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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Comparators
DescriptionCMOS Msi ( Programmable Dual op Amp / Dual Comparator
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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MC14574P CMOS Msi ( Programmable Dual op Amp / Dual Comparator
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MC14575D CMOS Msi ( Programmable Dual op Amp / Dual Comparator
MC14576AP Dual Video Amplifiers
MC14577AP Dual Video Amplifiers
MC14578 Smoke Comparator
MC14578 Smoke Detector
MC14578D MC14578 Micro-power Comparator Plus Voltage Follower
MC14580BCL 4 X 4 Multiport Register
MC14581BCL 4-bit Arithmetic Logic Unit
MC14582BCL Look-ahead Carry Block

1N4001 : Axial Lead Standard Recovery Rectifier

MC14078BCL : 8-input NOR GATE

MC33065L :

MC79L18ABD : Three-terminal Low Current Negative Fixed Voltage Regulators

MPC940LFA : CMOS Output Fanout Buffers Documentation

MZP4745 : 1.0 WATT Surmetic 30 Silicon Zener Diodes

MC14751BCP : Hex Non-inverting 3-state Buffer

SG2007 : Electrohydraulic Braking

SC912XDP512J1CFUR : Covers, S12xd, S12xb & S12xa Families

MMA7341LT : 3g, 11g Three Axis Low-g Micromachined Accelerometer

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AD534J : -. Pretrimmed to 0.25% max 4-Quadrant Error (AD534L) All Inputs (X, Y and Z) Differential, High Impedance for + Z2 Transfer Function Scale-Factor Adjustable to Provide to X100 Gain Low Noise Design: 90 V rms, 10 Hz10 kHz Low Cost, Monolithic Construction Excellent Long Term Stability APPLICATIONS High Quality Analog Signal Processing Differential Ratio.

AD8307 : Low Cost DC-500 Mhz, 92 DB Logarithmic Amplifier. Complete Multistage Logarithmic Amplifier 92 dB Dynamic Range: 75 dBm to +17 dBm to 90 dBm Using Matching Network Single Supply 2.7 V Min 7.5 mA Typical DC-500 MHz Operation, 1 dB Linearity Slope of 25 mV/dB, Intercept of 84 dBm Highly Stable Scaling Over Temperature Fully Differential DC-Coupled Signal Path 100 ns Power-Up Time, 150 A Sleep Current.

AMSop77 : Ultra Low Offset Voltage Operational Amplifier. APPLICATIONS High-Gain Instrumentation Precision Data Acquisition Precision Integrators Precision Threshold Detectors Biomedical Amplifiers Outstanding Linearity Low VOS overTemperature. 55 V Max Excellent VOS Drift. 0.6 V/ C Max Ultra High Gain.5000V/mV Min High PSRR3 V/V Max Low Power Consumption.60mW Max The is a precision operational amplifier.

CGY93P : GSM 2 Stage Power Amplifier Mmic. Power amplifier for GSM application 2 stage amplifier Overall power added efficiency 55% ESD: Electrostatic discharge sensitive device, observe handling precautions! Maximum Ratings Positive supply voltage Negative supply voltage Supply current stage 1 Supply current stage 2 Channel temperature Storage temperature RF input power Total power dissipation.

DS1267 : Dual Digital Potentiometer Chip. Ultra-low power consumption, quiet, pumpless design Two digitally controlled, 256-position potentiometers Serial port provides means for setting and reading both potentiometers Resistors can be connected in series to provide increased total resistance 14-pin DIP, 16-pin SOIC, 20-pin TSSOP packages Resistive elements are temperature compensated.

HA-2515 : 12mhz, High Input Impedance, op Amp. is a high performance operational amplifier which sets the standards for maximum slew rate, highest accuracy and widest bandwidths for internally compensated devices. In addition to excellent dynamic characteristics, this dielectrically isolated amplifier also offers low offset current and high input impedance. The 60V/s slew rate and 250ns (0.1%).

