Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MRF448
CategoryDiscrete => Transistors => Bipolar => RF
DescriptionNPN Silicon RF Power Transistor
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Some Part number from the same manufacture Motorola Semiconductor Products
MRF454 NPN Silicon RF Power Transistor
MRF464 RF Power Transistor NPN Silicon
MRF486 NPN Silicon RF Power Transistor
MRF492 RF Power Transistor NPN Silicon
MRF5003 N-channel Broadband RF Power Fet
MRF5211LT1 High-frequency Transistor PNP Silicon
MRF553 NPN Silicon RF Low Power Transistor
MRF557 RF Low Power Transistor NPN Silicon
MRF5583 Surface Mount High-frequency Transistor PNP Silicon
MRF559 NPN Silicon RF Power Transistor
MRF571 NPN Silicon High-frequency Transistors
MRF5811LT1 Low Noise High-frequency Transistor NPN Silicon
MRF587 MRF5S21130, MRF5S21130R3, MRF5S21130S, MRF5S21130SR3 2170 Mhz, 28 W Avg., 2 X W-CDMA, 28 V Lateral N-channel RF Power MOSFETs
MRF5P20180R6 MRF5P20180R6 1990 Mhz, 38 W Avg., 2 X W-CDMA, 28 V Lateral N-channel RF Power MOSFET
MRF5P21180 MRF5P21180 2170 Mhz, 38 W Avg., 2 X W-CDMA, 28 V Lateral N-channel RF Power MOSFET

MCM69L736AZP7.5R : 4m Late Write HSTL

MCM69P737ZP4R : 128k X 36 Bit Pipelined Burstram Synchronous Fast Static RAM

MUR1620CTR : Switchmode Dual Ultrafast Power Rectifier

MPC8280EC : Devices in the MPC8280 family are available in three packages—the standard ZU package and the alternate VR or ZQ packages—as shown in Table 2. Note that throughout this document references to the MPC8280 and the MPC8270 are inclusive of VR and ZQ package devices unless otherwise specified. For mor

MRFE6S9130HSR3 : RF Power Field Effect Transistors N-Channel Enhancement-Mode Lateral MOSFETs Designed for N-CDMA, GSM and GSM EDGE base station applications with frequencies from 865 to 960 MHz. Suitable for multicarrier amplifier applications. • Typical Single-Carrier N-CDMA Performance @ 880 MHz: VDD = 28 Vo

PPC5702CECLQ : Microcontroller

MPXY8040A6U : Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor Temperature Compensated and Calibrated, Fully Integrated Digital Output

MC908QT4CDTE : Microcontrollers

MC33899 : Programmable H-bridge Power IC

MC13191FC : 2.4 GHz ISM Band Low Power Transceiver

MC68HC05P9ACDW : M68hc08 Microcontrollers

MC68HC08GR32AVFJ : M68hc08 Microcontrollers

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