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CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications

This device contains three independent gates each of which performs the logic NAND function

Alternate Military Aerospace device (54LS10) is available Contact a National Semiconductor Sales Office Distributor for specifications

H e High Logic Level L e Low Logic Level X e Either Low or High Logic Level

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note) If Military Aerospace specified devices are required please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office Distributors for availability and specifications

Supply Voltage 7V Input Voltage 7V Operating Free Air Temperature Range C DM54LS and 70 C Storage Temperature Range

Note The ``Absolute Maximum Ratings'' are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaranteed The device should not be operated at these limits The parametric values defined in the ``Electrical Characteristics'' table are not guaranteed at the absolute maximum ratings The ``Recommended Operating Conditions'' table will define the conditions for actual device operation

Symbol VCC VIH VIL IOH IOL TA Parameter Min Supply Voltage High Level Input Voltage Low Level Input Voltage High Level Output Current Low Level Output Current Free Air Operating Temperature

Electrical Characteristics over recommended operating free air temperature range (unless otherwise noted)

Symbol VI VOH VOL Parameter Input Clamp Voltage High Level Output Voltage Low Level Output Voltage Conditions VCC e Min b18 mA VCC e Min IOH e Max VIL e Max VCC e Min IOL e Max VIH e Min IOL 4 mA VCC e Min II IIH IIL IOS ICCH ICCL Input Current Input Voltage Max VCC e Max e 7V VCC e Max 2 7V VCC e Max 0 4V VCC e Max (Note 2) VCC e Max VCC e Max DM54 DM74

High Level Input Current Low Level Input Current Short Circuit Output Current Supply Current with Outputs High Supply Current with Outputs Low

Switching Characteristics at VCC e 5V and 25 C (See Section 1 for Test Waveforms and Output Load)

2 kX Symbol Parameter Min tPLH tPHL Propagation Delay Time Low to High Level Output Propagation Delay Time High to Low Level Output 15 pF Max 50 pF Min 4 Max 15 ns Units

Note 1 All typicals are at VCC 25 C Note 2 Not more than one output should be shorted at a time and the duration should not exceed one second


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1241394-1 : Tin Rectangular - Contact Connectors, Interconnect -; MCP2.8 BU-CONTACT. s: Pin or Socket: Socket ; Contact Finish: Tin ; Wire Gauge: 17-20 AWG ; Contact Termination: Crimp ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Type: - ; Contact Finish Thickness: - ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

MSP430F6730IPN : Embedded - Microcontroller Integrated Circuit (ics) Internal Tray 1.8 V ~ 3.6 V; IC MCU 16BIT 16KB FLASH 80LQFP. s: Program Memory Size: 16KB (16K x 8) ; RAM Size: 1K x 8 ; Number of I /O: 52 ; Package / Case: 80-LQFP ; Speed: 25MHz ; Oscillator Type: Internal ; Packaging: Tray ; Program Memory Type: FLASH ; EEPROM Size: - ; Core Processor: RISC ; Data.

ISL8011EVAL1Z : Eval Board - Dc/dc & Ac/dc (off-line) Smp Programmers, Development System; EVALUATION BOARD FOR ISL8011. s: Board Type: Fully Populated ; Main Purpose: DC/DC, Step Down ; Regulator Topology: Buck ; Outputs and Type: 1, Non-Isolated ; Voltage - Output: 1.6V ; Current - Output: 1.2A ; Voltage - Input: 2.7 ~ 5.5 V ; Frequency - Switching: 1.5MHz ; Power.

DF24-50DS-PTB : Rectangular - Accessory Connectors, Interconnect Pull Tab; EXTRACTION TUB DF24 SERIES. s: Accessory Type: Pull Tab ; Number of Positions: 50 ; For Use With/Related Products: DF24 Series ; : - ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

T355J276M020AS : CAP,TANTALUM / TA2O5,27UF,20VDC,20% -TOL,20% +TOL. CAPACITANCE/VOLTAGE RANGE: 0.1-680µF, 3-50 Volts. 0.1-330µF, 6-50 Volts. CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE: Available in standard EIA nominal values with ±20% and ±10% standard. DISSIPATION FACTOR: Maximum DF limits are shown in corresponding series part number listings. See Application Notes Section, page 76 for additional information. DC LEAKAGE CURRENT: Maximum.

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