HYB314100BJBJL-50 : 4m X 1-bit Dynamic RAM Low Power 4m X 1-bit Dynamic RAM. 194 304 words by 1-bit organization 70 C operating temperature Fast Page Mode Operation Performance: ns RAS access time CAS access time Access time from address Read/Write cycle time Fast page mode cycle time Single V ) supply with a built-in Vbb generator Low power dissipation max. 252 mW active (-50 version) max. 216 mW active (-60 version) max.

KTY82-2 : KTY82-2 Series; Silicon Temperature Sensors. Product Supersedes data of 1996 Dec 05 File under Discrete Semiconductors, SC17 1998 Mar 26 The temperature sensors in the KTY82-2 series have a positive temperature coefficient of resistance and are suitable for use in measurement and control systems. The sensors are encapsulated in the small plastic SMD SOT23 package. Tolerances 0.5% or other special.

LT1226 : LT1226, Low Noise Very High Speed Operational Amplifier (Av => 25).

LT1797 : LT1797, 10MHz, Rail-to-rail Input And Output op Amp in SOT-23. Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Small SOT-23 Package Gain Bandwidth Product: to 85C Operation Slew Rate: 2.25V/s Low Input Offset Voltage: 1.5mV Max High Output Current: 25mA Min Specified 3V, 5V and 5V Supplies High Voltage Gain: 1000V/mV 10k Load High CMRR: 88dB Min High PSRR: 80dB Min Input Bias Current: 300nA Max Input Offset Current: 25nA Max The is a unity-gain.

LTC1050ACN : Precision Chopper Stabilized Operational Amplifier With Internal Capacitors.

M51203 : Voltage Comparator.

MAX4051 : Low-Voltage, CMOS Analog Multiplexers/switches. The MAX4051/MAX4052/MAX4053 and MAX4051A/ MAX4052A/MAX4053A are low-voltage, CMOS analog ICs configured an 8-channel multiplexer (MAX4051/A), two 4-channel multiplexers (MAX4052/A), and three single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) switches (MAX4053/A). The A-suffix parts are fully characterized for on-resistance match, on-resistance flatness, and low leakage.

NJM2273 : Multiplexers. 3 Input 1mute Video Switch.

UCC1809-1 : Power. Economy Primary Side Controller. User Programmable Soft Start With Active Low Shutdown User Programmable Maximum Duty Cycle Accessible 5V Reference Undervoltage Lockout Operation 0.4A Source/0.8A Sink FET Driver Low 100A Startup Current The UCC3809 family of BCDMOS economy low power integrated circuits contains all the control and drive circuitry required for off-line and isolated.

UPC2748TB : 3 v, Super Minimold Silicon Mmic Amplifier For Mobile Commumications. 3 V, SUPER MINIMOLD SILICON MMIC AMPLIFIER FOR MOBILE COMMUMICATIONS The PC2747TB, PC2748TB are silicon monolithic integrated circuits designed as amplifier for mobile communications. These ICs are packaged in super minimold package which is smaller than conventional minimold. The PC2747TB, PC2748TB have compatible pin connections and performance.

LMH6574 : 4:1 High Speed Video Multiplexer The LMH6574 is a high performance analog multiplexer optimized for professional grade video and other high fidelity high bandwidth analog applications. The output amplifier selects any one of four buffered input signals based on the state of the two address bits. The LMH6574 provides a 400 MHz bandwidth at 2 VPP output.

AD5259 : Nonvolatile, I2C Compatible 256-Position, Digital Potentiometer The AD5259 provides a compact, nonvolatile 3 mm x 4.9 mm packaged solution for 256-position adjustment applications. These devices perform the same electronic adjustment function as mechanical potentiometers1 or variable resistors, but with enhanced resolution and solid-state reliability.

LMV841 : The ADC14V155 is a high-performance CMOS analog-to-digital converter with LVDS outputs. It is capable of converting analog input signals into 14-Bit digital words at rates up to 155 Mega Samples Per Second (MSPS). Data leaves the chip in a DDR (Dual Data rate) Format; this allows both edges of the output clock to be utilized while achieving a smaller.

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