Details, datasheet, quote on part number: P83C552EBA
DescriptionSingle-chip 8-bit Microcontroller
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Features, Applications

Product specification Supersedes data of 1998 Jan 06 IC20 Data Handbook 1998 Aug 13
Single-chip 8-bit microcontroller with 10-bit A/D, capture/compare timer, high-speed outputs, PWM
FEATURES 80C51 central processing unit 8 ROM expandable externally to 64k
to four capture registers and three compare registers
On-chip watchdog timer Three speed ranges:
to 24MHz (ROM, ROMless only) to 30MHz (ROM, ROMless only)

The 80C552/83C552 (hereafter generically referred as 8XC552) Single-Chip 8-Bit Microcontroller is manufactured in an advanced CMOS process and is a derivative of the 80C51 microcontroller family. The 8XC552 has the same instruction set as the 80C51. Three versions of the derivative exist: 83C552--8k bytes mask programmable ROM

ranges: to +85C (XTAL frequency max. 24 MHz) to +125C (XTAL frequency max. 16 MHz)

separate chapter) The 8XC552 contains a non-volatile 8 read-only program memory (83C552), a volatile 8 read/write data memory, five 8-bit I/O ports, one 8-bit input port, two 16-bit timer/event counters (identical to the timers of the 80C51), an additional 16-bit timer coupled to capture and compare latches, a 15-source, two-priority-level, nested interrupt structure, an 8-input ADC, a dual DAC pulse width modulated interface, two serial interfaces (UART and I2C-bus), a "watchdog" timer and on-chip oscillator and timing circuits. For systems that require extra capability, the 8XC552 can be expanded using standard TTL compatible memories and logic. In addition, the 8XC552 has two software selectable modes of power reduction--idle mode and power-down mode. The idle mode freezes the CPU while allowing the RAM, timers, serial ports, and interrupt system to continue functioning. The power-down mode saves the RAM contents but freezes the oscillator, causing all other chip functions to be inoperative. The device also functions as an arithmetic processor having facilities for both binary and BCD arithmetic plus bit-handling capabilities. The instruction set consists of over 100 instructions: 49 one-byte, 45 two-byte, and 17 three-byte. With 16MHz (24MHz) crystal, 58% of the instructions are executed 0.75s (0.5s) and 1.5s (1s). Multiply and divide instructions require 3s (2s).



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