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DescriptionSmartdiscretes MOSFET 1 Amp, 62 Volts, Logic Level, Package: Dpak, Pins=3
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

SMARTDISCRETESt MOSFET 1 Amp, 62 Volts, Logic Level

The MLD1N06CL is designed for applications that require a rugged power switching device with short circuit protection that can be directly interfaced to a microcontrol unit (MCU). Ideal applications include automotive fuel injector driver, incandescent lamp driver or other applications where a high in­rush current or a shorted load condition could occur. This logic level power MOSFET features current limiting for short circuit protection, integrated Gate­Source clamping for ESD protection and integral Gate­Drain clamping for over­voltage protection and Sensefet technology for low on­resistance. No additional gate series resistance is required when interfacing to the output of a MCU, but 40 k gate pulldown resistor is recommended to avoid a floating gate condition. The internal Gate­Source and Gate­Drain clamps allow the device to be applied without use of external transient suppression components. The Gate­Source clamp protects the MOSFET input from electrostatic voltage stress to 2.0 kV. The Gate­Drain clamp protects the MOSFET drain from the avalanche stress that occurs with inductive loads. Their unique design provides voltage clamping that is essentially independent of operating temperature.

Rating Drain­to­Source Voltage Drain­to­Gate Voltage (RGS 1.0 M) Gate­to­Source Voltage ­ Continuous Drain Current ­ Continuous ­ Single Pulse Total Power Dissipation Operating and Storage Temperature Range Electrostatic Discharge Voltage (Human Model) Symbol VDSS VDGR Value Clamped Unit Vdc 2 3 VGS ID IDM PD TJ, Tstg ESD ±10 Self­limited 150 2.0 Vdc Adc Apk Watts T 4 CASE 369A DPAK STYLE 2 = Year = Work Week = MOSFET

Thermal Resistance ­ Junction to Case ­ Junction to Ambient ­ Junction to Ambient (Note 1.) Maximum Lead Temperature for Soldering Purposes, 1/8 from case for 5 sec. °C/W RJC RJA °C 1 Gate 2 Drain 3 Source

Device MLD1N06CLT4 Package DPAK Shipping 2500 Tape & Reel
1. When surface mounted an FR4 board using the minimum recommended pad size.
Preferred devices are recommended choices for future use and best overall value.
Rating Single Pulse Drain­to­Source Avalanche Energy Starting = 25°C Symbol EAS Value 80 Unit mJ

Characteristic OFF CHARACTERISTICS Drain­to­Source Breakdown Voltage (Internally Clamped) (ID = 20 mAdc, VGS = 0 Vdc) (ID = 20 mAdc, VGS = 0 Vdc, = 150°C) Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current (VDS = 45 Vdc, VGS = 0 Vdc) (VDS = 45 Vdc, VGS = 0 Vdc, = 150°C) Gate­Source Leakage Current (VG = 5.0 Vdc, VDS = 0 Vdc) (VG = 5.0 Vdc, VDS = 0 Vdc, 150°C) ON CHARACTERISTICS (Note 2.) Gate Threshold Voltage (ID = 250 µAdc, VDS = VGS) (ID = 250 µAdc, VDS = VGS, = 150°C) Static Drain­to­Source On­Resistance (ID = 1.0 Adc, VGS = 4.0 Vdc) (ID = 1.0 Adc, VGS = 5.0 Vdc) (ID = 1.0 Adc, VGS = 4.0 Vdc, = 150°C) (ID = 1.0 Adc, VGS = 5.0 Vdc, = 150°C) Static Source­to­Drain Diode Voltage (IS = 1.0 Adc, VGS = 0 Vdc) Static Drain Current Limit (VGS = 5.0 Vdc, VDS = 10 Vdc) (VGS = 5.0 Vdc, VDS = 10 Vdc, = 150°C) Forward Transconductance (ID = 1.0 Adc, VDS = 10 Vdc) RESISTIVE SWITCHING CHARACTERISTICS (Note 3.) Turn­On Delay Time Rise Time Turn­Off Delay Time Fall Time INTERNAL PACKAGE INDUCTANCE Internal Drain Inductance (Measured from drain lead 0.25 from package to center of die) Internal Source Inductance (Measured from the source lead 0.25 from package to source bond pad) 2. Pulse Test: Pulse Width 300 µs, Duty Cycle 2%. 3. Switching characteristics are independent of operating junction temperature. LS nH (VDD = 25 Vdc, = 1.0 Adc, VGS(on) = 5.0 Vdc, RGS = 50 Ohms) td(on) tr td(off) tf ns VGS(th) 1.0 0.6 RDS(on) VSD ID(lim) 2.0 1.1 gFS mhos Vdc Adc Ohms Vdc V(BR)DSS 59 IDSS ­ IGSS µAdc Vdc Symbol Min Typ Max Unit


From a standard power MOSFET process, several active and passive elements can be obtained that provide on­chip protection to the basic power device. Such elements require only a small increase in silicon area and/or the addition of one masking layer to the process. The resulting device exhibits significant improvements in ruggedness and reliability as well as system cost reduction. The SMARTDISCRETES device functions can now provide an economical alternative to smart power ICs for power applications requiring low on­resistance, high voltage and high current. These devices are designed for applications that require a rugged power switching device with short circuit protection that can be directly interfaced to a microcontroller unit (MCU). Ideal applications include automotive fuel injector driver, incandescent lamp driver or other applications where a high in­rush current or a shorted load condition could occur.

The amount of time that an unprotected device can withstand the current stress resulting from a shorted load before its maximum junction temperature is exceeded is dependent upon a number of factors that include the amount of heatsinking that is provided, the size or rating of the device, its initial junction temperature, and the supply voltage. Without some form of current limiting, a shorted load can raise a device's junction temperature beyond the maximum rated operating temperature in only a few milliseconds. Even with no heatsink, the MLD1N06CL can withstand a shorted load powered by an automotive battery to 14 Volts) for almost a second if its initial operating temperature is under 100°C. For longer periods of operation in the current­limited mode, device heatsinking can extend operation from several seconds to indefinitely depending on the amount of heatsinking provided.

The on­chip circuitry of the MLD1N06CL offers an integrated means of protecting the MOSFET component from high in­rush current or a shorted load. As shown in the schematic diagram, the current limiting feature is provided by an NPN transistor and integral resistors R1 and R2. R2 senses the current through the MOSFET and forward biases the NPN transistor's base as the current increases. As the NPN turns on, it begins to pull gate drive current through R1, dropping the gate drive voltage across it, and thus lowering the voltage across the gate­to­source of the power MOSFET and limiting the current. The current limit is temperature dependent as shown in Figure 3, and decreases from about 2.3 Amps 25°C to about 1.3 Amps at 150°C. Since the MLD1N06CL continues to conduct current and dissipate power during a shorted load condition, it is important to provide sufficient heatsinking to limit the device junction temperature to a maximum of 150°C. The metal current sense resistor R2 adds about 0.4 ohms to the power MOSFET's on­resistance, but the effect of temperature on the combination is less than on a standard MOSFET due to the lower temperature coefficient of R2. The on­resistance variation with temperature for gate voltages of 4 and 5 Volts is shown in Figure 5. Back­to­back polysilicon diodes between gate and source provide ESD protection to greater than 2 kV, HBM. This on­chip protection feature eliminates the need for an external Zener diode for systems with potentially heavy line transients.


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