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DescriptionVoltage And Current Control ic
CompanyNJR Corporation
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s GENERAL DESCRIPTION The is a voltage and current control IC which contains single-supply low offset voltage OP-AMP(2mV max.),low operating OP-AMP, and precision voltage reference. It is suitable for battery charger, second controller of switching regulator systems, and other battery systems. s FEATURES qOperating Voltage (2.5V 18V) qInternal Precision Voltage Reference (1.5V1%) qPC Terminal Current (60mA max.) qOperating Current (3mA max.) qBipolar Technology qPackage Outline DIP8,DMP8,VSP8 s PIN CONFIGURATION PIN FUNCTION 2. A -INPUT 3. A +INPUT 4. GND 5. B +INPUT 6. B -INPUT 7. VREF V+ (Ta=25C) UNIT V s PACKAGE OUTLINE


RATINGS 20 (Ach) 20 Differential Input Voltage VID V (Bch) (DIP8) 500 Power Dissipation 320 PC Terminal Current IPC 60 mA Operating Temperature Range Topr 85 C Storage Temperature Range Tstg 150 C (note)When the supply voltage is less than 20V, the absolute maximum input voltage is equal to the supply voltage s RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS PARAMETER SYMBOL RATINGS Operating Voltage Vopr 18 (Ta=25C) UNIT V

s ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS PARAMETER SYMBOL Operating Current ICC Leakage Current IPCLEAK Saturation Voltage VPC(SAT) Reference Voltage VREF Reference Voltage VREF/ Load Regulation IREF [Ach] PARAMETER SYMBOL Input Offset Voltage VIO Input Offset Current IIO Input Bias Current IB Large Signal Voltage Gain AV Input Common Mode Voltage Range VICM Common Mode Rejection Ratio CMR Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio SVR Slew Rate SR Gain Bandwidth Product GB [Bch] PARAMETER SYMBOL Input Offset Voltage VIO Input Offset Current IIO Input Bias Current IB Large Signal Voltage Gain AV Input Common Mode Voltage Range VICM Common Mode Rejection Ratio CMR Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio SVR Slew Rate SR Gain Bandwidth Product GB CONDITIONS IPC=off IREF=0 5mA MIN. V+=5V, Ta=25C) TYP. MAX. UNIT mV -


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