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CategoryMultimedia => Video => Amplifiers
DescriptionDual Video Amplifiers
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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MC14577AP Dual Video Amplifiers
MC14578 Smoke Comparator
MC14578 Smoke Detector
MC14578D MC14578 Micro-power Comparator Plus Voltage Follower
MC14580BCL 4 X 4 Multiport Register
MC14581BCL 4-bit Arithmetic Logic Unit
MC14582BCL Look-ahead Carry Block
MC14583BCL Dual Schmitt Trigger
MC14584BCL Hex Schmitt Trigger

MC13190FC : MC13190 Advance Information Data Sheet: 2.4 GHZ Short-Range, Low Power Transceiver

MC14522B :

MC54F138J : 1-of-8 Decoder/ Demultiplexer Fast Shottky TTL

MC74ACT139D : Dual 1-of-4 Decoder,demultiplexer

MPX2050 :

MWIC930GR1 : N–CDMA, W–CDMA, Gsm/gsm Edge 746–960 Mhz, 30 W, 26–28 V RF Ldmos Integrated Power Amplifier

MC56F8167VPYE : 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers

MPC5606BEVLU : Microcontroller

MC6173 : 2400 bps Digital Demodulator

MPXHZ6117A6T1 : Media Resistant Integrated Silicon Pressure Sensor For Measuring Absolute Pressure, On-Chip Signal Conditioned, Temperature Compensated And Calibrated The MPXHZ6117A series pressure sensor integrates on-chip, bipolar op amp circuitry and thin film resistor networks to provide a high outpu

MMA1612NKWR2 : DSI Inertial Sensor The MMA16xxNWR2 family of devices are DSI2.5 compatible overdamped Z-axis satellite accelerometers.

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ALC201/A : Advanced AC'97 Audio Codec.

BA7725FS : . The BA7725S and BA7725FS are analog companders designed for KARAOKE echo systems, and logarithmically compress the signal level / 2 and then logarithmically expand by a factor of 2. These ICs can be used in combination with the BU9252F to create a digital echo system. These ICs have an internal line mixer amplifier for mixing line input and echo signals.

BA8272AFV : . is a BUS interface IC (slave side) developed for car audio systems. Communication system of BUS ON, DATA, CLOCK, and RESET can be constructed in combination with / BA8270FV (master side). This IC can be used for communication between the audio system and other applications such as power amplifier, CD, MD changer, navigation and TV. ! 1) It can be used.

CXA1875AM : TV Sound Processor. 8-bit D/A Converter Compatible With i 2C Bus. The CXA1875AP/AM is developed 5 ch D/A converter compatible with I2C bus. Serial control through I2C bus 5 channels of 8-bit D/A converter 4 built-in general purpose I/O ports (Digital I/O) I/O can be specified to respective ports independently Selection of 8 slave addresses possible through address select pins (3 pins) Applications I2C bus can control.

M52744SP : Preamp/Amp. Bus Controlled 3-channel Video Preamplifier. M52743SP and M52744SP is semiconductor integrated circuit for CRT display monitor. It includes OSD blanking, OSD mixing, retrace blanking, wide band amplifre, brightness control. Main/sub contrast and OSD adjust function can be controlled I 2C bus. OSD IN(R) OSD BLK IN INPUT(R) VCC2 35 OUTPUT(R) 34 EXT FEED BACK(R) GND2 32 OUTPUT(G) 31 EXT FEED BACK(G).

M62445FP : Switch/Controls. Digital Sound Controller With Dynamic Bass Boost. DIGITAL SOUND CONTROLLER WITH DYNAMIC BASS BOOST APPLICATION Maximum boost level setting was adapted input level. Maximum boost level setting:20dB,15dB,10dB,5dB,0dB(OFF) Mode select Through Lch only Rch only L+R mono Vocal cut .

MC34119ADTB : MC34119 Low Power Audio Amplifier. The is a low power audio amplifier intergrated circuit intended (primarily) for telephone applications, such as in speakerphones. It provides differential speaker outputs to maximize output swing at low supply voltages (2.0 V minimum). Coupling capacitors to the speaker are not required. Open loop gain is 80 dB, and the closed loop gain is set with.

ML2261BCP : P Compatible High-speed 8-bit A/D Converter With T/h ( S/h ).

MM1519XQ : I2C BUS Video Switch. Component Input Video Swich With I2C Bus. This is a color difference input video switch with I2C BUS control, developed for high resolution TV. With 3 output lines, it supports, among others, P-IN-P, monitor output and decoder output. 1. Serial control by I2C BUS. 2. 4 color difference input lines, 3 output lines (3 input lines support D pin standards) 3. Built-in 6dB amp 4. Slave address can be changed:.

NJU501Series : Single Tone Melody CMOS.

NJU7081 : Single Low Voltage C-mos Power Amplifier.

TDA4866 : Amplifier Deflection. TDA4866; Full Bridge Current Driven Vertical Deflection Booster;; Package: SOT131-2 (SIL9P).

TDA8351AQ : Sync/Deflection. Dc-coupled Vertical Deflection Output Circuit. Product Supersedes data of January 1995 File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 1999 Sep 27 Few external components Highly efficient fully DC-coupled vertical output bridge circuit Vertical flyback switch Guard circuit Protection against: ­ short-circuit of the output pins (9 and 5) ­ short-circuit of the output pins to VP Temperature protection High EMC immunity.

TK2150 : Stereo 200W Amplifier Driver. TK2150 STEREO (6 ) CLASS-T DIGITAL AUDIO AMPLIFIER DRIVER USING DIGITAL POWER PROCESSING T M TECHNOLOGY GENERAL The TK2150 (TC2001/TP2150B chipset) is a two-channel, 200W (6) per channel Amplifier Driver that uses Tripath's proprietary Digital Power Processing (DPPTM) technology. Class-T amplifiers offer both the audio fidelity of Class-AB and the power.

TL592B : Preamp/Amp. Differential Video Amplifier. Adjustable Gain to 400 Typ No Frequency Compensation Required Low Noise. 3 µV Typ Vn This device is a monolithic two-stage video amplifier with differential inputs and differential outputs. It internal series-shunt feedback that provides wide bandwidth, low phase distortion, and excellent gain stability. Emitterfollower outputs enable the device to drive.

TP8482 : PS/2 3D 5-key Mouse Controller.

AD9889 : High Performance HDMI™/DVI Transmitter The AD9889 is an 80 MHz High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI v1.1) transmitter. It supports HDTV formats up to 1080i and 720p, and graphic resolutions up to XGA (1024x768 @75 Hz). With the inclusion of HDCP, the AD9889 allows the secure transmission of protected content as specified by the HDCP v1.1 protocol.

CXD5091GG : The CXD5091GG is an audio decoder LSI that achieves super-low power consumption and supports many codecs. Useful interface such as NAND/NOR flash memory and Memory Stick is supported, and it comprises analog circuits such as audio D/A converter and SAR A/D converter. The CXD5091GG is suitable for portable audio players and cellular phone audio backend..

CS42L73 : Low Power Mobile Stereo CODEC Low Power Mobile Stereo CODEC. Highly Integrated Low Power Mobile Stereo Codec Class D Amp Line Out I2S Interface Mobile RF Power Management Unit (CS35L01) Market Applications Smartphones Mobile Internet Devices Bluetooth® Headsets OVERVIEW is a highly integrated, low-power, mobile audio distribution network that incorporates two stereo DACs and a stereo ADC with ground centered.

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