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CategoryInterface and Interconnect => SCSI
DescriptionPci to Ultra160 Scsi Controller Technical Manual V2.1 5/01
CompanyLSI Logic Corporation
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This document contains proprietary information of LSI Logic Corporation. The information contained herein is not to be used by or disclosed to third parties without the express written permission of an officer of LSI Logic Corporation. LSI Logic products are not intended for use in life-support appliances, devices, or systems. Use of any LSI Logic product in such applications without written consent of the appropriate LSI Logic officer is prohibited. Document DB14-000152-03, Third Edition (May 2001). This document describes the LSI Logic LSI53C1000R PCI to Ultra160 SCSI Controller and will remain the official reference source for all revisions/releases of this product until rescinded by an update. To receive product literature, visit us at LSI Logic Corporation reserves the right to make changes to any products herein at any time without notice. LSI Logic does not assume any responsibility or liability arising out of the application or use of any product described herein, except as expressly agreed to in writing by LSI Logic; nor does the purchase or use of a product from LSI Logic convey a license under any patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, or any other of the intellectual property rights of LSI Logic or third parties. Ultra/Ultra2/Ultra3/Ultra160 SCSI are terms used by the SCSI Trade Association (STA) to describe various SCSI specifications. Refer to the subsection entitled "Related Publications," for additional information on SCSI specifications. Copyright 2000­2001 by LSI Logic Corporation. All rights reserved. TRADEMARK ACKNOWLEDGMENT The LSI Logic logo design, TolerANT, SCRIPTS, SURElink, SDMS, and LVD Link are registered trademarks or trademarks of LSI Logic Corporation. All other brand and product names may be trademarks of their respective companies. AP/HH

This book is the primary reference and technical manual for the LSI Logic LSI53C1000R PCI to Ultra160 SCSI Controller. It contains a complete functional description for the product and includes complete physical and electrical specifications.

Audience This document was prepared for system designers and programmers who are using this device to design an Ultra160 SCSI port for PCI-based personal computers, workstations, servers, or embedded applications.

Organization This document has the following chapters and appendixes:

Chapter 1, Introduction, describes the general information about the LSI53C1000R. Chapter 2, Functional Description, describes the main functional areas of the chip in greater detail, including the interfaces to the SCSI bus and external memory. Chapter 3, Signal Descriptions, contains the pin diagram and signal descriptions. Chapter 4, Registers, describes each bit in the operating registers, and is organized by register address. Chapter 5, SCSI SCRIPTS Instruction Set, defines all of the SCSI SCRIPTS instructions that are supported by the LSI53C1000R. Chapter 6, Specifications, contains the electrical characteristics and AC timing diagrams. Appendix A, Register Summary, is a register summary.


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