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DescriptionPrecision Gear Tooth And Encoder Sensors
CompanyNVE Corporation
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NVE's GT Sensor products are based on a Low Hysteresis GMR sensor material, and are designed for use in industrial speed applications where magnetic detection of gear teeth and magnetic encoder wheels is required. GT Sensors with both analog and digital outputs are available. The analog parts feature the large signal and robust characteristics which NVE's GMR materials are known for (NVE's GMR sensors are not damaged by extremely large magnetic fields). The sensor elements themselves are designed to provide usable output with even the smallest gear teeth. Single and double output versions are available; the second output is phase shifted with respect to the first, to provide quadrature for determining direction. The digital sensors take advantage of the high performance characteristics of GMR sensors to provide a 50% duty cycle output with a wide tolerance in airgap and temperature variations. GT Sensors are available in low profile MSOP8, TDFN SO8, and TDFN6 packages, in order to fit into the tightest possible spaces. An evaluation kit is available, containing a selection of sensors, magnets, and PCBs, so that the user can test the parts in their application.

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Single/Double Bridge Gear Tooth And Encoder Sensors

Large Airgap Direct Analog Output DC (Zero Speed) Operation Sine / Cosine Outputs Precise Spacing and Phase Shifting Between Sensor Elements Excellent Temperature and Voltage Performance Small, Low Profile Surface Mount Packages

Linear and Angular Speed Sensing Linear and Angular Position Sensing Direction Detection

The ABL Series GT Sensors are differential sensor elements that provide an analog sinusoidal output signal when used with a bias magnet and gear tooth or a magnetic encoder. These chips use NVE's proprietary GMR sensor elements, featuring an extremely large output signal from the raw sensor element, which is stable over the rated temperature and voltage range. As a result, ABL Series GT Sensors feature excellent airgap performance and an extremely stable operating envelope, as well as the robust reliability characteristics that NVE sensors are known for. Three different standard spacings are available, for use with fine and coarse pitch encoders and gear teeth. Both single bridge and double bridge configurations are also available; double bridges are used to generate sine/cosine outputs. In addition to the standard spacings, NVE can provide custom spacings and multiple sensor elements tailored to the individual customer's application for a nominal design and tooling charge. Contact NVE for further details. For digital output applications, these sensors can be used with NVE's DD001-12 signal processing IC, which converts their output into a 50% duty cycle modulated current signal. This IC allows placement of the ABL sensor in a very small housing, with wires running from the sensor to the signal processing in a remote location. In this fashion ABL series sensors can be used in M8 and smaller housings.

Property Single Bridge Resistance Input Voltage Operating Temperature Range Offset Voltage Linear Range Linearity of Output Hysteresis Saturation of GMR Sensor Elements Single Resistor Sensitivity Max Output Temperature Coefficient of Resistance ESD Min 4K Typ 5K Max 7K Unit Ohms Volts C mV/V Oe3 %R/Oe4 mV/V C V5

Notes: 1. ABL Series sensors have a purely ratiometric output. They will operate with input voltages 0.1V or lower. The output signal will scale proportionally with the input voltage. Maximum voltage will be limited by the power dissipation allowable in the package and user installation. See the package section for more details. 2. 3. Linearity and Hysteresis measured across linear operating range, unipolar operation. Application of a magnetic field in excess of this value will saturate the GMR sensor elements, and no further output will be obtained. No damage occurs to the sensor elements when saturated; NVE GMR sensors will not be damaged by any large magnetic field. Percent change in resistance with application of 1 Oersted of magnetic field; corresponds an 8% change in resistance with 200 Oersteds of applied magnetic field (1 Oersted = 1 Gauss in air, or 0.1 milli- Tesla). Pin to pin voltage, Human Body Model for ESD


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