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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Amplifiers => Power Amplifiers
DescriptionLow Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
CompanyNJR Corporation
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Features, Applications

s GENERAL DESCRPTION The is an audio power amplifier designed for telephone applications. No external coupling capacitors are required because of the differential outputs. The closed loop gain is adjusted by two external resistors, and a CD pin permit powering down with muting the input signal. The NJM2149 improves the tern noise reduction in switching Power Down mode and external high band noise reduction, compared with It is suitable for portable telephone , wireless telephone, button telephone, and other speaker amplifier applications. s FEATURES qOperating Voltage qOperating Current qSupply Current in Power Down Mode qOutput Power Exceeds250mW qGain Range qLoad Impedance qBipolar Technology qPackage Outline s PIN CONFIGURATION

Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range on PC Board

s ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS 1pin=2V, Ta=25C unless otherwise specified) PARAMETER SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS MIN. TYP. MAX. UNIT Operating Voltage V + Operating Current ICC V =3.0V, RL=, No Signal Operating Current ICCD 1.0 V+=3.0V, RL=, 1pin=0.8V, No Signal A at Power Down Mode Open Loop Gain 90 dB Amp#A, f<100Hz Closed Loop Gain +0.35 dB Amp#B, RL=32 + Output Power THD10% (note2) Total Harmonic RL=32, PO=125mW, Distortion f=1kHz, GVD=12dB Power Supply C2=0.01F, DC Rejection Ratio C2=5.0F, f=1kHz Mute Attenuation MAT 70 dB Output Voltage VO2 (Rf=75k, DC) + Output High Level VOH -1.1 V Output Low Level VOL 0.21 V Output DC Offset RL=32, 5pin-8pin Input Bias Current -200 nA Equivalent Resistance R+IN 220 k RREF + CD Input Voltage H VCDH V CD Input Voltage L VCDL V CD Input Resistance RCD on PC Board s CONTROL TERMINAL EXPLANATION CHIP DISABLE CONTROL(CD PIN) PARAMETER CONTROL SIGNAL CD OFF H(=VCDH) CD ON L(=VCDL)

CD terminal(1pin) should connect High level(>2.0V), when NJM2149 is active. The standby mode, when the CD terminal is Low level(<0.8V). 2.To add the C1 and C2 capacitor, the power-supply-rejection-ratio will be improved. When C1 is large value, C2 will be unnecessary. 3.The power-up time depend on the C1 and C2 capacitor. 4.The input current of CD terminal is as shown below figure.

5.No connect oscillation-protect RC required. To connect oscillation-protect RC, if the NJM2149 oscillate with PC board/stray capacitor/long speaker wire and others condition.


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