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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Filters
DescriptionFm48 Filtmod Input Filter Module
CompanyVicor Corporation
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Features, Applications
Low Profile Mounting Option EMI Filtering 8 and 12 Amp versions CE Marked Micro Sized Module
(typical at TBP = 25C, nominal line, 75% load, unless otherwise specified)

Parameter Input Voltage Safety Approvals Dielectric Withstand EMI/ RFI Min Typ Max UL 1950, CSA 60950 1,500VRMS Bellcore GR-001089-Core Issue EN 55022 Level B FCC Part 15 Level 8A 12A Remarks

The FM48 input filter module enables designers to meet the conducted emission limits of EN55022 level B and FCC level B when used with Vicor's 48 Volt 2nd Generation of DC-DC converters. FiltMods accept an input voltage to 76 Vdc with a transient withstand capability of 100Vdc for 100 msec. The FiltMods are packaged in an industry standard "quarter-brick" module measuring x 0.5" and are available in either or 12 Ampere capacity. Both versions may be on-board or in-board mounted for height critical applications. The FiltMods can be teamed with Vicor's IAM48 for transient and surge protection.

Output Current FM4808C12 FM4812C12 Reverse Polarity Protection Weight
Input /Output to Base When used with Vicor 2nd Generation 48Vin DC-DC converters

Delivered current to any combination of Vicor's 2nd Generation 48Vin DC-DC Converter No damage to unit, external fusing required

Parameter Storage Temp. Operating Temp. (Baseplate) Warranty C-Grade +100C 2 years T-Grade +100C 2 years

Note: For alternative product grades, change the "C" in the part number to "T".
FM4812C12: 8 Amp Short Pins 8 Amp Long Pins 12 Amp Short Pins 12 Amp Long Pins
Typical transient, surge protection and filtering solution
Note: The IAM48 is shown in the on state. To disable, open the connection to pin 3.
No. PIN OUTS Function Label +Vin +V N/C Vin V Vout V Ground +Vout GND +V

* Style 1 baseplate only Style & 3 baseplates Reserved for Vicor accessories
Unless otherwise specified, dimensions are in inches mm Decimals 0.XX 0.XXX Tol. Angles

Vicor Corporation 25 Frontage Road, Andover, MA 01810 Tel: 800-735-6200 978-470-2900 Fax: 978-475-6715


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