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CategoryMemory => SRAM => Modules => SRAM Module
Description512kx32 CMOS Static RAM Module
CompanyIXYS Corporation
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Features, Applications


High-density 2 megabyte Static RAM module Low profile 72-pin ZIP (Zig-zag In-line vertical Package) or 72-pin SIMM (Single In-line Memory Module) Fast access time: 15 ns (max.) Surface mounted plastic components on an epoxy laminate (FR-4) substrate Single 5V (10%) power supply Multiple VSS pins and decoupling capacitors for maximum noise immunity Inputs/outputs directly TTL compatible

The PDM4M4110 is packaged 72-pin FR-4 ZIP (Zig-zag In-line vertical Package) a 72-pin SIMM (Single In-line Memory Module). The ZIP configuration allows 72 pins to be placed on a package 3.95" long and 0.250" wide. At only 0.600" high, this lowprofile package is ideal for systems with minimum board spacing. The SIMM configuration allows use of edge mounted sockets to secure the module. All inputs and outputs of the PDM4M4110 are TTL compatible and operate from a single 5V supply. Multiple ground pins and on board decoupling capacitors provide maximum immunity from noise. Four identification pins PD2, PD3) are provided for applications in which different density versions of the module are used. In this way, the target system can read the respective levels PD3 to determine a 512K depth.


The x 32 static RAM module constructed on an epoxy laminate (FR-4) substrate using four x 8 static RAMs in plastic SOJ packages. Availability of four chip select lines provides byte access. The PDM4M4110 is available with access times as fast 15 ns with minimal power consumption.

Data Inputs/Outputs Addresses Chip Selects Write Enable Output Enable Depth Identification Power Ground No Connect

NOTE: 1. Pins 4, 6, and PD1, PD02, and PD3 respectively) are read by the user to determine the density of the module. If PD0 reads NC, PD1 reads NC, PD2 reads OPEN, PD3 reads NC then the module has a 512K depth.

Mode Deselect/ Power-down Read Write Deselect

Symbol VTERM TBIAS TSTG TA PT IOUT Rating Terminal Voltage with Respect to VSS Temperature Under Bias Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Power Dissipation DC Output Current Com'l. 1.0 50 Ind. 1.0 50 Unit W mA

NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect reliability.

Symbol VCC VSS Commercial Parameter Supply Voltage Supply Voltage Ambient Temperature Min. 4.5 0 Typ. 0 25 Max. 0 70 Unit V C


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