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DescriptionFlat Panel Display Controller, EGA/CGA, Controller Card
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Controller Card, Video Adapter Card for IBM PC/XT/AT® (and compatibles) to Drive Planar®, Finlux® and Sharp® 200 through 400 Line Displays

The PDS-30 video adapter card is a compact x 127.0mm] XT/AT® half-card which supports all IBM EGA modes and AT&T® mode on 400 line panels. In addition, all CGA modes are supported on 200 line panels. Gray scale circuitry automatically converts RGB color information to gray scale and hatching patterns. This greatly improves the display of existing color software, as well as enhancing the impact of new applications. Two character fonts are active in the 40 and 80 column text modes. The fonts are normal and bold and are selected by the intensity bit of the text attribute. An external DB-25 connector is provided for use with all panels. Internally, a 16 pin header connector is supplied for connection to the Planar EL8358HR® or Finlux MD640.400-52® EL panel. A 12 pin ZIF connector is provided for internal connection to the Planar EL8358MS. Versions are available for Planar®, Finlux® and Sharp® electroluminescent displays. Card for other displays can be obtained by special order.


IBM/AT/386® Compatible Interface Supports all IBM EGA modes on 350/400 line ELD panels Supports all IBM CGA modes on 200 line ELD panels Converts color software to gray scale and hatching patterns Normal and bold character fonts

Compatability: IBM XT/AT/386. Bus: ISA. Power: 5 VDC @ 1.4A (Card only).

Storage Temperature: + 100 °C. Operating Temperature: + 70°C. Relative Humidity: - 90% non-condensing.

This product is available integrated with the display of your choice and with or without a companion infrared touch panel. Dale Electronics, Inc. has a broad line of information display products and manufactures DC Plasma Displays in dot matrix (graphics and character), segmented and bar graph formats (standard and custom). We welcome the opportunity to help you engineer the optimum man-machine interface for your application.

DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER Adapter Card for Planar 350, 400 Line ELD Panels............................................................................................................ PDS-30 Adapter Card for Finlux 400 Line ELD Panels............................................................................................................................ PDS-31 Adapter Card for Sharp 400 Line ELD Panels............................................................................................................................ PDS-32


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