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CategoryOptoelectronics => Amplifiers
DescriptionVariable Gain Edfa
CompanyBookham Technology
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Features, Applications

Variable Gain Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier

Bookham Technology's MultiWavelength Gain Modules are supplied with the EDFA optical, optoelectronic and electronic functions built in, requiring only +5 V power supply for operation. They allow sophisticated optical amplifier card level solutions to be easily implemented. This variable gain amplifier provides flat, full-band, amplification over a wide range of gain settings. The unit contains an integrated VOA to enable rapid, remote gain adjustment. In addition to variable gain capability, the product provides high performance gain control and transient suppression, making the agile, switched optical network a reality. All versions have an integrated optical output monitor port to enable external amplifier and system monitoring.

Features Flattened, C-band amplification over 25 dB gain setting range Ultra-fast gain control with transient suppression Extended dynamic range Semi-custom design flexibility High Reliability

Applications Agile Optical Network Pre, Line and boost Amplification Metro and Long Haul Optical Systems

Traditionally span loss is padded to match design gain of the optical amplifier

vari-gain EDFA replaces a fixed pad with a variable optical attenuator (VOA) inside the amplifier Improved system OSNR for low span loss routes VOA is now under amplifier control and can be incorporated into network management Metro network can be reconfigured without truck rolls to all EDFA sites

Parameter Storage temperature Operating temperature (1) Optical input power Fibre tensile strain (10 sec max) Fibre bend radius (min) Fibre bend point distance from body Maximum power supply voltages Symbol Tstg Top Pin Rating to +5.5 Unit °C dBm mm V

Notes: (1) Temperature at the hottest point on the module enclosure.

Optical Parameters Wavelength range Input power Output power Nominal gain Gain flatness at 40°C Noise figure 10 dB gain Noise figure 15 dB gain Noise figure 20 dB gain Noise figure 25 dB gain Transient suppression time Transient over/undershoot 1 10 Min 1530 -29 Typ Max Units nm dBm dB dBpk-pk µs dB (a) (a)(b) Notes

(a) Worst case, 3s. (b) Noise Figure over temperature and life (Number reported in the table corresponds to maximum I/P power).

Figure 3: Typical Noise Figure Over Gain


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