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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => Operational Amplifiers
DescriptionDual J-FET Input Operational Amplifier
CompanyNJR Corporation
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NJG1520PE1-L2 : Tdma Antenna Switch GAAS Mmic

NJM2122M : Ultra Low Noise Dual Operational Amplifier

NJM2172V : Operational Amplifier With Evr

NJM2178M : Sound Enhancement Audio Processor SRS 3D Surround Audio Processor

NJM2195FJ1 : Sound Enhancement Audio Processor SRS Wow Audio Processor

NJM2262M : 2-input Video Superimposer

NJU6214A : Small-Sized 1.8V Operating Voltage Fundamental Quartz Crystal Oscillator IC The NJU6214 series is a C-MOS quartz crystal oscillator IC realized excellent frequency stability for fundamental (up to 60MHz) oscillation, and consists of an oscillation amplifier,4-stage divider, 3-state output buffer an

NJG1307R-TE1# : Rf Amplifier Rf/if And Rfid; IC MMIC DRIVER AMPLIFIER 8-VSP Specifications: Package / Case: 8-VSP ; Voltage - Supply: 2.7 V ~ 5 V ; Current - Supply: 25mA ~ 35mA ; Gain: 29dB ~ 33dB ; Frequency: 800MHz, 1.5GHz, 1.9GHz ; RF Type: Cellular ; Packaging: Cut Tape (CT) ; Noise Figure: - ; P1dB: 10dBm (10mW) ; Test Frequency: 1.5GHz ; Lead Free Status: Contains Le

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AD7013 : CMOS Tia IS-54 Baseband Receive Port. Single +5 V Supply Receive Channel Differential or Single-Ended Analog Inputs Auxiliary Set of Analog & Q Inputs Two Sigma-Delta A/D Converters Choice of Two Digital FIR Filters Root-Raised-Cosine Rx Filters, = 0.35 Brick Wall FIR Rx Filters On-Chip or User Rx Offset Calibration ADC Sampling Vernier Three Auxiliary DACs On-Chip Voltage Reference Low Active.

HA1-2556883 : Wideband Four Quadrant Analog Multiplier ( Voltage Output ). Wideband Four Quadrant Analog Multiplier (Voltage Output) The is a monolithic, high speed, four quadrant, analog multiplier constructed in Intersil' Dielectrically Isolated High Frequency Process. The voltage output simplifies many designs by eliminating the current-to-voltage conversion stage required for current output multipliers. The HA-2556/883.

INA152EA/250 : Difference Amplifiers. ti INA152, Single-supply Difference Amplifier. q SWING: to Within 200mV of Either Output Rail q LOW OFFSET DRIFT: 3V/C q LOW OFFSET VOLTAGE: 250V q HIGH CMR: 94dB q LOW GAIN ERROR: 0.01% q LOW GAIN ERROR DRIFT: 1ppm/C q WIDE SUPPLY RANGE: Single: to 20V Dual: q MSOP-8 PACKAGE APPLICATIONS q DIFFERENCE INPUT AMPLIFIER BUILDING BLOCK q UNITY-GAIN INVERTING AMPLIFIER q GAIN 1/2 q AMPLIFIER GAIN.

ISL5861 : 12-Bit, +3.3V, 130MSPS, Commlinktm High Speed D/A Converter (TSSOP). The 12-bit, 130/210+MSPS (Mega Samples Per Second), CMOS, high speed, low power, D/A (digital to analog) converter, designed specifically for use in high performance communication systems such as base transceiver stations utilizing or 3G cellular protocols. This device complements the CommLink ISL5x61 family of high speed converters, which include 10, 12, and 14-bit.

LM193 : Dual Differential Comparators. Single Supply or Dual Supplies Wide Range of Supply Voltage. 36 V Low Supply-Current Drain Independent of Supply Voltage. 0.4 mA Typ Per Comparator Low Input Bias Current. 25 nA Typ Low Input Offset Current. 3 nA Typ (LM193) Low Input Offset Voltage. 2 mV Typ Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Ground Differential Input Voltage Range Equal to Maximum-Rated.

