z, Z3 terminations only. No mounting hardware supplied. PANEL MOUNTING

For T3 actuator only. Double pole Dimensions are shown: Inch (mm) Specifications and dimensions subject to change

Other colors available, consult Customer Service Center.
Subtract.014 (0,36) from actuator height, all models with V3, V4 terminations.

Not available with or R contact materials. Mating quick connector available; order part number 530100000, page J-15.


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