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Description1.5A BUS Terminator
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The is a low cost switching regulator designed to provide a desired output voltage or termination voltage for various applications by converting voltage supplies ranging from to 4.0V. The CM8501 can be implemented to produce regulated output voltages in two different modes. In the default mode, when the VIN/2 pin is open, the output voltage 50% of the VCCQ. The CM8501 can also be used to produce various user-defined voltages by forcing a voltage on the VIN/2 pin. In this case, the output voltage follows the VIN/2 pin input voltage. The regulated output voltage CM8501A is internally set 50% of the applied VCCQ. The switching regulator is capable of sourcing or sinking 1.5A of current while regulating an output V TT voltage to within 3% or less. The CM8501A could guarantee to provide continuous sinking or sourcing to 2A current while enlarging the layout GND pad dimension as layout suggestion in page 6. The CM8501/A provides low profile 8-pin PSOP package to save system space as well as 16-pin PSOP and PTSSOP packages that are pin-to-pin compatible to the previous CM8500.


Patent Filed #6,452,366 8-pin PSOP, 16 pin PTSSOP and 16 pin PSOP power packages Source and sink 1.5A, no heat sink required Peak Current to 3A Integrated Power MOSFETs Output voltage can be programmed by external resistors (CM8501) Separate voltages for VCCQ and PVDD V OUT 3% or less at 1.5A Minimum external components Shutdown for standby or suspend mode operation Thermal shutdown protection Soft start

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Mother Board PCI/AGP Graphics Game/ Play Station Set Top Box IPC SCSI-III Bus terminator Buck Converter

Pin No. 8501 8501A Symbol VCCA NC AGND SD Description Voltage supply for internal circuits No Connection Ground for internal reference voltage divider CMOS input level Shutdown level Enable level 0.75 x VCCA 2.0 V Min. 2 Operating Rating Typ. Max. 2.5 5.5 Unit V

VCCQ VFB PGND VL PVDD Voltage reference for external voltage divider Feedback node for the VTT Ground for output power transistors Output voltage/inductor connection (IDD1+IDD2, Output RMS current) Voltage supply for output power transistors VCCQ/2 V

Part Number CM8501GIS* CM8501AGIS* *Note: G : Suffix for Pb Free Product Temperature Range to 85 Package 16-Pin PTSSOP (PT16) 16-Pin PSOP (PS16) 8-Pin PSOP (PS08) 16-Pin PTSSOP (PT16) 16-Pin PSOP (PS16) 8-Pin PSOP (PS08)


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