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DescriptionInput Power Conditioning Module
CompanyVicor Corporation
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Features, Applications

Wide input voltage range High surge withstand 97% Efficiency Input reverse polarity protection On/Off control feature MicroMod Package

Parameter +In to ­In +In to ­In +Out to ­Out Mounting torque Pin soldering temperature Pin soldering temperature Storage temperature C­,T­Grade Operating temperature C­Grade Operating temperature T­Grade Rating to +100 Unit Vdc V Vdc in-lbs °F(°C) °C Notes Continuous 100ms Continuous 6 each, M3 <5 sec; wave solder <7 sec; hand solder Baseplate

Inrush current limiting Input transient protection

The 2nd Generation is a component level, DC input front-end designed to occupy minimum board space while providing maximum transient protection for today's sophisticated electrical systems. The IAM48, in combination with Vicor's 48V input 2nd Generation DC-DC converters, provides a highly efficient, high density power system with outputs from to 100Vdc. When the IAM48 is used with the Vicor FM48-FiltMod, the combination meets the conducted EMI specifications of Telcordia, FCC and European Norms.

(typical at TBP = 25°C, nominal line, unless otherwise specified)

Parameter Min Typ Max Input voltage 48Vdc 76Vdc Inrush limiting 14mA/µF Safety approvals UL 1950, CSA EN 60950 Transient immunity Telcordia-GR-499-CORE Section 132 200V ETS 300 386-1 Class 200V 250V Remarks Continuous 6A with 330µF capacitor (See Fig 1)

Dielectric withstand Output current IAM4810C12 IAM4820C12 Efficiency ON/OFF control ENABLE(ON) DISABLE(OFF)

1µsec duration 5.0µsec rise time, 50µsec duration surge 1-100 nsec burst When used with Vicor FM-48 filter module Input/Output to base Delivered current to any combination of Vicor's 2nd Generation 48Vin DC-DC converters Internal voltage drop is 1.1V max. 20A, 100°C baseplate Referenced to ­Vout. 100K internal pull-up resistor No damage to module, external fuse required See Fig 3 100V

Output Current 10=10Amp 20=20Amp Baseplate Product Grade 2=Threaded 3=Thru-hole Pin Style 1= Short Pin 2= Long Pin S= Short ModuMate N= Long ModuMate

Reverse polarity protection External capacitance IAM4810C12 IAM4820C12 Weight Warranty
Typical Inrush Limiting and Transient Immunity Characteristics
Figure 2-- Output response to a transient on the 48V input a FM48-FiltMod/IAM48 combination.
Typical Transient, Surge Protection and Filtering Solution
Note: The IAM48 is shown in the on state. To disable, open the connection to pin 3.
No. PIN OUTS Function Label ­Vout ­V N/C Off/On +Vout +V +Vin +V ­Vin N/C ­V

* Style 1 baseplate only Style & 3 baseplates Reserved for Vicor accessories
Unless otherwise specified, dimensions are in inches mm Decimals Tol. Angles


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