LTC1563-2 : LTC1563-2, 4th Order, 256kHz, Butterworth Active RC Lowpass Filter. Extremely Easy to Use--A Single Resistor Value Sets the Cutoff Frequency < 256kHz) Extremely Flexible--Different Resistor Values Allow Arbitrary Transfer Functions with or without Gain < 256kHz) Supports Cutoff Frequencies to 360kHz Using FilterCADTM LTC1563-2: Unity-Gain Butterworth Response Uses a Single Resistor Value, Different Resistor Values.

M5249FP : Source Voltage Detection Type Single Comparator.

MC4558V : . The MC4558V combine all the outstanding of the MC1458 and, in addition offer three times the unity gain bandwidth of the industry standard. 2.0 MHz Unity Gain Bandwidth Guaranteed Internally Compensated Short Circuit Protection Gain and Phase Match between Amplifiers Low Power Consumption Rating Power Supply Voltage Input Differential Voltage Input.

MCM32L256 : 256k X 32 Bit Dynamic Random Access Memory Module.

MSK613 : High Voltage/ High Speed Surface Mount Amplifier. HIGH VOLTAGE/HIGH SPEED SURFACE MOUNT AMPLIFIER 4707 Dey Road Liverpool, N.Y. 13088 Ultra Low Quiescent Current - 10mA for High Voltage 80V Peak to Peak Output Voltage Swing Slew Rate - 3500V/S Typical Input Offset Voltage Only - 1mV Typ. Output Current - 150mA Peak Typ. Adjustable VHV Power Supply Minimizes Power Dissipation The MSK is a high voltage/high.

OP-16A : Precision, High Speed JFET-input Operational Amplifiers.

PGA102KP : Digitally Programmable Gain Amplifiers. ti PGA102, High Speed Programmable Gain Amplifier.

RF2689 : W-cdma/gsm/dcs Receive Agc And Demodulator. Typical Applications Multimode W-CDMA/GSM/DCS/EDGE W-CDMA Systems GSM Systems The is an integrated complete IF AGC amplifier and quadrature demodulator designed for the receive section of W-CDMA and GSM/DCS applications. It is designed to amplify received IF signals, while providing 70dB of gain control range, a total of 90dB gain, and demodulate to baseband.

SN10501D : ti SN10501, Low-distortion High-speed Rail-to-rail Output Operational Amplifiers.

STV8224B : Multiplexers. Multistandard Video And Sound if System With Audio And Video Switches.

THS3120CD : ti THS3120, Single, Low Noise, High Output Drive, 475mA Current-feedback Amplifier With Power-down.

TL33074DW : ti TL33074, High-Slew-Rate, Single-supply Operational Amplifier. Wide Gain-Bandwidth Product. 4.5 MHz High Slew Rate. 13 V/s Fast Settling Time. to 0.1% Wide-Range Single-Supply Operation 44 V Wide Input Common-Mode Range Includes Ground (VCC Low Total Harmonic Distortion. 0.02% Low Input Offset Voltage. 3 mV Max (A Suffix) Large Output Voltage Swing 14 V (With 15-V Supplies) Large Capacitance Drive Capability.

TLV2782AID : ti TLV2782A, Dual 1.8V Rrio, 8MHz Amplifier. TLV2785, TLV278xA FAMILY 1.8 V HIGH-SPEED RAIL-TO-RAIL INPUT/OUTPUT OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS WITH SHUTDOWN The TLV278x single supply operational amplifiers 60 20 provide rail-to-rail input and output capability. The 90 TLV278x takes the minimum operating supply 10 M voltage down 1.8 V over the extended industrial f Frequency Hz temperature range.

UC2901 : Power. An Amplitude-Modulation System for Transformer Coupling an Isolated Feedback Error Signal Low-Cost Alternative to Optical Couplers Internal 1% Reference and Error Amplifier Internal Carrier Oscillator Usable to 5MHz Modulator Synchronizable to an External Clock Loop Status Monitor The UC1901 family is designed to solve many of the problems associated.

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