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TitleBuck Mode
DescriptionMicroprocessor Core Voltage Regulator Multi-phase Buck PWM Controller
CompanyIntersil Corporation
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Microprocessor CORE Voltage Regulator Multi-Phase Buck PWM Controller

The HIP6301 multi-phase PWM control IC together with its companion gate drivers, the or HIP6604B and external MOSFETs provides a precision voltage regulation system for advanced microprocessors. Multiphase power conversion is a marked departure from earlier single phase converter configurations previously employed to satisfy the ever increasing current demands of modern microprocessors. Multi-phase convertors, by distributing the power and load current results in smaller and lower cost transistors with fewer input and output capacitors. These reductions accrue from the higher effective conversion frequency with higher frequency ripple current due to the phase interleaving process of this topology. For example, a three phase convertor operating at 350kHz will have a ripple frequency of 1.05MHz. Moreover, greater convertor bandwidth of this design results in faster response to load transients. Outstanding features of this controller IC include programmable VID codes from the microprocessor that range from to 1.850V with a system accuracy of 1%. Pull up currents on these VID pins eliminates the need for external pull up resistors. In addition "droop" compensation, used to reduce the overshoot or undershoot of the CORE voltage, is easily programmed with a single resistor. Another feature of this controller IC is the PGOOD monitor circuit which is held low until the CORE voltage increases, during its Soft-Start sequence, to within 10% of the programmed voltage. Over-voltage, 15% above programmed CORE voltage, results in the converter shutting down and turning the lower MOSFETs ON to clamp and protect the microprocessor. Under voltage is also detected and results in PGOOD low if the CORE voltage falls 10% below the programmed level. Over-current protection reduces the regulator current to less than 25% of the programmed trip value. These features provide monitoring and protection for the microprocessor and power system.


Multi-Phase Power Conversion Precision Channel Current Sharing - Loss Less Current Sampling - Uses rDS(ON) Precision CORE Voltage Regulation - 1% System Accuracy Over Temperature Microprocessor Voltage Identification Input - 5-Bit VID Input in 25mV Steps - Programmable "Droop" Voltage Fast Transient Recovery Time Over Current Protection Automatic Selection or 4 Phase Operation High Ripple Frequency, (Channel Frequency) Times Number Channels. to 6MHz


CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. 321-724-7143 | Intersil (and design) is a registered trademark of Intersil Americas Inc. Copyright Intersil Americas Inc. 2002. All Rights Reserved


converter. Pulling this pin to ground disables the converter and three states the PWM outputs. See Figure 10.

Bias and reference ground. All signals are referenced to this pin.
Power good monitor input. Connect to the microprocessorCORE voltage.

PWM outputs for each driven channel in use. Connect these pins to the PWM input a HIP6601B/2B/3B/4B driver. For systems which use 3 channels, connect PWM4 high. Two channel systems connect PWM3 and PWM4 high.

Voltage Identification inputs from microprocessor. These pins respond to TTL and 3.3V logic signals. The HIP6301 decodes VID bits to establish the output voltage. See Table 1.

Current sense inputs from the individual converter channel's phase nodes. Unused sense lines MUST be left open.

Output of the internal error amplifier. Connect this pin to the external feedback and compensation network.

Power good. This pin is an open-drain logic signal that indicates when the microprocessor CORE voltage (VSEN pin) is within specified limits and Soft-Start has timed out.

Channel frequency, FSW, select and disable. A resistor from this pin to ground sets the switching frequency of the


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