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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => Operational Amplifiers
DescriptionQuad Operational Amplifier
CompanyNJR Corporation
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NJG1103F1-C1 : 1.5/1.9ghz Low Noise Amplifier GAAS Mmic

NJL5163K-F1 : Photo Reflector

NJM2102L : System Reset ic

NJM2235D : 3-input Video Switch

NJM2746M : Single Supply Dual Operational Amplifier With Full Swing Output The NJM2746 is a Dual Low Supply Voltage Operational Amplifierwith Full Swing is Suitable For Audio Section of Portable Sets, PCS And Anygeneral-purpose Use.■ FEATURES●Oper

NJU6395DC : Quartz Crystal Oscillator Quartz Crystal Oscillator

NJU7043V : Input/output Full-swing High Output Current Dual C-mos Operational Amplifier

NJU7262M50 : C-mos Step-up Switching Regulator

NJM2527FR2 : Color TFT Signal Processor The NJM2527 is a color TFT signal processor. It contains all function, like as Y/C separator circuit, color signal de-modulator, synchronous separate circuit, RGB interface, and sideblack control circuit, required by color TFT signal processing. The NJM2527 keeps se

NJU7007F2-TE1 : Linear - Amplifier - Instrumentation, Op Amps, Buffer Amp Integrated Circuit (ics) General Purpose Tape & Reel (TR) 15A 1 V ~ 5.5 V; IC OPAMP CMOS LOW-PWR SC88A Specifications: Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Amplifier Type: General Purpose ; Number of Circuits: 1 ; Package / Case: 6-TSSOP (5 lead), SC-88A, SOT-353 ; Slew Rate: 0.1 V/s ; Gain Bandwidth Product: 200kHz ; Current - Supply: 15A ; Current - Output / Channel: 12A ; Voltage - Supply, Single/

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AD8055 : Low Cost, Single, 300 MHZ Voltage Feedback Amplifiers. Low Cost Single (AD8055) and Dual (AD8056) Easy to Use Voltage Feedback Architecture High Speed 300 MHz, 3 dB Bandwidth V/ s Slew Rate 20 ns Settling to 0.1% Low Distortion: 72 dBc @ 10 MHz Low Noise: 6 nV/ Hz Low DC Errors: 5 mV Max VOS, 1.2 A Max IB Small Packaging AD8055 Available SOT-23-5 AD8056 Available in 8-Lead microSOIC Excellent Video s (RL = +2) Gain.

CA3088E : am Receiver Subsystem And General-purpose Amplifier Array. CT T ODU CEMEN 74 OL REP 00-442OBS ENDED 1 m MM ions ECO pplicat p@harri O N ral A centap Cent : Call or email [ /Title (CA30 88E) /Subject (AM Receiv er Subsystem and GeneralPurpose Amplifier Array) /Autho r /Keywords /Creator /DOCI NFO pdfmark [ /PageMode /UseOutlines /DOCVIEW pdfmark Excellent Overload Characteristics AGC for IF Amplifier Buffered.

D78Series : 1.0 HZ to 100 KHZ Fixed Frequency 32 Pin Dip 8-pole Filters. The D78 and DP78 Series of low-power, fixedfrequency, linear active filters are high performance, 8-pole filters in a compact package. These Butterworth and Bessel low-pass and Butterworth high-pass filters (D78 only) combine linear active filter design with the space savings a 32-pin dual in-line package (DIP). Each model comes factory tuned to a user-specified.

FX306 : Audio Filter Array.

LF43168 : Dual 8-TapFIR Filter. The is a high-speed dual FIR filter capable of filtering data at realtime video rates. The device contains two FIR filters which may be used as two separate filters or cascaded to form one filter. The input and coefficient data are both 10-bits and can be in unsigned, two's complement, or mixed mode format. The filter architecture is optimized for symmetric.

