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DescriptionDual Operational Amplifier
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Cross ref.Similar parts: 5962-8954801PA, LM1458N/NOPB, LF147, LF147JAN, LF147QML, LF156JAN, LF256, LF347, LF347-N, LF347B
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DESCRIPTION The is a high performance monolithic dual operationalamplifier constructed on a single silicon chip. It is intended for a wide range of analog applications. Summing amplifier Voltage follower Integrator Active filter Function generator The high gain and wide range of operating voltages provide superior performance in integrator, summing amplifier, and general feed back applications.

Non-Inve rting input Inve rting input

Symbol VCC Vi Vid Ptot Supply Voltage Input Voltage Differential Input Voltage Power Dissipation D Suffix N Suffix Output Short-circuit Duration Toper Tstg Operating Free-air Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range 300 500 Infinite to +150

Symbol Vio Parameter Input Offset Voltage (RS 10k) o Tamb 25 C Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Input Offset Current Tamb = 25oC Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Input Bias Current Tamb = 25oC Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Large Signal Voltage Gain (VO 2k) o Tamb 25 C Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio (RS 10k) Tamb = 25oC Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Supply Current, all Amp, no Load o Tamb 25 C Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Input Common Mode Voltage Range o Tamb 25 C Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Common-mode Rejection Ratio (RS k) o Tamb 25 C Tmin Tamb Tmax Output Short-circuit Current o Tamb 25 C Output Voltage Swing Tamb = 25oC Tmin. Tamb Tmax. SR tr KOV RI Zic CI RO FPB 14 13 V/µs µs MHz M pF KHz - 1558 Min. Typ. 1 Max. 500 800 V/mV 6 V Unit mV

Slew Rate (VI = 100pF, Tamb = 25oC, unity gain) Rise Time (VI 100pF, o Tamb 25 C, unity gain) Overshoot (VI = 100pF, Tamb = 25oC, unity gain) Input Resistance Common-mode Input Impedance Input Capacitance Output Resistance Full Power Bandwidth VO ±10V, AVD = 1, THD 5%) Unity Gain Bandwidth o (VI = 100pF, Tamb 25 C)


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