Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MLL14KESD10
CategoryDiscrete => TVS (Transient Transient Voltage Suppressors)
DescriptionTransient Voltage Suppressor, Package : DO-213AB
CompanyMicrosemi Corporation
DatasheetDownload MLL14KESD10 datasheet
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MLL14KESD10A Transient Voltage Suppressor, Package : DO-213AB
MLL14KESD50 Surface Mount
MLL14KESD51 Transient Voltage Suppressor, Package : DO-213AB
MLL14KESD65 Surface Mount
MLL14KESD7.0 Transient Voltage Suppressor, Package : DO-213AB
MLL14KESD80 Surface Mount
MLL14KESD85 Transient Voltage Suppressor, Package : DO-213AB

1N2806B : Zener Voltage Regulator Diode, Package : TO-3

1N3339A : Zener Voltage Regulator Diode, Package : DO-5

1N6101J : Diode Array, Package : Dip

JANTXV1N6074 : Ultra Fast Rectifier (less Than 100ns), Package : a

2N6987JAN : Multiple PNP Silicon Switching Transistor

689-2P : Rectifiers Assemblies

JANTX1N4578AUR-1-3 : Silicon 500 mW Zener Diodes

JAN1N4370B-1 : Silicon 400 mW Zener Diodes

1N4582ATR : 6.4 Volt Temperature Compensated Zener Reference Diodes

JAN1N5529CUR : 1500 WATT Unidirectional Transient Voltage Suppressor

2EZ3.6D5DO41E3 : Diode - Zener - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 80A @ 1V 3.6V 2W Through Hole; DIODE ZENER 3.6V 2W DO-41 Specifications: Voltage - Zener (Nom) (Vz): 3.6V ; Power - Max: 2W ; Impedance (Max) (Zzt): 5 Ohm ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If: 1.2V @ 200mA ; Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr: 80A @ 1V ; Tolerance: 5% ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Package / Case: DO-204AL, DO-41, Axial ; Packaging: Cut Tap

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2SB806 : PNP Silicon Epitaxial Transistor Power Mini Mold.

FGH40N6S2 : 600V, SMPS ii Series N-channel Igbt. The FGH40N6S2, FGP40N6S2 and the FGB40N6S2 are Low Gate Charge, Low Plateau Voltage SMPS II IGBTs combining the fast switching speed of the SMPS IGBTs along with lower gate charge, plateau voltage and avalanche capability (UIS). These LGC devices shorten delay times, and reduce the power requirement of the gate drive. These devices are ideally suited.

GF9926 : Dual N-channel Enhancement-mode MOSFET. Case: SO-8 molded plastic body Terminals: Leads solderable per MIL-STD-750, Method 2026 High temperature soldering guaranteed: 250C/10 seconds at terminals Mounting Position: Any Weight: 0.5g Advanced Trench Process Technology High Density Cell Design for Ultra Low On-Resistance Fast Switching Logic Level Ideal for Li ion battery pack applications.

MSASC150H45A. : Schottky Rectifier, Package : Coolpack1. Platinum/Tungsten schottky barrier for low forward voltage drop Oxide passivated structure for very low leakage currents Guard ring protection for increased reverse energy capability Epitaxial structure minimizes forward voltage drop Hermetically sealed, low profile ceramic surface mount power package Low package inductance Very low thermal resistance.

SML100EUZ03L : Screening Options Available = ;; Package = TO264AA ;; Type = C3 Enhanced Ultrafast Diode ;; Voltage (V) = 300V ;; Current (A) = 100A ;; VF(cont) = 1.55V ;; Trr(typ) = 55ns.

DCR1840Y85 : i2 Phase Control SCRs (Thyristors) - 8500V he SCR (thyristor) voltages shown below represent the maximum for each group. Each table shows the voltage range for each SCR (thyristor) type in ascending current order. To view other SCRs (thyristors) click on the required maximum voltage shown below..

BUR24R1 : 30 A, 400 V, NPN, Si, POWER TRANSISTOR, TO-204AA. s: Polarity: NPN ; Package Type: TO-3, HERMETIC SEALED, METAL, TO-3, 2 PIN.

GBP310 : 1.8 A, 1000 V, SILICON, BRIDGE RECTIFIER DIODE. s: Diode Type: BRIDGE RECTIFIER DIODE ; Diode Applications: Rectifier ; IF: 160000 mA ; VBR: 1000 volts ; Package: GREEN, PLASTIC, GBP, 4 PIN ; Pin Count: 4 ; Number of Diodes: 4.

MBR7H35-E3 : 7.5 A, 35 V, SILICON, RECTIFIER DIODE, TO-220AC. s: Rectifier Configuration / Technology: Schottky ; Package: PLASTIC PACKAGE-2 ; Number of Diodes: 1 ; VRRM: 35 volts ; IF: 7500 mA ; RoHS Compliant: RoHS.

MMZ1005A152ET000 : 1 FUNCTIONS, 0.1 A, FERRITE CHIP. s: Bead Form Factor: Chip ; Devices in Package: 1 ; Rated DC Current: 100 milliamps ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F).

NK3 : RESISTOR, METAL FILM, 0.25 W, 2; 5 %, 100 ppm, 1 ohm - 1500000 ohm, THROUGH HOLE MOUNT. s: Category / Application: General Use ; Technology / Construction: MetalFilm ; Mounting / Packaging: ThroughHole, Axial Leads, AXIAL LEADED, ROHS COMPLIANT ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 155 C (-67 to 311 F).

SH1L : 1 A, 50 V, SILICON, SIGNAL DIODE. s: Package: SOD-123, ROHS COMPLIANT, SOD-123FL, 2 PIN ; Number of Diodes: 1 ; IF: 1000 mA ; RoHS Compliant: RoHS.

10ME130UAX : CAPACITOR, ALUMINUM ELECTROLYTIC, NON SOLID, POLARIZED, 10 V, 130 uF, THROUGH HOLE MOUNT. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Leaded Capacitor ; : Polarized ; Capacitance Range: 130 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 20 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 10 volts ; Leakage Current: 13 microamps ; Mounting Style: Through Hole ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 105 C (-67 to 221 F).

2N6274-JQR : 50 A, 100 V, NPN, Si, POWER TRANSISTOR, TO-204AE. s: Polarity: NPN ; Package Type: TO-3, HERMETIC SEALED, METAL, TO-3, 2 PIN.

8143R10KT5L.25CT : RES,TAPPED,CARBON COMPOSITION,10K OHMS,10% +/-TOL. s: Potentiometer Type: Standard Potentiometer.

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