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TitleVisible Laser
DescriptionIngaasp Mqw-dfb Laser Diode With ea Modulator
CompanyMitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Notice : This is not a final specification Some parametric limits are subject to change.

DFB laser diode integrated with EA (Electro-Absorption) modulator 2.5Gb/s long-haul transmission over 700km High side-mode-suppression-ratio (typical 40dB) High extinction ratio Optional wavelength in range 1560nm is available


ML9XX17 series are DFB (Distributed Feedback) laser diodes with a monolithcally integrated EA (Electro-Absorption) modulator emitting light beam at 1550nm. The laser is suitable to a light source for use in ultra-long-haul transmission over 700km.


Symbol IF VRL VEA Tc Tstg Parameter Laser forward current Laser reverse voltage Modulator voltage Case temperature Storage temperature Conditions CW Ratings Unit mA V deg.C

Symbol Ith Iop Vop Wp Parameter Thereshold current Operation current Operating voltage Test conditions CW,Vmod=0V CW,Po=5mW,Vmod=0V Min. 10 35 Typ. Max Unit V nm deg. mW GHz dB psec nm dB

Peak wavelength CW,Po=5mW,Vmod=0V Beam divergence angle (parallel) CW,Po=5mW,Vmod=0V Beam divergence angle (perpendicular) Monitoring output Cutoff frequency (-3dB) Extinction Ratio Rise and fall time(10%-90%) Side mode suppression ratio Wavelength Excursion Power penalty 2.48832Gb/s,NRZ,PRBS2 -1 If=Iop - 2.5V


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