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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Amplifiers => Power Amplifiers
DescriptionLow Voltage Dual Power Amplifier
CompanyNJR Corporation
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NJM2119 Dual Single-supply Operational Amplifier
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NJG1106KB2 : GaAs MMICs->Amplifiers 800MHz Band Low Noise Amplifier GAAS Mmic

NJG1515AVB2 : GaAs MMICs Tdma Antenna Switch GAAS Mmic

NJG1522KB2 : GaAs MMICs SPDT Switch GAAS Mmic

NJM2606AM : DC Motor Controller Low Voltage DC Motor Controller

NJM2880U21 : Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

NJU7200L12 : Super Low Operating Current C-mos 3-Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator

NJU7600 : high speed low voltage operation switching regulator control NJU7600 is a high speed low voltage operation switching regulator control IC. It features a totem pole driver that can directly drive an external MOS-FET. Internal soft-start function, Dead time control and timer latch function are i

NJW1176V : Audio Processor With Subwoofer Output The NJW1176 is a sound processor with subwoofer output includes all of functions processing audio signal for TV, such as tone control, balance, volume, mute, and AGC functions. Also the NJW1176 includes the LPF for subwoofer output and bass boost function.

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AD9845A : Graphics. Complete 12-Bit 30 MSPS CCD Signal Processor. 30 MSPS Correlated Double Sampler (CDS) dB 6-Bit Pixel Gain Amplifier ( PxGA) dB 10-Bit Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA) Low Noise Clamp Circuits Analog Preblanking Function 12-Bit 30 MSPS A/D Converter Auxiliary Inputs with VGA and Input Clamp 3-Wire Serial Digital Interface 3 V Single Supply Operation Low Power: 3 V Supply 48-Lead LQFP Package APPLICATIONS.

AN5308NK : NTSC. Single Chip ic For Color TV Built-in I2c Bus Interface. The IC in which NTSC video, chroma, RGB, sync. and deflection signal processing circuits are integrated on a single chip incorporating I2C bus controller. Video block : Built-in wide band width filter, pre-shoot and over-shoot amount adjustment, aperture changeover possible and with ABL pin Chroma block : Built-in ACC filter and with color difference.

HDG-0807B : Hybrid Video Digital-to-analog Converter.

ILA4661N : . The is an integrated baseband delay line circuit with one line delay. It is suitable for decoders with colour-difference signal outputs (R-Y) and (B-Y). Device is functionally identical to the TDA4661 Philips. Two comb filters, using the switched-capacitor technique, for one line delay time (64 S) 3 MHz internal clock signal derived from a 6 MHz CCO,.

ISL5640 : 3v Dual 8-bit, 20/40/60msps A/D Converter With Internal Voltage Reference.

L64781 : Single-chip Cofdm (coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex) Demod-ulator..

LM1818 : Tape Player/VCR. Electronically Switched Audio Tape System. The is a linear integrated circuit containing all of the active electronics necessary for building a tape recorder deck (excluding the bias oscillator) The electronic functions on the chip include a microphone and playback preamplifier record and playback amplifiers a meter driving circuit and an automatic input level control circuit The IC complete.

M65824AFP : CD Player Digital Signal Processor With Built-in DAC. s CD PLAYER DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR WITH BUILT-IN DAC The is a CMOS IC developed for compact disc players. (suitable for CD-DA:Compact Disc-Digital Audio) It has built-in memory,adjustment-free PLL and D/A converter with DSP function. Adjustment free EFM-PLL circuit(Includes VCO) 8 frames jitter margin Digital CLV servo control Attenuation(-12dB).

MAX5251 : ATE. +3V, Quad, 10-Bit Voltage-output DAC With Serial Interface. The +3V MAX5251 combines four low-power, voltageoutput, 10-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and four precision output amplifiers in a space-saving, 20pin package. In addition to the four voltage outputs, each amplifier's negative input is also available to the user. This facilitates specific gain configurations, remote sensing, and high output.

MM1540 : Video Signal Driver For DVD Player. This is a video signal driver IC for DVD players. It outputs the composite signal, S signal and component signal required for DVD player video signals. This IC has built-in low pass filter, clamp (ON/OFF), amp, 75W driver and Y/C-MIX circuits. + power supply or power supply voltages can be selected, so the number of external parts can be greatly reduced.

NJM2581 : Dual Supply Wide Band 3ch Video Amplifier. DUAL SUPPLY WIDE BAND 3ch VIDEO AMPLIFIER s GENERAL The is a dual supply voltage wide band 3ch video amplifier. It is suitable for Y, Pb, and Pr signal because frequency range is 50MHz. The NJM2581 is suitable for Set Top Box, AV amplifier, and other high quality AV systems. NJM2581D s q Operating Voltage 5.5V q Wide frequency range at 0dB typ. q Internal.

STAC9766 : 5V Stereo AC'97 2.3 Upgrade Codec With Headphone Drive And Spdif Output.

TDA2579C : Sync/Deflection. Synchronization Circuit With Synchronized Vertical Divider System For 60 HZ.

UTCTEA2025 : = Stereo Audio Amplifier Dual Power Amplifier 2.3W 9V 10% ;; Package = DIP-12H, DIP-16, SOP-2 ;;.

VSP2212 : . For most current data sheet and other product information, visit q CCD SIGNAL PROCESSING: Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) Programmable Black Level Clamping q PROGRAMMABLE GAIN AMPLIFIER (PGA): to +42dB Gain Ranging q 12-BIT DIGITAL DATA OUTPUT: to 20MHz Conversion Rate No Missing Codes q 79dB SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO q ON-CHIP GENERAL-PURPOSE.

AD8106 : AD8106 - 260 MHz, 16 5 Buffered Video Crosspoint Switches Product The AD8106 and AD8107 are high speed, 16 5 video crosspoint switch matrices. They offer a -3 dB signal bandwidth greater than 260 MHz, and channel switch times of less than 25 ns with 1% settling. With -78 dB of crosstalk and -97 dB isolation (@ 5 MHz), the AD8106/AD8107 are useful.

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