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CategoryMemory => DRAM => EDO/FPM DRAM => 64 Mb
CompanyHynix Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

S)65803C/ ew generation dynamic RA M organized C L utilizes advanced O S Silicon Gate Process Technology as w ell as advanced circuit t ech es operating margins, both al sy ser. e m oriented f eatures include single pow su 3.3V ect t er capability w ith high performance logic families ch as Schottky TTL. 71V (S)65803C/ Extended D ata Out (EDO) M ode as a high speed access d e.

* 8,388,608 Bit * Extended Data Out (EDO) M ode Capability * Fast A ccess Tim cle Tim e (Unit: ns)

*Pow d i ssipation - A ctive X) - Standby W ( L-Ver sion A X) *EDO page mode capability *A ccess tim 60ns (m ax) *Refresh cycles RA S only Refresh 4096 cycles/ m s (GM 65803C) 4096 cycles/ 128m s (GM 71V S65803CL)(L_Ver sion) *CBR en Refresh 4096 cycles/ m s (GM 65803C) 4096 cycles/ m s (GM 71V S65803CL)( L-Ver sion *4 v ariations of refresh -RA S-only refresh -CA S-before-RA ef r esh d en refresh -Sel f r efresh (L-V er sion) *Single Pow er Supply 3.3V+/ -10 built-in VBB generator *Battery Back Up Operation ( L-Version )

Storage Tem p er ature (Plastic) age on any Pin Relative V SS age V CC Relative V SS Short Circuit Output Current Pow D i ssipation

*N ote : Operation at or above A bsolute M aximum Ratings can adversely affect device reliability.
Supply Voltage Supply Voltage igh Voltage oltage A m bient Temper ature under Bias

Symbol VOH I CC1 Parameter ev el Voltage ev el Voltage 2m er ating Current St en erface) Pow St an ent (RA S= RA S-Only Ref r esh ent t RC Extended Data Out page Cu r ent

Battery Back Up Operating Current(Standby w ith CBR) (tRC=31.25u s,tRA S=300ns,D St ent (CM O S) Pow St an ent RA CA Enable Self Refresh Current (RA <=0.2V ,D eakage Current, (0V cc) eak age Current sabl , 0V cc)

N ote: 1. ep ends on output load condition w hen the device is selected. I CC(max) s sp eci ed at the en condition. 2. ess can b e changed once or less 3. M easu r ed sequ ential address change per EDO cycle, t H PC. 5. L -Version


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