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CategoryOptoelectronics => Amplifiers
DescriptionMultiwavelength Gain Module Edfa
CompanyBookham Technology
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Features, Applications

Bookham Technology's MultiWavelength Gain Modules are supplied with the EDFA optical, optoelectronic and electronic functions built in, requiring only +5 V power supply for operation. They allow sophisticated optical amplifier card level solutions to be implemented very easily. The MultiWavelength Gain Module optical amplifiers have been specially designed for use in wide bandwidth DWDM optical transmission systems. The series, consisting of a number of standard configurations, has been designed to allow rapid customisation to meet the widely varying requirements of customer specific system design. Through selection of certain component values within the gain block, the designs can be rapidly customised to meet specific amplifier requirements for output power and gain. All of the amplifiers also have an integrated optical output monitor port. A combination of a pre-amplifier and a line amplifier gives the option of Mid-Stage Access (MSA) to allow insertion of network components such as add-drop multiplexers, dispersion compensators or optical attenuators.

Features High reliability Semi-custom design flexibility Fast gain and transient control modes Single +5 V supply operation Low power consumption Low noise figure Low gain ripple over temperature Optical output monitor

Applications DWDM Pre-Amplifier DWDM Line Amplifier

The amplifier modules incorporate a powerful, processor-controlled gain and transient control system for optimum performance. Input and output powers are continually monitored to dynamically maintain the desired operating gain under changing input conditions. This scheme permits wavelengths to be added or dropped whilst maintaining performance of the remaining channels. A simple serial interface to the processor allows amplifier configuration and monitoring functions to be carried out.

The amplifiers have been optimized for full-band gainbandwidth DWDM operation by careful selection of both passive and active components. All amplifiers are pumped with high reliability 980 nm and 1480 nm pumps and are provided with optical monitor outputs to allow customer spectral analysis or monitoring of the amplified signal.

FP-1 Provides a total output power in the region of 14 dBm and has both input and output isolators. FP-2 Provides similar performance to P-1, but has no input isolator, thereby providing a lower noise figure. EP-2 Provides a total output power in the region of 14 dBm and has both input and output isolators.

FL-1 Typically provides output power in the region of 17 dBm. (Dual pump) FL-2 Typically provides output power in the region of 21 dBm. (Triple pump) EL-1 Typically provides output power in the region of 21 dBm. (Triple pump) Parameters specified in the individual datasheets are valid over temperature, wavelength and life unless otherwise stated.

The units are housed within a metal package, allowing an attachment of a heatsink to the base. Optical connections are made through single mode fibre pigtails with SC/PC connectors as standard.

Both full band (1530 -1563 nm) and extended band - 1603 nm) amplifiers are available in two basic configurations: Pre-amplifier and Line amplifier. Full band amplifier varients are pre-fixed with F and extended band with E.

The electrical power required by the unit is supplied from a single rail power supply. Maximum power dissipation values include 5 W contribution from the erbium heater available with products containing METEOR electronics. Maximum values could be reached at a combination of switch on, end of life and low ambient temperature.

Parameter Positive supply voltage Power dissipation (Start of Life) Preamp Dual pump line Triple pump line Power dissipation (End of Life) Preamp Dual pump line Triple pump line Ripple noise Transient pulse Radiated emissions Conducted emissions Radiation immunity ESD Temperature range (Case) Min +4.6 V for 75 ms. EN5022 class B EN5022 class 0C 65C Typ 5W 7W Max +6.0 V for 75 ms.

PIN Function +5.0 V Output power monitor Input power monitor EDFA temperature alarm Loss of output power alarm Pumps bias alarm Pumps temperature alarm N/C +5.0 V GND PIN Function GND RS-232 OUT (TTL Levels) Loss of input power alarm Output power mute input Amplifier disable input RS-232 IN (TTL Levels) N/C +5.0 V GND -


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