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Features: D Low Leakage D Low Forward Voltage D High Forward Surge Current Capability D Surge Overload Rating: 300A Peak D Mounting Position: Any Maximum Ratings and Electrical Characteristics: (TA = +25C unless otherwise specified. Single Phase, Half Wave, 60Hz, Resistive or Inductive Load, Note 1.) Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage, VRRM NTE5394. 1000V Maximum RMS Bridge Input Voltage, VRMS NTE5394. 700V Maximum DC Blocking Voltage, VDC NTE5394. 1000V Maximum Average Forward Rectified Output Current (TA = +100C), IO(AV). 35A Peak Forward Surge Current (8.3ms single half wave superimposed on rated load), IFSM. 300A Maximum Forward Voltage Drop (Per element at 17.5A), VF. 1.1V Maximum Reverse Current at Rated DC Blocking Voltage Per Element, +100C. 0.2mA Operating Temperature Range, TJ. to +150C Storage Temperature Range, Tstg. to +150C Note 1. For capacitive load, derate current by 20%.


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NTE5400 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). 0.8 Amp Sensitive Gate. Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM = 30V.
NTE5408 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). 3 Amp Sensitive Gate. Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM = 200V.
NTE5411 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). 4 Amp, Sensitive Gate. Repetitive Peak Voltage And Reverse Blocking Voltage (Vdrm, Vrrm) 30V.
NTE5417 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM = 200V. RMS On-state Current it = 10A.
NTE5424 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) For TV Power Supply Switcing. Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM = 400V. RMS On-state Current it = 5.0A.
NTE5426 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). Sensitive Gate. Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM = 400V. RMS On-state Current it = 10A.
NTE5427 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM = 200V. RMS On-state Current it = 7A.
NTE5437 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM = 400V. RMS On-state Current it = 8A.
NTE5440 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). ISOlated Tab. Repetitive Peak Voltage VRRM = 800V. RMS On-state Current it = 9A.
NTE5442 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). Peak Repetitive Forward And Reverse Blocking Voltage Vrrm(or Vdrm) = 50V. RMS On-state Current it = 8A.
NTE5452 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM = 30V. RMS On-state Current it = 4A.
NTE5460 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM = 800V. On-state RMS Current it = 25A.
NTE5461 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage, Repetitive Peak Off-state Voltage Vrrm,vdrm = 50V. RMS Forward Current it = 10A.
NTE5470 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). Peak Repetitive Reverse And Reverse Blocking Voltage Vrrm,vdrm = 50V. Forward Current RMS Itrms = 8A.
NTE5487 Silicon Controlled Rectifier ( SCR ) 8 Amp
NTE5491 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR), 10 Amp. Peak Repetitive Off-state Blocking Voltage Vrrm,vdrm = 100V. RMS On-state Current Itrms = 25A.
NTE5498 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). Peak Repetitive Off-state Blocking Voltage Vrrm,vdrm = 400V. RMS On-state Current Itrms = 12A.

NTE1523 : NTE1523, Integrated Circuit Dual, Low Noise Preamp

NTE2574 : Silicon Complementary Transistors Video Output For HDTV

NTE5507 : Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR), 16 Amp. Peak Forward Blocking Voltage, Peak Reverse Blocking Voltage Vdrm,Vrsm(rep) = 25V. Forward Current RMS it = 25A.

NEV10M6.3 : Aluminum Electrolytic 6.3V to 100V

NTE2104 : Microprocessor & Memory Circuits

TD0.15M35 : Solid Tantalum

NLE-LR47M1610X16F : Miniature Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


NTE7485 : NTE Replacement Semiconductors 4-BIT MAGNITUDE COMP Specifications: Manufacturer: NTE ; RoHS: No ; Factory Pack Quantity: 1

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HEMT-3300 : T-1 3/4 670 NM High Radiant Intensity Emitter. 670 nm High Radiant Intensity Emitter Technical Data High Efficiency Nonsaturating Output Narrow Beam Angle Visible Flux Aids Alignment Bandwidth: to 3 MHz IC Compatible/Low Current Requirement The is a visible, near-IR, source using a GaAsP on GaP LED chip optimized for maximum quantum efficiency at 670 nm. The emitter's beam is sufficiently narrow.

SS-91 : Solid State Switch.

NCV7805BD2T : 1.0 A Positive Voltage Regulators. These voltage regulators are monolithic integrated circuits designed as fixed-voltage regulators for a wide variety of applications including local, on-card regulation. These regulators employ internal current limiting, thermal shutdown, and safe-area compensation. With adequate heatsinking they can deliver output currents in excess 1.0 A. Although.

MV11V3CD : 14 DIP, 5.0 Volt, Hcmos/ttl, VCXO. General purpose VCXO for Phase Lock Loops (PLLs), Clock Recovery, Reference Signal Tracking, and Synthesizers Frequencies to 160 MHz Tri-state Option Available MtronPTI reserves the right to make changes to the product(s) and service(s) described herein without notice. No liability is assumed as a result of their use or application. Please see

357-012-505101 : CARD EDGE Connector. Series Total Number of Contacts Contact Code Contact Rows Mounting Options Series 307 357 Total Number of Contacts1 Insulator Colour Green Black Contact Rows Single Row Dual Row CSA Approved and Recognized.156 (3.96) Contact Spacing x.200 (5.08) Row Spacing Accepts.062 (1.57) Nominal Thickness P.C. Board Low Profile Insulator Body,.460 (11.68) Contact.

