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DescriptionRF Power Field Effect Transistors
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Rating Drain- Source Voltage Gate- Source Voltage Total Device Dissipation = 25C Derate above MRF373ALR1 MRF373ALSR1 Tstg TC TJ Symbol VDSS VGS PD Value +150 200 Unit Vdc W W/C W W/C C

Storage Temperature Range Case Operating Temperature Operating Junction Temperature

Characteristic Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case MRF373ALR1 MRF373ALSR1 Symbol RJC Value 0.89 0.63 Unit C/W

Test Conditions Human Body Model Machine Model MRF373ALR1 MRF373ALSR1 Class 1 (Minimum) M2 (Minimum) M1 (Minimum)

Designed for broadband commercial and industrial applications with frequencies from to 860 MHz. The high gain and broadband performance of these devices make them ideal for large - signal, common source amplifier applications in 28/32 volt transmitter equipment. Typical CW Performance at 860 MHz, 32 Volts, Narrowband Fixture Output Power 75 Watts Power Gain dB D Efficiency 60% Capable of Handling 10:1 VSWR @ 32 Vdc, 860 MHz, 75 Watts CW Output Power Features Integrated ESD Protection Excellent Thermal Stability Characterized with Series Equivalent Large - Signal G Impedance Parameters Low Gold Plating Thickness on Leads. L Suffix Indicates 40 Nominal. S RoHS Compliant In Tape and Reel. = 500 units per 32 mm, 13 inch Reel.

Table 4. Electrical Characteristics (TC = 25C unless otherwise noted)

Characteristic Off Characteristics Drain- Source Breakdown Voltage (VGS = 0 Vdc, =1 A) V(BR)DSS IDSS IGSS 70 1 Vdc Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

Gate- Source Leakage Current (VGS = 5 Vdc, VDS = 0 Vdc) On Characteristics Gate Threshold Voltage (VDS 200 A) Gate Quiescent Voltage (VDS = 100 mA) Drain- Source On - Voltage (VGS 3 A) Dynamic Characteristics Input Capacitance (VDS 32 V, VGS = 1 MHz) Output Capacitance (VDS 32 V, VGS = 1 MHz) Reverse Transfer Capacitance (VDS 32 V, VGS = 1 MHz) Functional Characteristics (50 ohm system) Common Source Power Gain (VDD 32 V, Pout 75 W CW, IDQ = 200 mA, = 860 MHz) Drain Efficiency (VDD 32 V, Pout 75 W CW, IDQ = 200 mA, = 860 MHz)

Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current (VDS = 32 Vdc, VGS = 0 Vdc)

MRF373A Rev 01 Freescale has begun the transition of marking Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with the Freescale Semiconductor signature/logo. PCBs may have either Motorola or Freescale markings during the transition period. These changes will have no impact on form, fit or function of the current product.

Figure 1. MRF373ALR1/ALSR1 Narrowband Test Circuit Component Layout Table 5. MRF373ALR1/ALSR1 Narrowband Test Circuit Component Layout Designations and Values

Designation R2 R3 PCB 18 pF Chip Capacitors 12 pF Chip Capacitor 1.8 pF Chip Capacitor 51 pF Chip Capacitors 0.3 pF Chip Capacitor (Used only on the 15 pF Chip Capacitor 10 pF Chip Capacitor 2.7 pF Chip Capacitor 0.5 pF Chip Capacitor 1000 pF Chip Capacitor 39 pF Chip Capacitor 470 pF Chip Capacitors 2.2 mF, 100 V Chip Capacitor 10 mF, 35 V Tantalum Capacitor 12 nH, Coilcraft 1/2 W Chip Resistors 1/2 W Chip Resistor (2010) Arlon GX mils, = 2.55 Description


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