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CategoryDiscrete => Transistors => Bipolar => General Purpose
DescriptionNTE53, Silicon NPN Transistor High Voltage, High Speed Switch
CompanyNTE Electronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications
NTE53 Silicon NPN Transistor High Voltage, High Speed Switch

Description: The is a silicon NPN transistor a TO3 type package designed for high voltage, high­speed power switching in inductive circuits where fall time is critical. This device is particularly suited for 115V and 220V line­operated switch­mode appliations. Applications: D Switching Regulators D PWM Inverters and Motor Controls D Deflection Circuits D Solenoid and Relay Drivers Absolute Maximum Ratings: Collector­Emitter Voltage, VCEO(sus). 400V Collector­Emitter Voltage, VCEX(sus). 450V Collector­Emitter Voltage, VCEV. 850V Emitter­Base Voltage, VEB. 9V Collector Current, IC Continuous. 15A Peak (Note 1). 30A Base Current, IB Continuous. 10A Peak (Note 1). 20A Total Device Dissipation (TC = +25°C), PD. 175W Derate Above 25°C. 1.0W/°C Total Device Dissipation (TC = +100°C), PD. 100W Operating Junction Temperatur Range, TJ. to +200°C Storage Temperatur Range, Tstg. to +200°C Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Case, RthJC. 1.0°C/W Maximum Lead temperature (During Soldering, 1/8" from case, 5sec), TL. +275°C Note 1. Pulse test: Pulse Width = 5ms, Duty Cycle 10%.

Parameter OFF Characteristics (Note 2) Collector­Emitter Sustaining Voltage VCEO(sus) = 0 VCEX(sus) = 8A, Vclamp = 15A, Vclamp = +100°C Collector Cutoff Current ICEV VCEV = 850V, VBE(off) = 1.5V VCEV = 850V, VBE(off) = +100°C ICER Emitter Cutoff Current Second Breakdown Second Breakdown Collector Current with Base Forward Bias ON Characteristics (Note 2) DC Current Gain Collector­Emitter Saturation Voltage hFE VCE(sat) VCE = 5A VCE = 3A Base­Emitter Saturation Voltage Dynamic Characteristics Current Gain­Bandwidth Product Output Capacitance Delay Time Rise Time Storage Time Fall Time Storage Time Fall Time Storage Time Fall Time fT Cob ts tf tsv tfi tsv tfi = 10A peak, Vclamp = 2A, VBE(off) = 10A peak, Vclamp = 2A, VBE(off) = +100°C VCE = 1MHz VCB = 1MHz VCC = 300µs, Duty Cycle MHz pF µs VBE(sat) = +100°C IS/b VCE = 1.0s (non­repetitive) ­ A IEBO VCE = 850V, RBE = +100°C VEB V mA Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit

Note 2. Pulse test: Pulse Width = 300µs, Duty Cycle 2%.


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