Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MCM6341ZP11
Description128k X 24 Bit Static Random Access Memory
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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The a 3,145,728­bit static random access memory organized as 131,072 words of 24 bits. Static design eliminates the need for external clocks or timing strobes. The MCM6341 is equipped with chip enable E2, E3) and output enable (G) pins, allowing for greater system flexibility and eliminating bus contention problems. The MCM6341 is available a 119­bump PBGA package. Single ± 10% Power Supply Fast Access Time: 10/11/12/15 ns Equal Address and Chip Enable Access Time All Inputs and Outputs are TTL Compatible Three­State Outputs Power Operation: 280/275/270/260 mA Maximum, Active AC Commercial Temperature to 70°C) and Industrial Temperature + 85°C) Options BLOCK DIAGRAM

A. Address Inputs W. Write Enable G. Output Enable E2, E3. Chip Enable DQ. Data Input/Output NC. No Connection VDD. 3.3 V Power Supply VSS. Ground

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. REV 2 2/18/98

E2 E3 Mode Not Selected Not Selected Not Selected Output Disabled Read Write I/O Pin High­Z Dout High­Z Cycle Read Write Current ISB1, ISB2 IDDA

Rating Power Supply Voltage Relative to VSS Voltage Relative to VSS for Any Pin Except VDD Output Current (per I/O) Power Dissipation Temperature Under Bias Commercial Industrial Symbol VDD Vin, Vout Iout PD Tbias Tstg Value 0.5 to VDD + 150 Unit W °C This device contains circuitry to protect the inputs against damage due to high static voltages or electric fields; however, it is advised that normal precautions be taken to avoid application of any voltage higher than maximum rated voltages to these high­impedance circuits. This CMOS memory circuit has been designed to meet the dc and ac specifications shown in the tables, after thermal equilibrium has been established. The circuit in a test socket or mounted on a printed circuit board and transverse air flow of at least 500 linear feet per minute is maintained.

NOTE: Permanent device damage may occur if ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS are exceeded. Functional operation should be restricted to RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS. Exposure to higher than recommended voltages for extended periods of time could affect device reliability.


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