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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Comparators
DescriptionCMOS Msi ( Programmable Dual op Amp / Dual Comparator
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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BD165 : Plastic Medium Power Silicon NPN Transistor

MC145100CP : 4 X 4 Crosspoint Switch With Control Memory

MC68302CFC16 : Integrated Multiprotocol Processor, 16.67MHz, 5V

MCM67A618BFN12 : 64k X 18 Bit Asychronous/latched Address Fast Static RAM

MRF1511NT1 : RF Power Field Effect Transistor N-Channel Enhancement -Mode Lateral MOSFET Designed for broadband commercial and industrial applications at frequen- cies to 175 MHz. The high gain and broadband performance of this device makes it ideal for large-signal, common source amplifier applications in 7

MC8610PX800J : Integrated Host Processor Hardware Specifications

MC68HC705K1DW : Technical Summary 8-bit Microcontroller

P912XDP512J1CAG : Covers, S12xd, S12xb & S12xa Families

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5962-9060001PA : CLC410 - Fast Settling, Video op Amp With Disable, Package: Cerdip, Pin Nb=8.

BA10339 : . The BA10339, BA10339F, and BA10339FV each consist of four comparators in a single package. The open collector output allows a wired OR connection. These products feature a wide range of operating power supply voltages, from to 36V with single power supply operation, and from 18V with dual power supply operation. Available packages include 14-pin DIP (BA10339),.

BDB01D : One Watt Amplifier Transistors. Rating Collector Emitter Voltage Collector Base Voltage Emitter Base Voltage Collector Current Continuous Total Device Dissipation = 25C Derate above 25C Total Device Dissipation = 25C Derate above 25C Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range Symbol VCEO VCES VEBO BDB01D 100 Unit Vdc Adc Watt mW/C Watt mW/C C Characteristic Thermal.

HYB314100BJBJL-50 : 4m X 1-bit Dynamic RAM Low Power 4m X 1-bit Dynamic RAM. 194 304 words by 1-bit organization 70 C operating temperature Fast Page Mode Operation Performance: ns RAS access time CAS access time Access time from address Read/Write cycle time Fast page mode cycle time Single V ) supply with a built-in Vbb generator Low power dissipation max. 252 mW active (-50 version) max. 216 mW active (-60 version) max.

LH0002 : Buffer (obsolete). The is a general purpose buffer Its make it ideal to integrate with operational amplifiers inside a closed loop configuration to increase current output The symmetrical output portion of the circuit also provides a low output impedance for both the positive and negative slopes of output pulses The LH0002 is available 8-lead TO-99 can The LH0002C is available.

LM224D : ti LM224, Quadruple Operational Amplifier. LM324KA) Wide Range of Supply Voltages: Single Supply. V) or Dual Supplies Low Supply-Current Drain Independent of Supply Voltage. 0.8 mA Typ Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Ground, Allowing Direct Sensing Near Ground Low Input Bias and Offset Parameters: - Input Offset Voltage. 3 mV Typ A Versions. 2 mV Typ - Input Offset Current. 2 nA Typ - Input.

MSK1933-0 : Video Amplifier, 22 Pin Dip/flatpack. ULTRA HIGH SPEED/VOLTAGE NEGATIVE OUTPUT VIDEO AMPLIFIER Low Cost Complete Amplifier System 100Vpp Output Signal Into 10pF Ultra Fast Transition Times: @ 50Vpp User Adjustable Contrast and Brightness TTL Compatible Blanking On Board DC Reference Output Customized Versions Readily Available with Three Lead Bend Options The MSK 1933 Series of High Speed,.

OP27 : Low Noise, Precision Operational Amplifier. Low Noise: 80 nV p-p to 10 Hz), 3 nV/Hz Low Drift: V/ C High Speed: V/ s Slew Rate, 8 MHz Gain Bandwidth Low VOS: 10 V Excellent CMRR: 11 V High Open-Loop Gain: 1.8 Million Fits OP07, 5534A Sockets Available in Die Form GENERAL The OP27 precision operational amplifier combines the low offset and drift of the OP07 with both high speed and low noise.

TDA8575 : Ground Noise ISOlation Amplifier. Preliminary File under Integrated Circuits, IC01 1996 Jul 29 High common mode rejection up to high frequencies Reduced dependency of common mode rejection on source resistance Low distortion Low noise AC and DC short-circuit safe Few external components ESD protected on all pins. GENERAL The is a two channel amplifier with differential input and single-ended.

