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DescriptionN-channel Broadband RF Power Fet
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Cross ref.Similar parts: SD1405, SM724
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Features, Applications

Designed for broadband commercial and industrial applications at frequencies to 54 MHz. The high gain, broadband performance and linear characterization of this device makes it ideal for large­signal, common source amplifier applications in 12.5 Volt mobile and base station equipment. Guaranteed Performance at 54 MHz, 12.5 Volts Output Power 55 Watts PEP Power Gain 13 dB Min Two­Tone IMD ­25 dBc Max Efficiency 40% Min, Two­Tone Test Characterized with Series Equivalent Large­Signal Impedance Parameters Excellent Thermal Stability All Gold Metal for Ultra Reliability Aluminum Nitride Package Electrical Insulator Circuit Board Photomaster Available by Ordering Document MRF255PHT/D from Motorola Literature Distribution.

Rating Drain­Source Voltage Drain­Gate Voltage (RGS 1.0 M) Gate­Source Voltage Drain Current Continuous Total Device Dissipation = 25°C Derate above 25°C Storage Temperature Range Operating Junction Temperature Symbol VDSS VDGR VGS ID PD Tstg TJ Value +150 200 Unit Vdc Adc Watts W/°C °C

Characteristic Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case Symbol RJC Max 1.0 Unit °C/W

Handling and Packaging MOS devices are susceptible to damage from electrostatic charge. Reasonable precautions in handling and packaging MOS devices should be observed.

Characteristic OFF CHARACTERISTICS Drain­Source Breakdown Voltage (VGS = 20 mAdc) Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current (VDS = 15 Vdc, VGS = 0) Gate­Source Leakage Current (VGS = 20 Vdc, VDS 0) ON CHARACTERISTICS Gate Threshold Voltage (VDS = 10 Vdc, = 25 mAdc) Drain­Source On­Voltage (VGS = 10 Vdc, = 4.0 Adc) Forward Transconductance (VDS = 10 Vdc, = 3.0 Adc) DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS Input Capacitance (VDS = 12.5 Vdc, VGS = 1.0 MHz) Output Capacitance (VDS = 12.5 Vdc, VGS = 1.0 MHz) Reverse Transfer Capacitance (VDS = 12.5 Vdc, VGS = 1.0 MHz) FUNCTIONAL TESTS (In Motorola Test Fixture.) Common Source Amplifier Power Gain, = 54.001 MHz (VDD = 12.5 Vdc, Pout 55 W (PEP), IDQ = 400 mA) Intermodulation Distortion = 54.000 MHz, = 54.001 MHz (VDD = 12.5 Vdc, Pout 55 W (PEP), IDQ = 400 mA) Drain Efficiency, = 54.001 MHz (VDD = 12.5 Vdc, Pout 55 W (PEP), IDQ = 400 mA) Drain Efficiency, = 54 MHz (VDD = 12.5 Vdc, Pout 55 W CW, IDQ = 400 mA) Output Mismatch Stress, = 54.001 MHz (VDD = 12.5 Vdc, Pout 55 W (PEP), IDQ = 400 mA, VSWR 20:1, at all phase angles) Gps IMD(d3,d5) dB dBc % Ciss Coss Crss pF VGS(th) VDS(on) gfs Vdc S V(BR)DSS IDSS IGSS 36 5.0 Vdc mAdc µAdc Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

No Degradation in Output Power Before and After Test
To MIL­STD­1311 Version A, Test Method 2204B, Two Tone, Reference Each Tone.

C1 470 pF, Chip Capacitor ­ 200 pF, Trimmer, ARCO C4 100 pF, Chip Capacitor C17 100 µF, 15 V, Electrolytic C6 0.001 µF, Disc Ceramic C10 330 pF, Chip Capacitor C14 1200 pF, ATC Chip Capacitor C15 910 pF, 500 V, Dipped Mica C16 47 µF, 16 V, Electrolytic

L1 8 Turns, #20 AWG, L2 5 Turns, #18 AWG, L3 3 Turns, #20 AWG, L4 7 Turns, #24 AWG, L5 6.5 Turns, #18 AWG, 0.230 ID, 0.5 Long N1, N2 Type N Flange Mount RFC1 Ferroxcube 1/4 W Carbon 1/4 W Carbon Board G­10.060

Figure 1. 54 MHz Linear RF Test Circuit Electrical Schematic
Figure 3. Output Power versus Input Power
Figure 4. Output Power versus Input Power
Figure 5. Output Power versus Supply Voltage


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