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CategoryInterface and Interconnect => SCSI => SCSI bus expanders and enclosure
TitleSCSI bus expanders and enclosure
DescriptionEnclosure Services Processor Programming Guide V1.1 12/00
CompanyLSI Logic Corporation
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LSI53C1000 Pci to Ultra160 Scsi Controller Technical Manual V2.1 2/01
LSI53C1000R Pci to Ultra160 Scsi Controller Technical Manual V2.1 5/01
LSI53C1010-33 Pci to Dual Channel Ultra160 Scsi Multifunction Controller Technical Manual V3.2 2/01
LSI53C1010-66 Pci to Dual Channel Ultra160 Scsi Multifunction Controller Technical Manual V2.1 2/01
LSI53C1020 Pci-x to Ultra320 Scsi Controller Technical Manual V2.1 6/03
LSI53C1030 Pci-x to Dual Channel Ultra320 Scsi Multifunction Controller Technical Manual V2.1 6/03
LSI53C120 Ultra Scsi Bus Expander Technical Manual V1.0 8/01
LSI53C140 Ultra2 Scsi Bus Expander Technical Manual V2.1 9/01
LSI53C141 Scsi Bus Expander Technical Manual V2.1 11/00
LSI53C1510 I2O-Ready Pci Raid Ultra2 Scsi Controller Technical Manual V2.2 4/01
LSI53C180 Ultra160 Scsi Bus Expander Technical Manual V1.3 6/01
LSI53C320 Ultra320 Scsi Bus Expander Technical Manual V2.1 5/03
LSI53C770 Ultra Scsi I/o Processor Technical Manual V2.1 3/01
LSI53C810A Pci to Scsi I/o Processor Technical Manual V2.1 3/01
LSI53C825A Pci to Ultra Scsi I/o Processor Technical Manual V3.1 1/01
LSI53C860 Pci to Ultra Scsi I/o Processor Technical Manual V2.1 4/01
LSI53C875 Pci to Ultra Scsi I/o Processor Technical Manual V4.2 4/03

80C24 : Autoduplex(tm) CMOS Ethernet Interface Adapter

AVIA-9600 :

L8101 :

LSI53C1010-33 : SCSI integrated circuits Pci to Dual Channel Ultra160 Scsi Multifunction Controller Technical Manual V3.2 2/01


NCR90C126 :

NQ80C24 : Autoduplex(tm) CMOS Ethernet Interface Adapter

SYM40909 : Symbios Host Adapters

SYM53C860 : Controller Single-chip High-performance Pci-ultra Scsi (fast-20) I/o Processor

SYM85C266 :

RC11XT416 : RapidChip Xtreme Platform ASIC

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DC2003 : USB Peripheral Controllers. Usb High Speed (480Mbits/sec) Controller With an Ide Interface Built In..

DS75176BT : DS75453 - DS75450, DS75451, DS75452, DS75453, DS75454 Dual Peripheral Driver Life-time Buy , Package: Soic Narrow, Pin Nb=8.

DS7830 : General Purpose Drivers. DS7830 - Dual Differential Line Drivers, Package: Cerdip, Pin Nb=14.

eKK8301 : Keyboard Controller.

IMP528 : High-voltage el Lamp Driver. The is an Electroluminescent (EL) lamp driver with the four EL lamp driving functions on-chip. These are the switch-mode power supply, its high-frequency oscillator, the high-voltage H-bridge lamp driver and its low-frequency oscillator. The IMP528 drives EL lamps to 50nF capacitance to high brightness; EL lamps with capacitances greater than 50nF can be driven,.

IR2153 : Half Bridge Driver, lo in Phase With RT, Programmable Oscillating Frequency, 1.2us Deadtime in a 8-lead Pdip Package.

LB11817 : . The is a spindle motor driver for use in slimshaped FDDs that use 5 V power supply. Three-phase full-wave linear drive Low saturation voltage Built-in digital speed control Start/stop circuit (active low) Speed switching Current limiter Index processing circuit The index timing can be adjustment with a variable resistor. Thermal protection circuit s Parameter.

