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CategoryPower Management => Protection and Isolation
DescriptionComplete, ISOlated RS-485/RS-422 Data Interface
CompanyMaxim Integrated Products
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Features, Applications

The MAX1480A/MAX1480B/MAX1480C/MAX1490A/ MAX1490B are complete, electrically isolated, RS-485/ RS-422 data-communications interface solutions in a hybrid microcircuit. Transceivers, optocouplers, and a transformer provide a complete interface in a standard DIP package. A single +5V supply on the logic side powers both sides of the interface. The MAX1480B/MAX1480C/MAX1490B feature reducedslew-rate drivers that minimize EMI and reduce reflections caused by improperly terminated cables, allowing error-free data transmission at data rates to 250kbps. The MAX1480A/MAX1490A driver slew rate is not limited, allowing transmission rates to 2.5Mbps. The MAX1480A/B/C are designed for half-duplex communication, while the MAX1490A/B feature full-duplex communication. Drivers are short-circuit current limited and protected against excessive power dissipation by thermal shutdown circuitry that places the driver outputs into a highimpedance state. The receiver input has a fail-safe feature that guarantees a known output (RO low for the MAX1480A/B/C, RO high for the MAX1490A/B/C) if the input is open circuit. The MAX1480A/MAX1480B/MAX1480C/MAX1490A/ MAX1490B typically withstand 1600VRMS (1 minute) 2000VRMS (1 second). Their isolated outputs meet all RS-485/RS-422 specifications. The MAX1480A/B/C are available a 28-pin DIP package, and the MAX1490A/B are available a 24-pin DIP package.

o Isolated Data Interface, Typically 1600VRMS (1 minute) o Slew-Rate Limited for Errorless Data Transmission (MAX1480B/MAX1480C/MAX1490B) o High-Speed, Isolated, 2.5Mbps RS-485/RS-422 Interface (MAX1480A/MAX1490A) o Full-Duplex Data Communication to +12V Common-Mode Input Voltage Range with Respect to Isolated Ground o Single +5V Supply o Current Limiting and Thermal Shutdown for Driver Overload Protection o Standard 0.6" DIP Package: 28-Pin DIP (MAX1480A/B/C) 24-Pin DIP (MAX1490A/B)

PART MAX1480ACPI MAX1480AEPI TEMP RANGE to +85C PIN-PACKAGE 28 Wide Plastic DIP 28 Wide Plastic DIP

Ordering Information continued at end of data sheet. Data rate for "A" parts to 2.5Mbps. Data rate for "B" and "C" parts to 250kbps.


Isolated RS-485/RS-422 Data Interface Transceivers for EMI-Sensitive Applications Industrial-Control Local Area Networks Automatic Test Equipment HVAC/Building Control Networks

For free samples and the latest literature, visit or phone 1-800-998-8800. For small orders, phone 1-800-835-8769.

With Respect to GND_ Supply Voltage to +6V Control Input Voltage (SD, FS)...............-0.3V to (VCC_ + 0.3V) Receiver Output Voltage (RO, RO)........-0.3V to (VCC_ + 0.3V) Output Switch Voltage (D1, D2)........................................+12V With Respect to ISO COM_ Control Input Voltage (ISO DE_ )....-0.3V to (ISO VCC_ + 0.3V) Driver Input Voltage (ISO DI_ ).......-0.3V to (ISO VCC_ + 0.3V) Receiver Output Voltage (ISO RO_)...-0.3V to (ISO VCC_ + 0.3V) Driver Output Voltage (A, to +12.5V Receiver Input Voltage (A, to +12.5V LED Forward Current (DI, DE, ISO RO LED)......................50mA Continuous Power Dissipation (TA +70C) 24-Pin Plastic DIP (derate 8.7mWC above +70C).....696mW 28-Pin Plastic DIP (derate 9.09mW/C above +70C)..727mW Operating Temperature Ranges to +85C Storage Temperature to +160C Lead Temperature (soldering, 10s).................................+300C

Stresses beyond those listed under "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.

(VCC_ 5V 10%, VFS = VCC_, TA = TMIN to TMAX, unless otherwise noted. Typical values are at VCC_ = 5V and = +25C.) (Notes 1, 2)

PARAMETER Switch Frequency SYMBOL fSWL fSWH VFS FS = VCC_ or open MAX1480A, DE = VCC_ or open MAX1480B, DE = VCC_ or open Operating Supply Current ICC MAX1480C, DE = VCC_ or open MAX1490A MAX1490B Shutdown Supply Current (Note 3) Shutdown Input Threshold Shutdown Input Leakage Current FS Input Threshold FS Input Pullup Current FS Input Leakage Current Input High Voltage Input Low Voltage Isolation Resistance Isolation Capacitance Differential Driver Output (No Load) VIH VIL RISO CISO VOD1 VFSH VFSL High Low FS low FS high DE, DI DE, DI = +25C, VISO = +25C, VISO = 50VDC VCC_ ISHDN VSDH VSDL SD = VCC_ High Low , +25C only , +25C only , +25C only , +25C only , +25C only = 54 CONDITIONS MIN TYP 45 90 MAX UNITS kHz

(VCC_ 5V 10%, VFS = VCC_, TA = TMIN to TMAX, unless otherwise noted. Typical values are at VCC_ = 5V and = +25C.) (Notes 1, 2)

PARAMETER Differential Driver Output (With Load) Change in Magnitude of Differential Output Voltage for Complementary Output States Driver Common-Mode Output Voltage SYMBOL VOD2 VOD CONDITIONS 27 (RS-485), Figure or 50, Figure 4 Differential Common mode MIN mA V TYP MAX UNITS V

Receiver Input Resistance Receiver Differential Threshold Voltage Receiver Input Hysteresis Receiver Output/Receiver Output Low Voltage Receiver Output/Receiver Output High Current Driver Short-Circuit Current

-7V VCM 12V -7V VCM 12V VCM = 0V Using resistor values listed in Tables 1 and 2 VOUT VO 12V (Note 4)

(VCC_ FS = VCC_, TA = TMIN to TMAX, unless otherwise noted. Typical values are at VCC_ = 5V and = +25C.)

PARAMETER Driver Input to Output Propagation Delay Driver Output Skew Driver Rise or Fall Time Driver Enable to Output High (MAX1480A Only) Driver Enable to Output Low (MAX1480A Only) Driver Disable Time from Low (MAX1480A Only) Driver Disable Time from High (MAX1480A Only) Receiver Input to Output Propagation Delay SYMBOL tPLH tPHL tSKEW tR, tF tZH tZL tLZ tHZ tPLH tPHL CONDITIONS Figures 5 and 7, RDIFF = 100pF Figures 5 and 7, RDIFF = 100pF Figures 5 and 7, RDIFF = 100pF Figures 6 and 100pF, S2 closed Figures 6 and 100pF, S1 closed Figures 6 and 15pF, S1 closed Figures 6 and 15pF, S2 closed Figures 5 and 10, RDIFF = 100pF MIN TYP MAX UNITS s ns


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