TLC27L4B : Linear CMOS Quad op Amp: Quad. The TLC27L4 and TLC27L9 quad operational amplifiers combine a wide range of input offset voltage grades with low offset voltage drift, high input impedance, extremely low power, and high gain. These devices use Texas instruments silicon-gate LinCMOSTM technology, which provides offset voltage stability far exceeding the stability available with conventional.

TLC27M4 : Linear CMOS Quad op Amp: Quad. Trimmed Offset Voltage: 900 V Max = 25C, VDD 5 V Input Offset Voltage Drift. Typically 0.1 V/Month, Including the First 30 Days Wide Range of Supply Voltages Over Specified Temperature Range: 16 V Single-Supply Operation Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Extends Below the Negative Rail (C-Suffix, I-Suffix Types) Low Noise. Typically 32 nV/Hz = 1 kHz Low Power.

TLV320AC56 : 3v Voice-band Audio Processors (vbap). Single 3-V Operation Low Power Consumption: Operating Mode. 20 mW Typ Standby Mode. 5 mW Typ Power-Down Mode. 2 mW Typ Combined A/D, D/A, and Filters Extended Variable-Frequency Operation Sample Rates to 16 kHz Passband to 7.2 kHz Electret Microphone Bias Reference Voltage Available Drive a Piezo Speaker Directly Compatible With All Digital.

TPIC5424L : H-bridge Logic-level Power Dmos Array. Low rDS(on). 0.4 Typ High-Voltage Output. 60 V Pulsed Current. 3 A Per Channel Fast Commutation Speed Direct Logic-Level Interface The is a monolithic logic-level power DMOS array that consists of four electrically isolated N-channel enhancement-mode DMOS transistors, two of which are configured with a common source. The TPIC5424L is offered a 16-pin.

TPS2021 : Switch/Driver Combo. Power-distribution Switches. 33-m (5-V Input) High-Side MOSFET Switch Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection Overcurrent Logic Output Operating Range. 5.5 V Logic-Level Enable Input Typical Rise Time. 6.1 ms Undervoltage Lockout Maximum Standby Supply Current. A No Drain-Source Back-Gate Diode Available in 8-pin SOIC and PDIP Packages Ambient Temperature Range, 85C 2-kV Human-Body-Model,.

UC1826 : Power. Secondary Side Average Current Mode Controller. Secondary Side Average Current Mode Controller Practical Secondary Side Control of Isolated Power Supplies 1MHz Operation Tailored Loop Bandwidth Provides Excellent Noise Immunity Voltage Feedforward Provides Superior Transient Response Accurate Programmable Maximum Duty Cycle Multiple Chips Can be Synchronized to Fastest Oscillator Wide Gain Bandwidth.

UPC8109TB : Silicon Mmic 2.0 GHZ Frequency Up-converter For Cellular/cordless Telephones.

VP1410A : Quikvoice Digital Sound Chip. High quality voice & sound generation 10 messages with direct trigger pins Playback-only with external EPROM or ROM Stand-alone operation x 8 direct memory addressing, expandable Single 5V DC supply voltage Low power consumption Internal RC oscillator or external clock Continuous Variable Slope Delta (CVSD) modulation Sampling rate from to 128 Kbps.

X9C303 : Digitally Controlled Potentiometer (XDCP™). Solid-state potentiometer Three-wire serial interface 100 wiper tap points --Wiper position stored in nonvolatile memory and recalled on power-up 99 resistive elements, log taper --Temperature compensated --End to end resistance, 15% --Terminal voltages, 5V Low power CMOS --VCC = 5V --Active current, 3mA max. --Standby current, 750A max. High reliability.

HMC552LP4 : GaAs MMIC MIXER w/ INTEGRATED LO AMPLIFIER, 1.6 - 3.0 GHz Typical Applications The HMC552LP4 / HMC552LP4E is ideal for Wireless Infrastructure Applications: PCS / 3G Infrastructure Base Stations & Repeaters WiMAX & WiBro ISM & Fixed Wireless General Functional Diagram The HMC552LP4 & HMC552LP4E are high linearity, double-balanced converter ICs that.

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