Details, datasheet, quote on part number: FU-68PDF-V520M105B
Description1.58 um ( L-band ) Dfb-ld Module With Polarization Maintaining Fiber Pigtail ( Wavelength Selected, Bias Circuit Integrated, Digital Application )
CompanyMitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
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Features, Applications


DESCRIPTION Module type a 1.58m (L-Band) DFB-LD module with polarization maintaining optical fiber. This module is suitable a CW light source for external modulator for use in 2.5Gb/s and 10Gb/s digital optical communication systems. This module is prepared to expand the wavelength channels into L-Band for Dense-WDM transmission. FEATURES l Multi quantum wells (MQW) DFB Laser Diode module (100GHz spacing) l Input impedance 25 l Emission wavelength in 1.58m band l Polarization maintaining optical fiber pig-tail l Built-in optical isolator l Built-in thermal electric cooler l Butterfly package l With photodiode for optical output monitor APPLICATION High speed transmission systems (~10Gb/s) Dense-WDM systems OPTION l Wavelength option: 1565nm~1625nm are available ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tld=Tset) Parameter Symbol Conditions Rating Unit Laser diode Optical output 24 mW power Forward current 150 mA Reverse voltage Vrl 2 V Photodiode Reverse voltage Vrd 20 V Forward current Ifd 2 mA ThermoCooler current Ipe 1.3 A electric cooler Cooler voltage Vpe 3.1 V (Note) Operating case temperature Tc C Storage temperature Tstg C Note) Even if the thermo-electric cooler (TEC) is operated within the rated conditions, uncontrolled current loading or operation without heatsink may easily damage the module by exceeding the storage temperature range. Thermistor resistance should be properly monitored by the feedback circuit during TEC operation to avoid the catastrophic damage.

ELECTRICAL/OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tld=Tset, Tc=25 C unless otherwise noted) Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Limits Min. Typ. Threshold current Ith CW 10 Operating current Iop CW, Pf=20mW Operating voltage Vop CW, Pf=20mW Input impedance Zin Pf=20mW 25 CW, Pf=20mW (Note 1) Light-emission central c wavelength -1 Central wavelength drift with c/Tc Tc=-20~70 C case temp. Laser operating temperature Tset 15 Spectral line width CW, Pf=20mW f Side mode suppression ratio Sr CW, 33 40 Cutoff frequency 2 (-1.5dB optical) Polarization extinction ratio Ex CW, 20 25 Relative intensity noise Nr CW, -155 0.5~3GHz Tracking error Tc=-20~70 C, (Note 2) APC, ATC Differential efficiency CW, Pf=20mW 0.15 Monitor current Optical isolation Imon Iso CW, Vrd=5V, f=1MHz

Dark current (PD) Id Capacitance (PD) Ct Note 1) See Table 1. Note / Pf@25C)|

THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tld=Tset, Tc=-20~70C) Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Thermistor resistance B constant of Rth Cooling capacity Cooler current Rth B T Ipe Tc=65 C, Tld=Tset Tc=70 C, Tld=Tset Tc=65 C, Tld=Tset Tc=70 C, Tld=Tset Min. 55 -

FIBER PIGTAIL SPECIFICATIONS Parameter Type Mode field diameter Cladding diameter Secondary coating outer diameter Polarization axis Connector Optical return loss of connector Note 3) PMF - Sumitomo Panda fiber (PM-155)

Limits PM (Note slow axis FC/PC 40 (min)

DOCUMENTATION (Tld=Tset) Fiber output power vs. Laser forward current at Tld=Tset and Tc=-20,25,70 C Threshold current (Ith) Laser forward current (Iop) at Pf=20mW Laser forward voltage (Vop) at Pf=20mW Laser operating temperature (Tset) at c (Note 4) Monitor current (Imon) at Pf=20mW Thermistor resistance (Rth) Cooler current (Ipe) at Pf=20mW and Tc=70C Cooler voltage (Vpe) at Pf=20mW and Tc=70C Note 4) Tset is attached as a reference data. Rth should be used in order to tune the wavelength to the specified value accurately.


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