LM106 : Voltage Comparator (discontinued). The LM106 series are high-speed voltage comparators designed to accurately detect low-level analog signals and drive a digital load. They are equivalent an LM710, combined with a two input NAND gate and an output buffer. The circuits can drive RTL, DTL or TTL integrated circuits directly. Furthermore, their outputs can switch voltages 24V at currents.

LM193FK : Dual Differential Comparators. Single Supply or Dual Supplies Wide Range of Supply Voltage. 36 V Low Supply-Current Drain Independent of Supply Voltage. 0.4 mA Typ Per Comparator Low Input Bias Current. 25 nA Typ Low Input Offset Current. 3 nA Typ (LM193) Low Input Offset Voltage. 2 mV Typ Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Ground Differential Input Voltage Range Equal to Maximum-Rated.

LTC1992 : Differential Amplifiers. LTC1992, Adjustable Gain Fully Differential Input/output Amplifier/driver.

MAX6576 : Sot Temperature Sensors With Period/frequency Output. The MAX6576/MAX6577 are low-cost, low-current temperature sensors with a single-wire output. The MAX6576 converts the ambient temperature into a square wave with a period proportional to absolute temperature (K). The MAX6577 converts the ambient temperature into a square wave with a frequency proportional to absolute temperature. The MAX6576 offers.

MAX745 : Power. Switch-mode Lithium Ion Battery Charger. o Charges to 4 Li+ Battery Cells o 0.75% Voltage-Regulation Accuracy Using 1% Resistors o Provides to 4A without Excessive Heating o 90% Efficient o Uses Low-Cost Set Resistors and N-Channel Switch to 24V Input to 18V Maximum Battery Voltage o 300kHz Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) Operation Low-Noise, Small Components o Stand-Alone Operation--No Microcontroller.

MSA-0200 : Cascadable Silicon Bipolar Mmic Amplifier. Cascadable Silicon Bipolar MMIC Amplifier Technical Data Cascadable 50 Gain Block 3 dB Bandwidth: to 2.8 GHz 12.0 dB Typical Gain at 1.0 GHz Unconditionally Stable (k>1) The MSA-series is fabricated using HP's 10 GHz fT, 25 GHz f MAX, silicon bipolar MMIC process which uses nitride self-alignment, ion implantation, and gold metallization to achieve.

PA25DIE : Dual. Dual op Amp. SUPPLY VOLTAGE, +VS to VS OUTPUT CURRENT, continuous INPUT VOLTAGE, differential INPUT VOLTAGE, common mode TEMPERATURE, junction NOTE: Refer to parent product data sheet PA21/25/26 for typical AC electrical characteristics, precautions, applications and other test parameters. PARAMETER POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE OFFSET VOLTAGE QUIESCENT CURRENT BIAS CURRENT.

SL2150F : Power Splitter Amplifiers (DC to RF). = Front End Power Splitter With Agc ;; Package Type = MLP ;; No. Of Pins = 28.

TDA3605Q : Multiple Voltage Regulator With Switch. Preliminary Supersedes data of 1995 Nov 20 File under Integrated Circuits, IC01 1997 Jul 09 Two VP-state controlled regulators (regulator 1 and regulator 3) and a power switch Regulator 2, reset and ignition buffer operates during load dump and thermal shutdown Separate control pins for switching regulator 1, regulator 3 and the power switch Supply.

ADCMP609 : Rail-to-Rail, Fast, Low Power 2.5 V to 5.5 V, Single-Supply TTL/CMOS Comparator Product The ADCMP609 is a fast comparator fabricated on XFCB2, an Analog Devices, Inc. proprietary process. These comparators are exceptionally versatile and easy to use. include an input range from VEE − 0.2 V to VCC + 0.2 V, low noise, TTL-/ CMOS-compatible output.

AD8219 : Zero Drift, Unidirectional Current Shunt Monitor The AD8219 is a high voltage, high resolution, current shunt amplifier. It a set gain of 60 V/V, with a maximum 0.3% gain error over the entire temperature range. The buffered output voltage directly interfaces with any typical converter. The AD8219 offers excellent input common-mode rejection from 4 V to 80 V. The AD8219.

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