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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => Operational Amplifiers
DescriptionUltra Wide Band,high Slew Rate Quad Operational Amplifier
CompanyNJR Corporation
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Features, Applications

[CAUTION] The specifications on this databook are only given for information , without any guarantee as regards either mistakes or omissions. The application circuits in this databook are described only to show representative usages of the product and not intended for the guarantee or permission of any right including the industrial rights.


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NJG1106KB2-L3 : 800mhz Band Lna GAAS Mmic

NJG1705V-L9 : 1.5/1.9ghz Band Front-end GAAS Mmic

NJM14558L : Dual Operational Amplifier

NJM2540 : Mixer And Oscillator For TV Tuner

NJM2870F : Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

NJU6319W : Quartz Crystal Oscillator Quartz Crystal Oscillator

NJU6393C : Quartz Crystal Oscillator Quartz Crystal Oscillator

NJM79L24A : Pmic - Voltage Regulator - Linear Integrated Circuit (ics); IC 24V NEGATIVE REGULATOR TO-92 Specifications: Lead Free Status: Contains Lead ; RoHS Status: RoHS Non-Compliant

NJU7016F-TE1 : Linear - Amplifier - Instrumentation, Op Amps, Buffer Amp Integrated Circuit (ics) General Purpose Cut Tape (CT) 200A 1 V ~ 5.5 V; IC OPAMP CMOS DUAL LOW-PWR MTP5 Specifications: Packaging: Cut Tape (CT) ; Amplifier Type: General Purpose ; Number of Circuits: 2 ; Package / Case: SC-74A, SOT-753 ; Slew Rate: 2.4 V/s ; Gain Bandwidth Product: 1MHz ; Current - Supply: 200A ; Current - Output / Channel: - ; Voltage - Supply, Single/Dual (): 1 V ~ 5.5 V ; Outpu

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BH2222FV : . an 8bit D/A converter for electronic adjustment. The 20-channel output voltage can be independently controlled by three-wire serial interface from micro-controller. The built-in power on reset circuit keeps the output state Low after the power is on. 4-channel have data register function. Two kinds of set voltage can be retained, and output voltage.

DRV102F : PWM Solenoid/Valve Drivers. ti DRV102, PWM Solenoid/valve Driver. q HIGH OUTPUT DRIVE: 2.7A q WIDE SUPPLY RANGE: +60V q COMPLETE FUNCTION PWM Output Internal 24kHz Oscillator Digital Control Input Adjustable Delay and Duty Cycle Over/Under Current Indicator q FULLY PROTECTED Thermal Shutdown with Indicator Internal Current Limit q POWER PACKAGES: 7-Lead TO-220 and 7-Lead Surface-Mount DDPAK APPLICATIONS q ELECTROMECHANICAL.

HA17080 : J-FET Input Operational Amplifiers. Since J-FET input operational amplifiers are formed from a pair of J-FET transistors, they provide superlative characteristics, including a high input impedance and a low input bias current. Thus they can be used in a wide range of applications, from general-purpose control equipment to medical applications. In particular, they are optimal for processing.

LA4700 : 2-channel 12w af Power Amplifier For Car Stereos. . Standby switch function built in. Pop noise suppressor built in. Thermal shutdown circuit built in. Overvoltage/surge protector built in. Output pin-to-GND short protector built in. Output pin-to-V short protector built in. Load short protector built in . Low pop noise at the time of power supply ON/OFF. Excellent oscillation stability s Parameter.

LA7567NM : TV And VCR Vif/sif if Signal-processing Circuit With Pal/ntsc Multi-format Audio Support.

LM318FK : Fast General-purpose Operational Amplifiers. Small-Signal Bandwidth. 15 MHz Typ Slew Rate. 50 V/s Min Bias Current. 250 nA Max (LM118, LM218) Supply Voltage Range. 20 V Internal Frequency Compensation Input and Output Overload Protection Same Pin Assignments as General-Purpose Operational Amplifiers The LM118, LM218, and LM318 are precision, fast operational amplifiers designed for applications.

LM339AD : ti LM339A, Quad, General Purpose Differential Comparator. These devices consist of four independent voltage comparators that are designed to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. Operation from dual supplies also is possible as long as the difference between the two supplies 36 V and VCC is at least 1.5 V more positive than the input common-mode voltage. Current drain is independent.