MWA210 : Dc-600 MHz Wideband General-purpose Hybrid Amplifiers.

C1210C471J5GACTU : 470pF Ceramic Capacitor 1210 (3225 Metric) 50V; CAP CER 470PF 50V 5% NP0 1210. s: Capacitance: 470pF ; Voltage - Rated: 50V ; Tolerance: 5% ; Package / Case: 1210 (3225 Metric) ; Temperature Coefficient: C0G, NP0 ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; : - ; Lead Spacing: - ; Operating Temperature: -55C ~ 125C ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount, MLCC ; Lead.

R6020ANX : MOSFET Nch 600V 20A MOSFET. ROHM Semiconductor 10V Drive N-ch MOSFETs are low current, silicon N-channel power MOSFETs featuring low on-resistance, fast switching speed, and a guaranteed gate-source voltage (VGSS) of ±30V. ROHM Semiconductor 10V Drive N-ch MOSFETs of high-efficiency and high breakdown resistance make parallel use easy and simplify.

2-87655-5 : Tin-Lead Through Hole, Right Angle Rectangular - Headers, Male Pin Connectors, Interconnect Header, Unshrouded; CONN HEADER 25POS R/A .156 TIN. s: Color: Black ; Connector Type: Header, Unshrouded ; Contact Finish: Tin-Lead ; Contact Mating Length: 0.345" (8.76mm) ; : - ; Mounting Type: Through Hole, Right Angle ; Number of Positions Loaded: All ; Number.

0760550635 : Gold Through Hole Backplane - Specialized Connectors, Interconnect Header, Male Pins; CONN HEADER BP 240POS 16COL GOLD. s: Color: Black ; Connector Style: Impact ; Connector Type: Header, Male Pins ; Connector Usage: Backplane, Midplane, Orthogonal ; Contact Finish: Gold ; Contact Finish Thickness: 30in (0.76m) ; Contact Layout, Typical: 80 Differential.

A769 : Accessory Test And Measurement; FLUE PROBE. s: For Use With/Related Products: 707 Calibrator ; s: - ; Type: Leak Detector ; Accessory Type: Flue Probe ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

ELJ-QE1N2DF : Fixed Inductors, Coils, Choke 1.2nH 500mA 0603 (1608 Metric) Non-Magnetic Core; INDUCTOR 1.2NH +-.3NH 0603 SMD. s: Inductance: 1.2nH ; Tolerance: 0.3nH ; Package / Case: 0603 (1608 Metric) ; Packaging: Cut Tape (CT) ; Type: Non-Magnetic Core ; Current: 500mA ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Q @ Freq: 16 @ 100MHz ; Frequency - Self Resonant: 6GHz ; DC Resistance.

ICS548G-05LF : Clock/timing - Clock Generators, Plls, Frequency Synthesizer Integrated Circuit (ics) Clock/Frequency Synthesizer, Fanout Buffer (Distribution) Tube 3.15 V ~ 5.5 V; IC CLOCK MULT T1/E1 16-TSSOP. s: Type: Clock/Frequency Synthesizer, Fanout Buffer (Distribution) ; PLL: Yes with Bypass ; Input: Clock, Crystal ; Output: CMOS ; Frequency - Max: 49.152MHz.

540-44-028-17-400000 : Tin Surface Mount Socket For Ics, Transistor Connectors, Interconnect Surface Mount; IC SOCKET PLCC 28POS SMT. s: Contact Finish: Tin ; : Closed Frame ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Pitch: 0.050" (1.27mm) ; Number of Positions or Pins (Grid): 28 (4 x 7) ; Type: Chip Carrier, PLCC ; Contact Finish Thickness: 150in (3.81m) ; Lead Free Status: Lead.

SB340/4 : Diodes, Rectifier - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 3A 40V Schottky; DIODE SCHOTTKY 3A 40V DO-201AD. s: Diode Type: Schottky ; Voltage - DC Reverse (Vr) (Max): 40V ; Current - Average Rectified (Io): 3A ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If: 490mV @ 3A ; Reverse Recovery Time (trr): - ; Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr: 500A @ 40V ; Speed: Fast Recovery.

P3104UCMCRP : Tv - Thyristor Circuit Protection 400A 350V, 700V; SIDAC MC 4CH 275/550V 400A MS013. s: Package / Case: 6-SOIC (0.295", 7.50mm Width) ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Capacitance: 25pF, 45pF ; Voltage - Breakover: 350V, 700V ; Current - Peak Pulse (8 x 20s): 400A ; Current - Peak Pulse (10 x 1000s): 100A ; Lead Free Status: Contains Lead ; RoHS.

ACJC10S : GENERAL PURPOSE AUDIO CONNECTOR. s: Applications: Audio and Video Connectors.

DA2S101 : SILICON, VHF BAND, MIXER DIODE. s: Diode Type: MIXER DIODE ; Diode Applications: Mixer ; RoHS Compliant: RoHS.

MX40 : RESISTOR, WIRE WOUND, 200; 300; 400 W, 10; 20 %, 0.45 ohm - 1700 ohm, CHASSIS MOUNT. s: Category / Application: General Use ; Technology / Construction: Wirewound ; Mounting / Packaging: Bolt-on Chassis.

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