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DescriptionMRF373R1, MRF373SR1 470-860 Mhz, 60 W, 28 V Lateral N-channel Broadband RF Power MOSFET
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Features, Applications

Designed for broadband commercial and industrial applications with frequencies from ­ 860 MHz. The high gain and broadband performance of these devices make them ideal for large­signal, common source amplifier applications in 28 volt transmitter equipment. Guaranteed CW Performance at 860 MHz, 28 Volts, Narrowband Fixture Output Power ­ 60 Watts Power Gain 13 dB Efficiency ­ 50% Typical Performance at 860 MHz, 28 Volts, Broadband Push­Pull Fixture Output Power ­ 100 Watts (PEP) Power Gain 11.2 dB Efficiency ­ 40% IMD ­ ­30 dBc D


100% Tested for Load Mismatch Stress at All Phase Angles with 5:1 VSWR @ 28 Vdc, 860 MHz, 60 Watts CW In Tape and Reel. = 500 units per 32 mm, 13 inch Reel.

Rating Drain­Source Voltage Gate­Source Voltage Drain Current ­ Continuous Total Device Dissipation = 25°C Derate above 25°C Storage Temperature Range Operating Junction Temperature MRF373SR1 Symbol VDSS VGS ID PD Tstg TJ Value +150 200 Unit Vdc Adc W W/°C °C

Characteristic Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case MRF373SR1 MRF373R1 Symbol RJC Max 0.75 1 Unit °C/W

NOTE ­ CAUTION ­ MOS devices are susceptible to damage from electrostatic charge. Reasonable precautions in handling and packaging MOS devices should be observed.

Characteristic OFF CHARACTERISTICS Drain­Source Breakdown Voltage (VGS = 0 Vdc, ID =1 ”A) Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current (VDS = 28 Vdc, VGS = 0 Vdc) Gate­Source Leakage Current (VGS = 20 Vdc, VDS = 0 Vdc) ON CHARACTERISTICS Gate Threshold Voltage (VDS = 200 ”A) Gate Quiescent Voltage (VDS = 100 mA) Drain­Source On­Voltage (VGS 3 A) Forward Transconductance (VDS 3 A) VGS(th) VGS(Q) VDS(on) gfs Vdc S V(BR)DSS IDSS IGSS Vdc ”Adc Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS Input Capacitance (VDS 28 V, VGS = 1 MHz) Output Capacitance (VDS 28 V, VGS = 1 MHz) Reverse Transfer Capacitance (VDS 28 V, VGS = 1 MHz) Ciss Coss Crss pF

Drain Efficiency (VDD 28 V, Pout 60 W, IDQ = 200 mA, = 860 MHz) Load Mismatch (VDD 28 V, Pout 60 W, IDQ = 200 mA, = 860 MHz, Load VSWR 5:1 at All Phase Angles)

TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS, 2 Tone Operation, Push Pull Configuration (MRF373SR1), Broadband Fixture Common Source Power Gain (VDD = 28 Vdc, Pout 100 W PEP, IDQ = 400 mA, = 860.0 MHz, = 866 MHz) Drain Efficiency (VDD = 28 Vdc, Pout 100 W PEP, IDQ = 400 mA, = 860.0 MHz, = 866 MHz) Third Order Intermodulation Distortion (VDD = 28 Vdc, Pout 100 W PEP, IDQ = 400 mA, = 860.0 MHz, = 866 MHz) Gps ­ dB

Common Source Power Gain (VDD 28 V, Pout 60 W, IDQ = 200 mA, = 860 MHz)

4.7 pF, B Case Chip Capacitor, ATC 15 pF, B Case Chip Capacitor, ATC 6.8 pF, B Case Chip Capacitor, ATC 10 pF, B Case Chip Capacitor, ATC 47 pF, B Case Chip Capacitor, ATC 0.2 pF, B Case Chip Capacitor, ATC 300 pF, B Case Chip Capacitor, ATC, Side Mounted 2) 2.2 mF, 50 V, Kemet P/N C1825C225 22 mF, 50 V, Kemet P/N 2) 1.0 mF, 50 V, Kemet P/N C1825C105 10 mF, 35 V, Kemet P/N T491D106K35AS 22 nH, Coilcraft P/N 1.2 k, Vishay Dale Chip Resistor 12 k, Vishay Dale Chip Resistor (1206)

Connectors N­Type (female), M/A Com P/N 3052­1648­10 PCB MRF373 Printed Circuit Board Rev 01, CuClad 250 (GX­0300­55), height 30 mils, = 2.55 Heatsink Motorola P/N 95­11LDMOSKPS­1 LDMOS x 5 Bedstead Insert Motorola P/N 95­11LDMOSKPS­2 Insert for LDMOS x 5 Bedstead End Plates 2) Motorola P/N 93­3MB­9, End Plate for Type­N Connector Banana Jack and Nut 2) Johnson P/N 108­0904­001 Brass Banana Jack 2) H.H. Smith P/N SM­101

Figure 2. Single­Ended Narrowband Test Circuit Layout (Suitable for Use with MRF373R1)
Figure 1. Single­Ended Narrowband Test Circuit Schematic (MRF373R1)


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