MAX4295 : Mono/Stereo, 2W, Switch-mode (Class-D) Audio Power Amplifiers. Mono/Stereo 2W Switch-Mode (Class-D) Audio Power Amplifiers The MAX4295/MAX4297 mono/stereo, switch-mode (Class-D) audio power amplifiers operate from a single to +5.5V supply. They have >85% efficiency and are capable of delivering 2W continuous power a 4 load, making them ideal for portable multimedia and general-purpose high-power audio applications.

MC14575D : CMOS Msi ( Programmable Dual op Amp / Dual Comparator.

MSA-0100 : Cascadable Silicon Bipolar Mmic Amplifier. Cascadable Silicon Bipolar MMIC Amplifier Technical Data Cascadable 50 Gain Block 3 dB Bandwidth: to 1.3 GHz High Gain: 18.5 dB Typical at 0.5 GHz Unconditionally Stable (k>1) The MSA-series is fabricated using HP's 10 GHz fT, 25 GHz f MAX, silicon bipolar MMIC process which uses nitride self-alignment, ion implantation, and gold metallization to achieve.

OPA131 : . q FET INPUT: = 50pA max q LOW OFFSET VOLTAGE: 750V max q WIDE SUPPLY RANGE: 18V q SLEW RATE: 10V/s q WIDE BANDWIDTH: 4MHz q EXCELLENT CAPACITIVE LOAD DRIVE q SINGLE, DUAL, QUAD VERSIONS The OPA131 series of FET-input op amps provides high performance at low cost. Single, dual, and quad versions in industry-standard pinouts allow cost-effective design.

PXAS83XFA : xa 16-bit Microcontroller 32k/1k Otp/rom/romless, 8-channel 8-bit A/D, Low Voltage 2.7 V.5.5 v, I2c, 2 Uarts, 16mb Address Range.

TLC4502 : Family of Self-calibrating (self-cal(tm)) Precision CMOS Rail-to-rail Output Operational Amplifiers.

TLE2061A : . TLE206xB, TLE206xY EXCALIBUR JFET-INPUT HIGH-OUTPUT-DRIVE POWER OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS 2 Bandwidth (2 MHz) of the TL06x and TL03x Operational Amplifiers Low Supply Current. 290 A/Ch Typ On-chip Offset Voltage Trimming for Improved DC Performance High Output Drive, Specified into 100- Loads Lower Noise Floor Than Earlier Generations of Low-Power BiFETs.

TLV2341 : Programmable Low-power Linear CMOS op Amp. Wide Range of Supply Voltages Over Specified Temperature Range: 8 V Fully Characterized 3 V and 5 V Single-Supply Operation Common-Mode Input-Voltage Range Extends Below the Negative Rail and up to VDD at 25C Output Voltage Range Includes Negative Rail High Input Impedance. 1012 Typ Low Noise. 25 nV/Hz Typically = 1 kHz (High-Bias Mode) ESD-Protection.

TPS2015 : Switch/Driver Combo. Power Distribution Switches. 95-m Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSFET Switch Short-Circuit Protection and Thermal Protection Logic Overcurrent Output to 7-V Operating Range Enable Input Compatible With 3-V and 5-V Logic Controlled Rise and Fall Times Limit Current Surges and Minimize EMI Undervoltage Lockout Ensures That Switch is Off at Start-Up 10-A Maximum Standby Current.

ADL5315 : Precision Wide-range (3 nA - 3 mA) High-Side Current Mirror The ADL5315 is a wide input current range precision high-side current mirror featuring a stable and user-adjustable input voltage. It is optimized for use with PIN photodiodes, but its flexibility and wide operating range make it suitable for a broad array of additional applications. The part.

THS7313 : 3-Channel Low Power SDTV Video Amp w/I2C Control +6dB Gain SAG Correct 2:1 Fabricated using the new complimentary silicon-germanium (SiGe) BiCom-III process, the THS7313 is a low-power, single-supply 2.7-V to 5-V, 3-channel integrated video buffer. It incorporates a 5th order Butterworth filter which is useful as a digital-to-analog converter (DAC).

AD8146 : The AD8146/AD8147/AD8148 are high speed triple, differential or single-ended input to differential output drivers. The AD8146 and AD8147 have a fixed gain of 2, and the AD8148 has a fixed gain of 4. They are all specifically designed for the highest resolution component video signals but can be used for any type of analog signals or high speed data.

MAX4644 : High-Speed, Low-Voltage, 4?, Dual, SPDT CMOS Analog Switch The MAX4644 is a single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) switch that operates from a single supply ranging from +1.8V to +5.5V. It provides low 4? on-resistance (RON) as well as 1? RON flatness over the entire analog-signal range. The MAX4644 offers fast switching times of less than 20ns while ensuring.

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