LC74792 : . The is a CMOS IC that provides PDC, VPS, and UDT data acquisition functions. The LC74792/JM supports microprocessor control of its operating modes and microprocessor read out of data acquired in any of its operating modes. VPS data acquisition to 15 bytes) VPS: Video Program System PDC (8/30/2) data acquisition to 25 bytes) PDC: Program Delivery Control.

LSI20101 : SCSI bus expanders and enclosure. Bus Expander Family: LSI20101 Extender Board LSI20102 Converter Board User's Guide V1.2 8/01.

MAX3280E : 15kV Esd-protected 52Mbps, 3V to 5.5V, SOT23 RS-485/RS-422 True Fail-safe Receivers.

MAX7313 : 16-Port I/o Expander With Led Intensity Control And Interrupt The MAX7313 I2C -compatible Serial Interfaced Peripheral Provides Microprocessors With 16 I/o Ports. Each I/o Port CAN be Individually Configured as Either an Open-drain Current-sinking Output Rated at 50mA And 5.5V, or a Logic Input With Transition Detection. A 17th Port CAN be Used For Transition.

MAXSMBUS : Evaluates: Maxsmbus; 2-wire Interface Board. MAXSMBus is an interface between an IBM-compatible PC and System Management Bus (SMBusTM)compatible serial-interface devices such as temperature monitors, voltage regulators, or A/D converters (ADCs). The MAXSMBus interface board is connected between the PC parallel port and the device under test, converting parallel data into 2-wire, open-drain serial.

MODEL485FWTW : Four-wire Rs-422/485 to Two-wire Rs-485 Converter. Please contact Technical Support for more information. The 485FWTW converts balanced half-duplex or RS-485 four-wire signals (separate TD and RD lines) to two-wire balanced half-duplex signals. is an enhanced version of the RS-422 Balanced Line Standard. It allows multiple drivers and receivers on a two-wire system. The four-wire RS-422/RS-485 port.

NT6880 : Keyboard Controller. Built-in 6502 8-bit CPU 2 MHz CPU operation frequency 5K bytes of ROM 160 bytes of SRAM One 8-bit programmable base timer with - 256 µsec interval 29 programmable bi-directional I/O pins 3 LED direct sink pins Mask optional for built-in RC oscillator with an external resistor or external ceramic resonator applied Mask optional for DATA/CLK driving capability.

SN55121J : Non-Standard Line Circuits. ti SN55121, Dual Single-ended General Purpose Line Driver.

SP385E-1 : Transceivers. No. Of TX = 2 ;; No. Of RX = 2 ;; Data Rate (kbps) = 120 ;; Supply Voltage (V) = 3.0 - 5.0 ;; Typ. Icc Current (mA) = 0.5 ;; Int. Chrg. Pump = • ;; No. Of Ext. Caps = 4 ;; Nom Cap. Value (µF) = 0.10 ;; = • ;; = • ;; = ;; = › True 3V or 5V RS232 Line Driver/receiver ;; Package = 20 Pin Ssop 18 Pin Soic.

V23833-F0105-B001 : 10 Gigabit XFP Serialhot-pluggable Transceiver. high-performance, low-cost modules for serial optical data communication applications. The modules are protocol-agnostic, ultra-small 10 Gbit/s optical transceivers that comply with all applicable IEEE 802.3ae 10 Gigabit Ethernet and NCITS 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel standards. Infineon's small-form-factor 10 Gigabit XFP transceivers are fully compliant.

VC162374ADGG : 16-bit Edge Triggered D-type Flip-flop With 30 Ohmseries Termination Resistors; 5 V Input/output Tolerant; 3-state.

W83C43 : Keyboard Controller With P/s 2 Mouse Support.

TJF1051 : High-speed CAN Transceiver The TJF1051 is a high-speed CAN transceiver that provides an interface between a Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol controller and the physical two-wire CAN bus. The transceiver is designed for high-speed (up to 1 Mbit/s) CAN industrial applications, providing differential transmit and receive capability to (a microcontroller.

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