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CategoryOptoelectronics => Display => Infrared Emitters
DescriptionInfrared Led
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Cross ref.Similar parts: LED56
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MCM72PB8ML3.5R : 256k X 72 Bit Burst RAM Multichip Module

MGSF3442VT3 : Low RDS(on) Small-signal MOSFET Tmos Single N-channel Field Effect Transistor

MCIMX357DVM5B : I.MX35 Applications Processors For Industrial And Consumer Products The i.MX353 and the i.MX357 multimedia applications processors represent the next generation of ARM11 products with the right performance and integration to address applications within the industrial and consumer market

MW6S010 : RF Power Field Effect Transistor N-channel Enhancement-mode Lateral Mosfets

MAC7141MVF : Microcontroller Family Hardware Specifications

MC68HC811L6VFN : 16-bit Device Composed of Standard On-chip Peripheral Modules Connected by an Intermodule bus. Modules Include

MSC8154 : Quad-Core Digital Signal Processor Four StarCore SC3850 DSP subsystems, each with an SC3850 DSP core, 32 Kbyte L1 instruction cache, 32 Kbyte L1 data cache, unified 512 Kbyte L2 cache configurable as M2 memory in 64 Kbyte increments, memory management unit (MMU), extended programmable

MRF6V13250HSR3 : RF Power Field Effect Transistors N--Channel Enhancement--Mode Lateral MOSFETs RF Power Field Effect Transistors N--Channel Enhancement--Mode Lateral MOSFETs RF Power transistors designed for CW and pulsed applications operating at 1300 MHz. These devices are suitable for use in CW and pulsed a

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APC11-0101-0300 : VCSEL(Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser). 758.0766.0 NM Single-mode Vcsel TO46.

CA56-12GWA : Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm. The Green source color devices are made with Gallium Phosphide Green Light Emitting Diode. l EASY MOUNTING ON P.C. BOARDS OR SOCKETS. lMECHANICALLY RUGGED. Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches), Tolerance is 0.25(0.01")unless otherwise noted. 2. s are subject to change without notice. Sy peak et er Peak Wavelength D omi nate Wavelength.

CNC7C501 : Optoisolators. The CNZ3731 series of optoisolators consist of a GaAs infrared LED which is optically coupled with a Si NPN Darlington phototransistor, and housed in a small DIL package. The series provides high I/O isolation voltage and high collector/emitter isolation voltage, as well as a high current transfer ratio (CTR). This opto isolator series also includes.

CNZ1002ON1002 : . is an ultraminiature, highly reliable transmissive photosensor in which a high efficiency GaAs infrared light emitting diode chip and a high sensitivity Si phototransistor chip are integrated in a double molded resin package. Ultraminiature mm (height : 5.1 mm) Fast response : tr, 35 s (typ.) Highly precise position detection 0.25 mm Gap width 0.9 mm Parameter.

ICM7211LPL : 4-digit, Icm7211 ( LCD ) And Icm7212 ( Led ) Display Drivers. The ICM7211 (LCD) and ICM7212 (LED) devices constitute a family of non-multiplexed four-digit seven-segment CMOS display decoder-drivers. The ICM7211 devices are configured to drive conventional LCD displays by providing a complete RC oscillator, divider chain, backplane driver, and 28 segment outputs. The ICM7212 devices are configured to drive commonanode.

LDD-F304NI-RA : .30" Dual Digit Right Angle Numeric Display, Duplex Drive.

MCT270 : 6 Pin w/ Base Lead. APPROVALS l UL recognised, File No. E91231 The MCT27_ series of optically coupled isolators consist of an infrared light emitting diode and NPN silicon photo transistor in a standard 6 pin dual in line plastic package. l Options :10mm lead spread - add G after part no. Surface mount - add SM after part no. Tape&reel - add SMT&R after part no. l High.

P687-02 : Photoconductive and Photovoltaic Cells.

P791-13 : Photoconductive and Photovoltaic Cells.

QVA11134 : Remote Control. Slotted Optical Switch.

S5629 : Si-based Photodiodes.

SFH617A-4 : . Variety of Current Transfer Ratios SFH610A/617A-4, 160320% Low CTR Degradation Good CTR Linearity Depending on Forward Current Withstand Test Voltage, 5300 VRMS High Collector-Emitter Voltage, VCEO=70 V Low Saturation Voltage Fast Switching Times Field-Effect Stable by TRIOS (TRansparent IOn Shield) Temperature Stable Low Coupling Capacitance End-Stackable,.100".

SSI-LXR3816SGD-150 : LED Panel Mount Indicators Grn PMI 565nm 5mm 6" leads. s: Manufacturer: Lumex ; Product Category: LED Panel Mount Indicators ; RoHS:  Details ; LED Size: 5 mm ; Illumination Color: Green ; Lens Color/Style: Green Diffused ; Wavelength: 565 nm ; Packaging: Bulk ; Forward Current: 20 mA ; Forward Voltage: 2.2 V ; Luminous Intensity: 40 mcd ; Mounting.

NHD-0220JZ-FL-GBW : LCD Character Display Modules STN- GRAY Transfl 182.0 x 60.0. These custom and standard monochrome character and graphic LCDs from Newhaven Display have a wide variety of backlight color combinations. These devices feature a low power backlight, higher brightness per watt, wide operating temperature, positive and negative image options, as well as industry.

EE-SX1107 : Photomicrosensors TRANSMISSIVE. s: Manufacturer: Omron ; Product Category: Photomicrosensors ; RoHS:  Details ; Sensing Method: Transmissive ; Aperture Width: 0.15 mm ; Termination Style: PCB ; Packaging: Reel ; Output Configuration: Phototransistor ; Factory Pack Quantity: 2500 ; other name: EESX1107NC NULL.

GM5BW05340A : LEDs -; LED PSUEDO WHITE 10CD 5X5 SMD. s: Color: White, Cool ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Flat Top, 3.5mm ; Millicandela Rating: 10000mcd ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 3.4V ; Wavelength - Dominant: 6900K ; Wavelength - Peak: - ; Current - Test: 20mA ; Viewing Angle: 35 ; Lens Type: Clear, Tinted ; Luminous Flux @ Current - Test: - ; Package / Case:.

LY E65B-AABA-35-1-Z : LEDs -; LED TOPLED 587NM YLW LENS 4PLCC. s: Color: Yellow ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Domed Top, 2.6mm ; Millicandela Rating: 1680mcd ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 2.2V ; Wavelength - Dominant: 587nm ; Wavelength - Peak: 594nm ; Current - Test: 50mA ; Viewing Angle: 60 ; Lens Type: Clear ; Luminous Flux @ Current - Test: 1.95 lm ; Package / Case:.

L2M0-5770003MC3300 : LED XR-M 5700K 3-UP LINEAR. s: Family: LED Lighting - COBs, Engines, Modules ; Series: LUXEON XR-M ; Packaging  : Tray   ; Type: LED Module ; Color: White, Cool ; CCT (K): 5700K ; Wavelength: - ; Configuration: Linear Light Strip ; Flux @ Current/Temperature - Test: 3239 lm (Typ) ; Current - Test: 700mA ; Temperature - Test: 85C.

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